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    Correct. I’m personally tiny and I used to have anger issues and beat people up. Or they’d run away and jump in a car to get away from me and yell “go! Go! Go!”

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    Kinda funny story. So two years ago, I dated one of the guys I met online for about 6 months. I believe I called him AT on here. About this time last year, he sent me a text about his 10K time at a race even though we hadn’t been in contact in about six months. I wrote back just to say great job, and never heard back from him. This morning he sent me a text to let me know this year’s 10K time for the same race. Not planning to respond this time, but thought I’d share cause it’s kinda funny and also fairly odd.

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    haha He clearly has not moved on! Tell him to message you when he has done a full marathon, that may be worthy of a brag lol I kid 😛

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    Yeah, ask him if he was injured or say something like “better luck next time”

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    Is this the time of year when people start to resurface? I also had someone I dated about 3 or 4 years ago reach out. We only went out about 4 times over a couple of months, and when I told him I wasn’t interested and wished him well he kept pushing for reasons why, and would then say my reasons weren’t valid (I was newly dating again and didn’t realize that not engaging was the best solution).
    He messaged me via FB messenger last night (I had long since blocked his phone number) to ask how I was and tell me he hadn’t seen any new photos on FB for awhile, and that he checks frequently. We are not FB friends, and have never been FB friends. I told him I keep my FB fairly locked down and his message was creepy. He responded by saying “Creepy is overused, I was just wondering how you were. It is your FB profile pic, calm down.” I promptly blocked him on there as well, but actually second guessed if I was over-reacting for a minute. My boyfriend was over and assured me I wasn’t and said he is sorry that this is something women have to deal with on a regular basis.
    I am still thinking about it, and hate that I allowed it to take up time in my head last night and part of today.

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    Oh, yikes! That’s weird, @scorpio. Any guy who tells you your reasons for ending things aren’t valid is a bullet dodged, and the Facebook message IS creepy. You should’ve changed your profile picture to one of you and your boyfriend as a response. (Kidding.) If he ever reaches out again on any other platform, block immediately.

    The guy reaching out to me… I don’t know what his deal is. I love the suggested responses to him, haha. I don’t think he’s interested (I responded to him last year, and didn’t hear a thing back), but I don’t know what his deal is. I’d pretty much forgotten about him and don’t even have his phone number saved anymore. He was a nice guy, but I’m not sorry things didn’t work out.

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    I guess he is living up to his namesake! AT stood for Awkward Texter right?

    When I was single and still had Tinder on my phone, one match and I would message each other when a big sports event happened in our respective cities (matched when I was traveling but didn’t meet up). It was kind of pointless but fun and fizzled out.

    I feel guilty even though I shouldn’t? My friend (well her friend) invited me to her bachelorette. It was a bit impromptu (two weeks notice) because my friend is having a very small wedding abroad. I knew it was an afternoon tea and dinner and I said I could go. When I got the email with details yesterday for the bachelorette this Saturday, turns out tea is at 1 and dinner is 8:30. Also the tea is more than I’d be comfortable paying. I guess people are going home to change but it’s basically a whole day affair. I know compared to weekend bachelorettes it’s not bad but it wasn’t what I was expecting (I guess more like 3-4pm? But I suppose we’d be full for dinner). I have a car appointment that I can’t really reschedule in the morning which is the lamest reason ever, but since I have to travel a bit, it might be tight timing wise too.

    So I am going to the dinner and happily so. But I should want to celebrate my friend? I don’t think anybody’s in the wrong. The tea will be fun and it’s nice to have different options for people. But is it ok if I don’t go? I just feel bad now.

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    @Copa – I debated changing my profile pic as well haha. As an update, last night he messaged one of my best friends, her husband used to work with him but they weren’t friends and didn’t stay in touch, but he knows I am friends with her. He said he has seen me around and wondered if I was single. I hate that she is getting dragged into this, and told her to just ignore it, but now I feel even more creeped out.

    @hfantods – I say go to what you are comfortable attending, say you are only available at X time, and are excited to join them for dinner.

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    @copa, I wonder if this dude sends a mass text to everyone in his contact list about his run time. I think that’s probably more likely. I’m pretty sure I’ve received mass texts around the holiday’s from people.

    Regardless, it’s odd.

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    @hfantods Just go to what you are able to attend with your schedule and budget. Two weeks notice isn’t a ton to give for a bachelorette party, it shouldn’t shock anyone if you can’t attend the whole thing. I’m sure your friend will be happy to celebrate with you at even one event.

    @scorpio 😳 That’s also creepy, I’m sorry you’re dealing with him. An acquaintance of mine had a guy she broke things off with after a couple months of dating show up at her office and such for quite awhile. Texted her constantly. I think showed up at her place sometimes. She’s since met someone great but she was understandably freaked out and didn’t date for quite awhile after that.

    @ktfran He greeted me by name (both years). 🤷🏻‍♀️ He was a bit awkward, but a kind, intelligent, and funny guy. The awkward runs deep, I guess.

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    Oh, that’s so effing weird @copa!The awkward does run deep.

    Last night I saw Come From Away. You guys, so, so good! If you have a chance to see it, do. It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

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    I do think this is the time of the year when people reappear.
    One of my Tinder matches from last year messaged me to go get coffee. I really liked the guy but he was planning to move abroad so, after three dates, we decided to stay friends, and we keep in touch about once a week. Then last week asked me on a date again. I saud yes but had to reschedule because I was dead yesterday. Got so so drunk on Saturday that I had to stay in bed all Sunday.
    Also, my exboyfriend that broke up with me two years ago and that I still work with, asked me to go get coffee to “talk”. I went with him and he said that he was very sorry about eveything, that he wanted to make things right with me, that I was right, etc. Then, on another day, he showed up at my place and we spent about 5 hours hugging ans talking. He asked me what he could do to get back together with me and to “make him a list of things” so he could work on them and win me over again. Nothing happened, just talking. I realized I don’t want to get back together with him but I still gave him a chance to talk. And then last week he says to me that he never said that he wanted to get back together, that all he wants is friendship. I never imagined anything, he said all those things. And I felt stupid for giving him a chance, and for givign people in general chances that they dont’ deserve. That has been the mo this year. I cried a lot and he is obviously blocked from everywhere now.

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