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    Happy Birthday DW Awesome Dates Thread!!!!!!

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    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love this place.

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    This thread has been really fun to read. I only commented once (way back on the first page!) but I’ve loved reading all the perspectives on different dating situations.
    I’ve just recently started to date again after ending a 2.5 year relationship with someone who turned out to be a liar, a gaslighter and just really emotionally immature. I’ve been using Bumble for the first time and it’s been great. I have a second date this weekend with a cute and kind firefighter. He’s also 4 years younger than me, eek!
    Anyways, congrats to this thread for 3 great years!

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    Happy birthday thread!

    I said I’d never live out of my city as I loved it so much. Been gone nearly five years now because I married an army guy, which I also swore I’d never do.

    Also said I’d never have kids but my IUD is due for renewal and I’m a mess of expiring hormones that are making me think things I’ve literally never thought in my life.

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    Happy BD thread! Been fun sharing and venting on this thread 🙂

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    Welcome back Maggie85! I’m happy you’re having fun dating.

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    Happy birthday, Thread! I am now married two years and 7 months pregnant!

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    I’ve only been around for about half this thread’s lifespan, so there’s about 300 pages of this thread I need to get caught up on. Ha! On my way to work this morning I skimmed the first 20 or so pages trying to find out if @veritek33 one Ham Sandwich ever kissed.

    Three years ago, I had been dating someone for, I dunno, just shy of two months. He asked me to be his girlfriend. It was too soon for labels for me, so I told him that, but also that I was not dating anyone else or interested in doing so. We continued dating briefly after that conversation, and then I got ghosted for the first time ever.

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    I am dating someone new who’s great. However, after the first few weeks of dating, I had to deal with an illness and eventual death in my close family. For about a month, every minute I wasn’t working, I was either traveling to or staying in my hometown to deal with that. My hometown is several hours away, so we didn’t see each other in person for a few weeks, and he was appropriately patient and caring during that time period. Now things are ostensibly back to normal, except I’m still really depressed and just kind of numb. I feel like I met the right guy at the wrong time.

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    Oh, shakeourtree, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

    One of our very close friends met through Match in similar circumstances and now they are so happily married. I didn’t know them when they met as I was not yet in this city, but I’ve heard the story. They met. Her brother died. She was mourning his death and decided she wasn’t interested in dating anyone. He was patient. Took it extremely slow. And was just kind of there for her and she appreciated how kind he was. I can’t remember all the details. I think they got married around the time I moved here, so they’ve been married approximately 10 years, maybe 11.

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    @Copa i’m dying laughing. No, Ham Sandwich did not get a kiss. I was so desperate to date someone that I overlooked that he’s a FLAMING Trump supporter and I would see him in the capitol all the time when I still worked there. Also, terrible person lol.

    – i’m so sorry for your loss. Good vibes and thoughts your way.

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    So sorry to hear that @shakeourtree. I hope you get the help you need right now.

    I love this thread. I posted here about my breakup a year ago before even telling anyone else and got a lot of support. And I’m not dating at the moment but the advice here helps a lot, and I even reference it when talking to friends. I hope everyone is doing great.

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