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      Last night my friends daughter who is 9 phoned me off her mums phone at 10pm crying saying her mum had been arrested. I was in bed trying to get my 2yr old to sleep before I made a start on ironing uniforms as he has not been well. I asked why her mum had been arrested and if she had called her nan to which she replied her nan was in work on nights. I got out of bed and asked my 17yr old to keep an eye on my 2yr old and 8yr old who was asleep already and if he could also make up 3 makeshift beds in the living room for my friends children and then I ran round to there house. When I got there my friend was at home and my friend and her 9yr old were laughing at the joke of tricking me. I was really annoyed by this as I have children of my own at home to care for and that on my way round there house I was phoning round friends to see who could help with school runs the next morning as her children are in 2 separate schools. When I got home my 2yr old was still awake and out of bed excited with the commotion of make shift beds and the thought of having guests so I had to resettle him that took half an hour, then tidy the living room of makeshift beds before finally tackling the ironing. I finally got to bed just after 2am so had just 4hrs sleep. I’m now working till 5.30pm tired and p****d off. Who thinks thatjoke is funny ? I should not have had to go out of a night and leave my children to be cared for by there older sibling but I was so worried about her children and how upset her 9yr old was on the phone. Alls i have had from my friend is a text message to say sorry with laughing face emojis. Am I overreacting by being so annoyed ?
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    That’s not a prank and your friend is an asshole. She literally emotionally manipulated you and unnecessarily disrupted your evening routine as entertainment. A good prank makes both the prankster and the prankee laugh – when only the prankster laughs then it’s not funny.

    I would simply step away from this “friendship” and let her know that you need time to reconsider if her friendship is worth such cruel behavior. And not for nothing, but it would make you reconsider whether to step in and help if something were really happening because you’d just assume it was another prank (see: the boy who cried wolf).

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    I would never speak to that person again. What adult would do that crap? Was she wasted or something? Does she have a drinking/drug problem? Because that’s the only scenario that makes sense. People with all their faculties wouldn’t think this is funny

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    You were a bit naive in your reaction, as it was improbable that the police would arrest a mother and leave a 9 y.o. alone at her place unsupervised.
    But the “prank” is beyond stupid. Your “friend” is not a friend or a very very brain-limited one. She didn’t apologise properly, she is just insane. So I would ghost her from now on. Don’t answer her calls or texts. You don’t need such friends and aim higher in your social circle.

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    Helen nailed it. She is not your friend, she’s an asshole.

    Brise, if your friends child called you for emergency help late at night, you would be skeptical and not immediately try to help? She was trying to do the right thing and help a child. Kids often can’t explain things exactly right in times of extreme stress. I wouldn’t immediately analyze and nitpick the story while on the phone with an upset kid. And I absolutely believe police would do anything at this point, do you even see/read the news?

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    I agree with the others and end this friendship. It’s beyond bonkers as a “prank.”

    In the future, if such a thing were to occur, i would suggest calling the police and telling them there is an unsupervised child at home…wonder if your friend would still be laughing if they had shown up at her door.

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    Look, I love jokes. But this wasn’t a joke. Instead, these were the actions of a real jerk. I’d reconsider this friendship.

    That said —- If they had actually arrested your friend… child protective services would have come for the children. Police don’t just drag parents off to jail and leave minor children unattended.

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    I see now that Brise and I have similar thoughts…

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    How big an asshole is this friend that she did this to you and you are wondering if annoyance is an overreaction? It really makes me wonder what she has done to you in the past that this counts as a mere annoyance. “Annoyance” alone would be a vast UNDERreaction. This person is mentally unstable and you should feel no guilt about cutting her out of your life immediately. Tell her off first if it makes you feel better, but block, delete, and ignore. If she thinks this is funny then she might absolutely pull some shit again, only worse – telling you that she was in a horrible accident, or that one of her kids, or one of YOUR kids, was hurt. She cannot be trusted. Her poor children, I can’t even imagine what she puts them through if she is making them call her friends and say things like that.

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    She doesn’t deserve your friendship. She was mocking you for immediately going into overdrive to resolve a situation that she had made up? Did nobody tell her the story when she was a kid about what happens when you cry wolf? I think what she did was cruel and unforgivable, and you have every right to be livid let alone annoyed. Unless this is the sort of prank you regularly play on each other (which I assume is not the case) she has acted abominably and dragging the child into it makes it much much worse.If you do end up still being her friend I’d be wary, and really, suggest she gets help, this isn’t the action of a rational adult human let alone a human in charge of kids.

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    Your so-called friend is a sadist. Seriously, she has no empathy and she DID NOT APOLOGIES. There is a difference in playing a prank or making a joke and when a person cant scale their own behaviors from said prank or joke then something is really wrong with them.

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