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    Okay so normally I’m pretty confident in myself however in the past seven months me and this guy have been hanging out and getting pretty close and summer is coming up which means pool beaches and ect. Any way this will be our first summer hanging out together (closer than ever), but as I was trying on old bathing suits I realized that I have a lot of body acne, primarily in the shoulder region. I’m a little nervous about him seeing I have acne and then seeing it as a turn off. Should this be something I’m concerned about, I know everyone has acne and it takes a while to get rid of, but should I not show my shoulders for a while till it starts to go away? Also does anyone have good acne treatments for the body, that would help a lot I’m open for suggestions. Thank you!

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    Have you tried something as basic as Neutrogena body wash for acne? I’ve heard great things about the Aztec Clay mask too (Amazon or CVS). Also, cotton fabrics rather than synthetics.

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    In my early 30s, I had some adult acne on my cheeks. Not sure what caused it. The Aztec Clay mask worked wonders. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s inexpensive and lasts forever. You do need apple cider vinegar too. Still, cheap.

    I bet it would clear up the acne on your shoulders.

    EDT, I’d also consider a gentle scrub. Once a week, I use one from Kiel’s on my face. The drugstore had plenty. My husband had used one from Aveeno. It’ll help with clogged pores.

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    I’d see a dermatologist. They can recommend the best OTC products for you or prescribe an antibiotic or topical cream. I had persistent, though not terrrrible, acne when I was a teenager and a little bit in my 20s. I tried every OTC and prescription acne treatment under the sun. The OTC product that worked the best for me was Proactiv. The only thing that truly worked for me was Accutane.

    In high school I did have some cystic acne on the top of my back/shoulders. I was self conscious about it, but still went to the pool or beach with friends. Once I was around my friends, my worries about people noticing — which I’m sure they did, I needed help with sunscreen! — vanished. Nobody was ever mean about it. A good guy who cares about you won’t stop because he notices you have acne. Wear a suit that makes you feel confident and get a cute cover up, but don’t be scared to show your shoulders.

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    Yeah I was coming back here to say don’t cover up your shoulders. Look into non-comedogenic sunscreens, and set your skin free.

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    Also, you said you were trying on old bathing suits. Get a new one if you have any spare cash. Target has really cute ones, I got a couple. When I got mine, it was buy one get one free, so you’d only pay for one piece of the bikini.

    Swimsuits get faded and stretched so you should just get rid of old ones. Ones from last year may still be in ok shape, but generally replace them each year. That’ll make you more excited to get out there and feel cute too.

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    If you have longer hair, you may want to make sure you are getting all of your conditioner and hair care products off of your skin. I used to get terrible acne on my shoulders from my hair. Soaping down my shoulders again post conditioner and keeping my hair off my shoulders while sleeping really made a big difference.

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    I would definitely get the Neutrogena body scrub or Alba also has one that is really good and sold at drugstores. I use that one all the time, it’s a great scrub and I think it really helps prevent breakouts. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient. Use the scrub, maybe get a spot treatment. Or those patches work really well.

    Definitely make sure you rinse your conditioner Out of your hair and then wash your shoulders. I used to get breakouts from that. My skin is really sensitive.

    Use a good sunscreen and don’t hide them. They’ll clear up.

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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    When I was younger, I had super oily skin that led to face and back/shoulder acne if I wasn’t super vigilant about my routine. Bathe daily. And, regardless of whether you’ve already bathed, always shower after you’ve been out sweating or and wearing sunscreen. (Wear sunscreen!) Wash, condition, rinse, and then pull your hair up in a clip and then bathe your shoulders and back to get any residue off. Also, if you’re not doing so, wash all bras and sports bras after every use. (I know, but do it anyway!) And use a body wash with acne fighting properties. Do not apply lotion to your back or shoulders, but do apply a face moisturizer approved for acne-prone skin to your face and décolletage. And, if it makes you feel better, remember that odds are that excess oil in your skin will likely help you look better as you age. (Unless you smoke, then all bets are off.)

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    Don’t expose your shoulders to the sunshine. This is a basic counter-indication to acne. It seems to cure it but then it comes back very worse. I would cover the shoulders with cotton during the day, or at least when you are in the sunshine, and leave it nude the evening and at night.
    Go to a doctor. Roaccutane is the definitive treatment – with some side effects though, especially during a pregnancy. So it comes with the pill as a condition.
    Anyway, don’t worry. It won’t put off your boyfriend at all. Everybody has their little defects and I am sure he already saw you all and likes you the way you are.
    But remember: don’t tan your shoulders in the sunshine, that would be a pathetic mistake! Be in a bathing suit only when you swim.

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    If you have long hair (on your head) that covers your upper back and shoulders, try getting a haircut. That helped me immensely with shoulder acne. Also be sure to put on a clean pajama top on every night.

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    Or a ponytail or braid in warm weather if your shoulders are exposed. In addition to washing your skin after you rinse off conditioner, consider whether your hair products or hair that’s getting dirty could be irritating your skin, and try getting that hair up and off your shoulders to see if that helps.

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