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    Is it selfish of me not to take my close friend to the airport? This would require 3 hours of driving for me, and driving gives me anxiety. She told me two days in advance, and offered to pay for gas but she’s mad at me for saying no.

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    Do shuttles not exist where you are? Jeez, not selfish at all.

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    Not selfish at all. Three hours is a ridiculous expectation.

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    Gosh no. Some people love driving, on any roads anywhere; some choose to drive short distances on smaller roads because bigger roads and longer distances give them horrible anxiety.All driving is not the same.Nobody should be pressured into driving they are not comfortable with, it’s one of the riskiest activities we commonly do, and nobody should ever be pushed beyond what they feel happy about. Friend is bullying you here to undertake a risky activity purely for their benefit.

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    No, no, no. Your friend is WAY out of line, LW. NEWSFLASH: Adults pay to get to the fucking airport.

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    3 hours round trip? How can she even ask that? I think you need new friends.

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    That is a favour, not an obligation.
    It’s okay for someone to be mad at you.

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    The ONE possibility here that would kind of put you in a bad light is IF there is a history of your friend repeatedly going out of their way for you to help you out in situations. And this is the single ask they’ve had in all that time, because they’re in a bind, and you are shooting them down.

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    It depends.
    Has she done a lot of favors for you? Is the relationship lop-sided in your favor in terms of helpfulness? Is she in a jam? Do you have not much else going on, or are you slammed with work/kids?

    Personally, for a close friend, I would do it. I’m in a city that has a few airports, and one of them would require this kind of hassle. I would put on a podcast or some good music and treat it as a chance to listen to some good stuff and get out of town a little.

    A lot depends on context.

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