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    @Ale, i’m glad you’ve since blocked him on everything! That’s a lot of emotional manipulation he pulled and i really hope you never give him the chance to talk about things again.

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    @Ale that super sucks – he sounds terrible and so glad you blocked him.

    For anyone waiting on an update – MofV talked to his parents, laid down some ground rules and said we’re going to do what we want for our wedding. Turns out his parents are 100% supportive of us, don’t know what’s gotten into the sister, and have told us not to change a single plan for her. She’s been slamming doors and refused to speak to them for a week because they didn’t “forbid us from getting married on xx/xx”.

    So it’s now up to his family to determine if she’s even invited to our wedding.

    However, we toured a courthouse yesterday and fell in love with it and I think that’s what we are going to do. We’ll have the ceremony with parents and grandparents and then go down the road to the winery and have the brunch with our smaller guest list.

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    @ale I am sorry you are having such a rough year, so glad you blocked him. Honestly I think there are very few times in life when it is worth it to reconnect with an ex, especially one who treated you so terribly the first time. Keep him blocked.

    @veritek – She sounds like a piece of work! I am glad you have the support of your future in-laws. If her fiance was smart he might want to reconsider what he is getting into!

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    @Ale What were you hoping to get from your talks? I’m kinda curious. I can’t remember the specifics, but he was a massive jerk during/after your break-up, right? I’m with @scorpio that reconnecting with an ex is seldom, if ever, worth it. But I hope it’s some kind comfort to you that you KNOW you don’t want him back. He’s still the same jerk he always was and always will be!

    @Veritek If MoV’s sister doesn’t end up divorced, I’ll be shocked. She sounds super bratty and too immature for marriage. Glad you found a great courthouse, though!

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    I can sympathize with your fiancé, last time I toured a courthouse I was wearing handcuffs.

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    Oh Jimmy. As much as I would love to stoop to your level since you seem to love to hate me – I won’t. I will hope that you find someone as wonderful and amazing as my fiancé who loves me unconditionally and supports me and has been the best thing to ever happen to me.

    Sincerely, I hope you have that. It will make you a happier person.

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    Lol, you didn’t get the joke.

    I love the passive aggressive tone and shade you cast in your “I won’t stoop to your level “ post. I found my someone special and yes, I am very happy.

    Let’s be real, you are messy, petty and deeply problematic.

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    That was a joke? But it wasn’t funny. Here’s a helpful little tip for you… jokes are supposed to actually be funny.

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    Yeah, @Jimmyjam, you once bragged on here that you’d divorced and remarried in the time this thread has been going on. Congrats(?) again on those boast-worthy accomplishments. Can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to stay married to you. We look forward to hearing about your next divorce, though!

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    I believe I even said then that quantity isn’t necessarily better than quality in that situation 😝

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    I don’t know what I expected, I just thought he really had changed.
    I have been single for two years (this hasn’t been my longest period single though, I was single for three years after my first boyfriend) and have had a lot of fails with dates and all that, and being lonely kind of messes with ones’ head and I really thought he had changed.
    I’m super positive though, I took a break from dating, I feel (mostly) great with being single, there are just some days that suck.

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    Ale, I think there’s something deeply wrong with that guy. I can’t remember everything he did, but I feel like he’s a real serious jerk who enjoys fucking with your head. I think he craves attention and likes pushing your buttons, but has zero regard for your feelings. That’s not normal! Nice people break up with someone and feel bad about it and don’t want to hurt them worse. Assholes and narcissists keep hanging around and popping back up to see what kind of a reaction they can get, and maybe some sex. I don’t care how much time passes, you need to accept that he’s an asshole who hasn’t changed and is just looking to manipulate you. A guy who’s done the stuff he’s done isn’t going to change someday and be a good guy and a good partner for you.

    I also wouldn’t schedule dates on Sundays, because you’re bound to get banged up on Saturday night. Sunday is for relaxing, or maybe a hungover brunch with friends.

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