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    Oh… the first day moving into a new place!!! When we moved from our two apartments into our condo neither of us really ate much for breakfast or lunch so by, IDK, 4 we were SO HUNGRY. We went down the street to a lovely little bar. We were the only customers in at 4 in the afternoon. It was a Monday. We chatted up with the bartender and that’s been our neighborhood bar ever since.

    They finally reopened from their pandemic closing. We were so worried they wouldn’t make it. The hold up was their lease was up… I guess they’re buying the property now. So happy they’re in it for the long haul!!! I wanted my first burger out (from March) to be there, and it was.

    Glad it went well @Copa, minus the pizza snafu!

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    Congrats Copa! Enjoy the new place and figuring out what all of his stuff is!

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    Enjoy unpacking day @copa! Congrats

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    Congrats Copa! Good luck with unpacking!

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    Congrats Copa!! So happy for you.

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    Thank you! I thought unpacking would move faster, but it’s been slow. But we can walk through the living room now and have basic kitchen functionality now, so that’s a win! Since my boxes were loaded last, they were unloaded first and are in a corner of our second bedroom that’s still mostly inaccessible cause his boxes are blocking them in. Had to play some Tetris looking for some medication earlier. I’m trying to do more of the heavy lifting since he messed his back up recently and I can tell he’s not comfortable. But we’ll have most things out by this weekend, I think.

Viewing 6 posts - 9,949 through 9,954 (of 9,954 total)
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