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    We got refunds from trips too that would have been during lockdown, which i thought was very fair. I actually can’t tooooottttalllly blame places for not refunding things when there are no restrictions going on. Businesses are screwed now too. If the government is going to be criminally negligent, businesses shouldn’t have to be on the hook to eat everything.

    Blame Donald Trump.

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    Avatar photohfantods

    I also feel for everyone who cannot get their deposits back. I really hope you can get yours back, Ver.

    It’s virtually impossible to truly have a physically distanced wedding with say more than 15 people, even if outdoor gatherings of over 100 people are allowed. From the wedding party standing with the bride and groom, group photos of any kind, to seating people at a reception and ensuring there is 6′ between any people who are not in the same “bubble”.

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    This year I’m basically pretending never happened. Well until Nov. Then maybe we’ll get some good news.

    A few weeks ago I sent in my request for my mail in vote. What I’m not clear is whether or not I can change my mind and vote at in-person if I feel safe. Regardless I’ll make sure my vote gets there.

    Briefly today I was wondering if I should volunteer to help. If I could take a leave, I totally would. Or I guess I can check if I could do it for just a couple days.

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    It’s a whole saga Wendy it’s been so irritating. The agency is in NZ and they run worldwide trips so I’m sure they have a lot going on but there has been no communication at all about what the plan is. If it ends up being no refund I’d be fine with that but I haven’t heard a thing either way. I can’t really approach my insurer yet because I don’t know what’s happening but the trip was meant to be happening soon so I’m sure I’m running out of time with my policy. I blasted them on Facebook the other day and they came running to messenger, I felt like such a Karen but I was sick of my emails being ignored.

    ETA I bought insurance before the pandemic so thankfully I’m covered there.

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    It can take forever to get a refund. We were supposed to go to Cayman the first of June. I saw the writing on the wall the first of May that we were not going to get to go and requested a refund. I just kept getting generic emails. But then the islands actually closed to travelers (and our flight was with Cayman airlines) and we got a full refund. The refund didn’t come in though until right around the time we were supposed to leave. We were hoping to reschedule for next June but i’m not optimistic about it.

    Our daughter was supposed to go to the Bahamas the end of July with a friend. But she cancelled it got a refund from the resort (she had purchased insurance initially when booking in January) but the airline just gave her a credit.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    Off subject a bit, but someone who viewed my apartment put in an application with the management company to take over my lease! I’m very excited. Something like 80% of the people who have expressed sincere interest in seeing my place have set up a time to see it, either in person or virtually, and then not shown. And they don’t even bother giving notice. Which is so rude and frustrating. But assuming this guy is approved my management, I’m hoping he’ll sign the lease paperwork by early next week so I can focus on everything else that needs to happen in the next few weeks leading up to moving day.

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    Rangerchic I’m jealous you were even getting emails! They stopped responding to mine after the first one.

    Copa that’s awesome news, hopefully they’re approved.

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    Avatar photocourtney89

    Was supposed to go around Southern Ireland in April for my birthday.. about two-three weeks after shit hit the fan. The small B&Bs we had from the smaller cities were so great, airlines were great. The hotels in the two biggest cities we were going (Dublin and Cork) were like nope, no refund. We can give you an additional year to use it. WTF? We arent going to be able to go by next April!

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    It could be feasible by next April, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    My birthday is the Monday before Thanksgiving. I’d really love to be able to go to the mountains and rent a cabin for me, my boyfriend, and my dogs. I’m sure the virus is going to be raging at that time so I’m sure it’s a freakin pipe dream, but looking at the cabins and dreaming is helping me cope.

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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    I’m bummed about the death of travel. I so wanted to do something crazy to cope with hitting 50. Now I don’t see me ever taking another exotic vacation. International travel is now years upon years away and I am running way too short on both patience. And time.

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    @Courtney – if you’ve prepaid with a credit card, I bet they could help get you a refund. Especially if you are not permitted to travel to the country.

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