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    Vote #2 for biscuits and gravy, especially in there is cake. Balance out all the “sweet.” Also. Congrats Ver. Also, yay MissD! I’ve been waiting for an update.

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    @veritek33 wooo! Soo cool 🙂 Is the wedding ceremony going to be this year then? So nice when the wedding planning is so simple and easy to do.

    I took part in my first bachelorette this past weekend, it was super low key and fun. I can appreciate though the time taken to organize as it was a handful working with 4 other ladies/friends of the bride who were all trying to make it a fun event and wanting to do everything under the sun.

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    Thanks Copa and Cleo and Ktfran 🙂 Also biscuits and gravy are life but our only concern is people wearing nice clothes and it’s a messy food.

    Date is set for next spring on my grandparent’s 66th wedding anniversary (they are still living and will hopefully be able to attend) which falls on a Friday. My parents got married on my dad’s grandparent’s 51st wedding anniversary, so I guess it’s tradition now!

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    Congrats Veritek!

    I think this thread is about to be 4-5? years old. You started it and now youre getting married! So much fun.

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    That is beautiful Ver. Congrats!!!

    The thread is four years in July I think? What is that human tears? A toddler or small child?

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    @veritek33 Can you have either/or? Or several options of breakfast food? I LOVE biscuits and gravy, but yeah, it can be messy and a meal some people might want to avoid for other reasons. (Like I LOVE it but I have some GI issues and often avoid it unless I know it’s gonna be dope, like when I visit southern states.)

    A friend of mine ended an LTR about a year ago and has since dated one guy briefly and was kind of down on dating. I was encouraging her to go on more second dates, saying that one of our friends who gets married in like two weeks almost didn’t go on a second date with her now-fiance, and I’ll bet she’s glad she did. And that I met BG and always liked him, but didn’t leave the first date swooning or whatever. So I actually went back in this thread the other day to see what kinds of things I was saying about BG early on. It was kinda fun.

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    Congrats @veritek33, and I really like how getting engaged was a mutual decision/discussion for you. So many times you see people get stressed over the waiting period, this sounds much less stressful and more of a mutual decision, which is a great way to start a marriage.

    So happy things are going well @MissD.

    I have followed this whole thread, and love getting updates on how everyone is doing. It must be interesting to go back and read what is essentially a journal of your relationships. I have only commented a few times, but I went back and saw some comments about about my now ex boyfriend and it kind of made me laugh. We really loved each other, but our lifestyles and values didn’t totally align and you can even see it in my comment.

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    I definitely need to go back and read from the beginning!

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    When this thread started I was in a really unhealthy FWB situation. I slowly clawed my way out and told my parents to stop pressuring me for kids. I had known for years I didn’t want kids.

    I am now 8 days out from marrying a wonderful man who comes to the relationship with kids of his own. I wouldn’t have it any other way personally.

    I’ll post some pictures after the wedding. I don’t suspect I’ll update much until after it’s done! I’m excited to have everyone we love so dearly in one area to celebrate but the stress of it on top of my work stress has been pretty awful. My mental health hasn’t been great and I have found out I have some serious anxiety issues when overly stressed. FMH has been great. Couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

    My one advice is – counseling before marriage. We did some and it really helped us learn how to better communicate. We did it online actually! So we were able to schedule after hours, where it fit into both our schedules. It was all video chat.

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    Congrats, Hizzy.

    No real dates or kids for me on the horizon. Though, rather miraculously, I have a “awesome date” with Madonna at the Wiltern in Los Angeles come November.

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    I have a move in date with my husband again, woo! Come mid next month we’re moving to our new posting. I can’t wait to get back into the groove of married life. Of course it comes with the usual giving up of my job and period of unemployment but hopefully something will come up.

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    Congrats @veritek33! Good luck with all the planning! @TheHizzy, have a blast at your wedding! I’m 3.5 months out from my wedding and starting to think about all the little details…more anxious about those than the big things.

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