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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    @LadyE That sucks! But everyone else is right. That guy was practically made of red flags, and not flesh and blood. Spend some time feeling sorry for yourself, and then thank the heavens that you didn’t have to waste anymore time on him.

    that’s so exciting! Hope everyone gets along

    @Veritek Yayyy that you get to see TT this weekend!

    For myself, I am mostly paying zero attention to dating, but I’d met a guy I liked and so we have a third date lined up for Friday. I’m going to cook dinner and we’re going to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog because he’s never seen it before. I haven’t been spending any time on tinder, though, and my okcupid profile is disabled. If this guy doesn’t end up working out, I won’t be crushed, and I’m going to just continue to mostly not date unless something pops up.

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    Avatar photoMoneypenny

    Veritek: Hmm, well I thought that maybe we could potentially be friends while we were talking… When we parted at the end, he gave me a quick hug and a “nice to meet you”; I sent him a “thanks for the beer, had a fun time, hope you had a good drive home” text afterwards, his response was basically, “I made it home in 15 minutes! So much better than at 8:30am! (he lives maybe 10-15 miles from where we met, and it’s a terrible commute in the morning.) And then sent a link to a podcast he was telling me about. So yeah, it felt a little weird that he didn’t acknowledge my “thanks” or reply in kind, and I guess if I never saw him again I wouldn’t feel too bad. So I dunno.
    I’m finding that the majority of profiles all say variations on the same thing, and occasionally there will be one with something intriguing? I just end up feeling mostly bored by it all. Or overwhelmed by the options. So then I start to feel like I just don’t want to be bothered at all! And that’s not a good frame of mind to be in… I have been communicating with a 3 or 4 other guys and I’ll see those through I think. But I just end up feeling “meh” over it all, and I don’t think that’s fair to myself or any of these guys either. In the past, I’ve done OKC and also Match- I thought I’d try eH just because they have a different approach than the others and people more serious-minded tended to use it (which is what I’m looking for); I also had terrible luck with the other sites in that I rarely if ever got responses to my winks or messages, and I just ended up going out with the guys who found me first (which wasn’t fun either and I went on some terrible dates).

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    Hey all. I’m OK. Lots of conflicting feelings right now. I’m probably going to be laying pretty low on this thread and most everything for awhile, but I really appreciate all the kind words. Y’all don’t know me and you’re all so nice. Thank you.

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    The harsh reality is if a guy is not trying to kiss you or is not making advances towards you in the first few dates something is wrong, wrong with you and something wrong with him. Just odd,if you ask me.

    Who did he hook up with in NY, cuz somethings happened there.

    A SIX hour break up, WTF, do break ups quick, shoot the silver bullet give the facts and end it.

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    Avatar photoCleopatra_30

    I don’t have any weekend plans yet, but Thursday I am doing coffee with a friend after work, and then Friday I am visiting my cousin and her BF with my bro to do drinks in their area. So that will be fun 😀

    I still haven’t made plans to see Kinky Guy any time soon. We chatted a bit on the weekend, but after coming back from Florida 2 weeks ago he got the flu and a throat infection. So I am waiting on him to contact me once he is better since when we last talked he said that was what he had, and def won’t be making plans till he is better. Sounds like he is still interested, but not holding my breath. Otherwise I will move on and find someone else. Kind of surprised I even stuck with him after all these things happened, but I really have no motivation to go back online and search for another FWB. Tinder might be an option later. But until then I will see where this goes.

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    Avatar photoLadyinPurpleNotRed

    Saturday I’m getting my hair done. I can’t wait. I need a pick me up. Job hunting is seriously soul-sucking. Sunday is football. I look forward to a relaxing day watching football with my boyfriend and puppy.

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    “Lets cheer up this thread and talk about my new house” , seriously? really?

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    Avatar photokare

    Uhhh I believe she said

    Maybe we can cheer the thread up a little with fun plans for the weekend? Does anyone have any?

    Chill bro.

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    Too bad no one did ask you @jimmyjam. Dude, don’t expect to insult everyone, call us basic Kumbaya PSL bitches and expect us all to thank you for your intriguing perspective. You are a troll. You comment to get a reaction. #basic. &&##

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    Could have done that without the self serving

    “after I go to a family thanksgiving where I’m sure I’ll be asked how I can afford my house and told that I’m a spoiled only child – different story for a different day

    Back to dating or I might get hash tagged to death, just bring a bottle of something on your visit. Make it what you like, then sit back and enjoy the evening, play it cool. Make him work entertain you as you just made the trip. Trust me tinder teacher will play into a your hands.

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    Avatar photohfantods

    Missed it yesterday, but I am sorry TheLadyE for what you went through. It sucks, totally, but I know you’ll heal and figure it all out.

    Hmmm, I don’t have plans this weekend? I swears something was going on but maybe I don’t. I have plans for the next three weekends though so it’s good to have a break. My Hallowe’en was pretty quiet too.

    As for dating, ugh, I am not doing a good job of it. Part of me wants to say I am really happy being single and I am! Dating for a bit made me realize that I like doing my own things without corresponding with another person on schedules. On the other hand, I realize how “sour grapes” that sounds. I really am not meeting anyone. I’m on Tinder, Hinge and Bumble and nobody messages me at least on the first two. I could get back onto OKCupid but I just hate writing online dating profiles. K, I’ll either shit or get off the pot.

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    Avatar photoveritek33

    Oh Jimmyjam, you must have missed me so much you just couldn’t stay away! My posts are just so exciting to you that you have to analyze each and every word. How sweet. I’ve never had a troll admirer before. I’m flattered sweetie.

    (And that statement was more so about my shitty cousins and not my new house. But hey! I work four jobs and bought myself a new house. Yay for me. 🙂 )

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