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    Avatar photoveritek33

    We haven’t’ had a dating thread in a while that I can remember? Have we?

    Anyone out there going on exciting first/second/seventh dates?

    I’ll go first. About a month ago I got set up by a friend on a blind date. We’ve gone on 6 dates now and I think he’s really awesome. We spent three hours talking and splitting a bottle of wine Wednesday night and I’m really looking forward to seeing him again.

    Anyone else have exciting prospects?

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    Avatar photoveritek33

    awesome dates bump

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    Avatar photoNookie

    That’s really great Veritek!! You deserve a good guy! Is he ginger?

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    Avatar photoveritek33

    @nookie haha no! surprisingly! But he is bearded and tall, so I don’t stray far from my type!

    He’s an attorney and two years younger. VERY Republican (I’m more liberal but don’t identify and republican or democrat, so we’ll forgive him for this because he doesn’t shove it down your throat – he just argues his point intelligently whether i agree with him or not.) Very funny and is willing to make fun of himself (he’s awful at golf and I totally kicked his butt at the driving range.) And besides being smart and funny I think we have really good conversational chemistry.

    The only concern, if that’s the word, is that things are going slowly in the physical department. No kissing yet – but I think I misread a signal the other night, long story short, I’m dense and neither one of us has made a move yet! lol

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    Avatar photoveritek33

    No one else is going on dates? All married and pregnant? Come on guys, gimme some good gossip lol!

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    Longtime lurker here, with my first comment:) I actually went on a fantastic first date on Tuesday with this guy “B”, which was much needed after recently getting dumped by a toxic ex of 1.5 years. B is so funny and sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous. On Sunday he’s going to meet up with me and my friends at a local music festival. So, I’m cautiously excited about this one! But like you Veritek, B and I are pretty different with regard to politics so hopefully that’s not a huge deal.

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    Avatar photoveritek33

    welcome @Maggie85 ! He sounds very nice! And getting rid of the toxic ex was a good thing whether this works out or not! What kind of music festival are you going to?

    I work in politics so I’m used to all sorts of opinions flying around that I don’t agree with so I mostly just ignore them haha!

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    Well, I can chime in!

    Ironic that this thread was started today when…I was just kind of blown off – flaked out on is a better word, I think – by a guy I’ve been out with 7 or so times now. He’s a hippie artist guy and while I feel like I’m totally too square for him (I work in an office, drive a Corolla, own a townhouse, etc) he keeps asking me out. He’s different and interesting and it feel exciting and a little rebellious for me to date him so that’s why I’ve kept saying yes. Plus, he’s really cute in that late 30’s hippie painter/writer kind of way, know what I mean?

    However, he’s totally flaky – at least, he has been this week. We’ve seen each other once a week since the beginning of June but this week he’s now flaked out on me like 3 times, though he keeps saying he wants to see me. Tonight, we were supposed to get together but he texted me 45 minutes after we had talked about meeting saying he just woke up from a nap. Sooooo…now it’s supposed to be Sunday. I’m trying not to hold my breath.

    I also have a first date with a guy I met a few years ago at church (this was back in my more conservative days – the church was a conservative denomination, but I matched with this guy on Tinder of all places, haha) tomorrow night. He seems sweet but a bit over-eager. I guess we’ll see how we go.

    All this is happening in the midst of the fact that I actually really like a new-ish coworker who I’ve known for 3 months – and I think he like(d) me too – but he apparently realized we liked each other about a week and a half ago and stopped talking to me. Like, full stop iced me out because “we have to be professional”. Even though we did nothing unprofessional and just clicked really well. So now I’ve lost someone who was really close to me who I had a lot of fun with and I have to see him every single day and we’re on the same small team and UGH. (I thought about writing Wendy about it but to be honest there’s nothing really to be done, which sucks.)

    I swear, we can put a man on the moon and grow seedless watermelon but we can’t control who we develop feelings for; what’s up with that?

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    Since my last post was kind of a Debbie Downer, I will add: the Hippie Artist Guy & I went to see Inside Out a few weeks ago and there’s just something about a cute 30-something guy giggling at a Pixar movie that’s stupidly endearing. 🙂

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    I was looking forward to reading more exciting stories about people’s dates!

    – good luck and have fun with the dates, sounds quite promising! 🙂

    hope things with the attorney work out well, I think it’s better when the physical stuff happens more slowly, because you can actually truly get to know each other well and have fun in other ways before moving to the next level. Good luck 🙂
    I, on the other hand, seem to have the opposite “problem”. No awesome dates here. Everyone my age (early twenties) and circle seem to be solely interested in casual sex. Hence why I haven’t been asked on an actual “date”, only received interest from guys I’ve just met who are looking for some fun. And these are guys I do NOT meet in clubs/bars/online, by the way.. All of this is quite ironic because I’m one of the few girls around who is not into the whole casual sex/one night stand/FWB thing.
    And I found that men who are principally interested in being in a relationship, are already in one (good for them, seeing happy couples makes me happy). 🙂

    If I ever get asked on a date I will contribute to this thread in a more meaningful (and positive) way, fingers crossed. 🙂

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    Awww @Eve, you certainly WILL get asked out on many real dates! It seems like a lot of guys MY age (early 30s!) are interested in casual sex too, so I think it’s just that we live in the “Tinder” age now. But there are good guys out there – I really believe that – and one of them is just looking for YOU – RIGHT NOW. 🙂

    Update: I went out tonight with the guy I knew from church years ago. It was definitely a 4-5 out of 10 on the scale if I had to rank it. When I got there and met him outside the restaurant he barely greeted me except to say how tired he was from working all day and had his nose buried in his phone the first 10 minutes buying a plane ticket. I mean, yes, we knew each other from before, but we hadn’t actually seen each other in something like 5 years so I thought that was kind of rude.

    Also, he was a bit…boring.

    However, he did insist on paying for my food and seemed like he had a good time, albeit being pretty exhausted. I’d give him another chance but right now I prefer the hippie artist guy…much to my detriment, I’m sure.

    I’m actually going out with ANOTHER guy from Tinder tomorrow night – we’re going to for sushi even though I don’t like sushi so he can “educate” me. Haha. I suggested drinks and he really wanted to have dinner so hey, that seems like a good sign to start out with, yes?

    As Charlotte said in Sex & the City, “I’ve been dating since I was 15! I’m exhausted! Where IS he?!”

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    Avatar photoMoneypenny

    Well, I’ve gone on some bad dates lately, does that count?
    I’d much rather not date at all if the dates I’ve had so far are all that’s out there for me right now. I’m not bothered though- yet.
    I’m glad you’re having fun Veritek!!!

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