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Anyone going on awesome dates?

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    avatarDear Wendy

    LadyE, I don’t wear liquid foundation either. I have some – the same bottle I’ve had for years, which is probably gross, and I put it on maybe twice a year and always hate it. I do wear liquid concealer under my eyes though pretty much daily.

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    I don’t wear liquid foundation either. I do use Keihl’s BB cream which seems sufficient for me. And like Wendy, I have an undereye concealer that I’ll use, but I pretty much haven’t while working from home.

    And also yes, I totally get where you’re coming from on the baby front @LadyE. Especially now. I did feel bad for those who got pregnant pre-pandemic because they had no idea what was coming. But now, sure, get pregnant because I also don’t think you should put your life on hold forever!! However… you know what you’re getting into so you don’t need to complain to the world.

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    @LadyE we got pregnant on purpose during the pandemic – but we knew going into it that it would be a different experience. Being 36 we just didn’t feel right putting it off. I’ve had to wear a mask and get a temp check at each appointment – not a big deal. And luckily our hospital allows my husband to come to appointments with me, so he came to both ultrasounds and the first appointment. I will be delivering at a women’s and children’s hospital so there are no covid patients there but they still take all the precautions.

    The only thing I’m a little sad about is we won’t get a traditional baby shower but we’ve already bought the main things we need so it’s not a huge deal – again, we knew going into this that things would be different (we learned quite a bit from our wedding experience).

    And personally I’m happy about the visitor policy because I don’t want anyone to come see us in the hospital. I’ll be very happy with just myself, MofV and Baby of Veritek for a day or two.

    So yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the women complaining about the differences in these experiences if they got pregnant on purpose like we did.

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    I can’t recall how much the It Cosmetics one costs, but it’s way more than $14. It tends to last me a long time since I need very little product, so I haven’t minded the higher price point. I can tell I’m near the end of this one and will try the ELF one when I run out.

    Why would that be bad? I started using foundation as a teenager because, as I mentioned some pages back, I used to have persistent acne that made me very self-conscious. Back then, I used it as a shield. I used to dread the first time a guy would see me without makeup. I’ll go out into the world bare faced as an adult, which I never would’ve done when I was younger. I don’t have acne anymore, but I also wasn’t blessed with awesome skin and I like using something to even out my skin tone. Sometimes that’s a CC cream, sometimes it’s a foundation. I have different products that I like for different occasions. I hate the feeling of anything heavy on my face, so I find the products that work for me. Anyway, if you don’t like or want to wear foundation, don’t. It’s fine. Who cares?

    Also, I have quite a few pregnant friends right now, but zero are complaining.

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    Liquid foundation used to be really heavy but newer formulations use more silicas than oils. I find that stick foundation really settles into my pores and is more obvious than a more cream/liquid foundation.

    I have very oily skin and use Dr. Jart BB cream, which I like, but it’s a wee bit too yellow for my blotchy pink skin. I keep trying new brands hoping to find the right pink, but often they are just too heavy – I’m not contouring for IG, I just need to even out the blotchiness.

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    I’ve used the Dr. Jart BB cream but didn’t like it. It offered good coverage, but the formulation was thick and felt heavy on my face. I didn’t like the color, either. This was like six year ago maybe and if I recall correctly, it was one of those products that advertised itself as a universal shade that would match your skin. But I’d put it on and look pale, pasty, sickly. I remember always thinking to myself that I looked dead when I put it on. Maybe the formulation has changed since then, but I didn’t repurchase and doubt I even finished the tube.

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    I was using It Cosmetics CC cream. I don’t think I’ve touched it since March. I still use liquid concealer. Even after coming back to the office, I haven’t used the CC cream. Would try the Elf one once I use up my It Cosmetics one some day…

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    This all makes me feel better! I thought I was the only woman ever who has never used any liquid foundation or even really concealer. I LOVE makeup and wear a full face to go out/perform/when we were in the office, I just don’t wear that.

    And now I am reminded that I need to wash my makeup brushes tonight.

    Btw Kate, I ordered retinol cream and vitamin C serum! 🙂

    I have powdered collagen and just need to get better about forcing myself to drink it every day. Alas.

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    I don’t wear foundation either but I have always liked something light on my face to even everything out, give me a little color. BB creams are nice.

    I have some undereye stuff and a little light sun damage that I like to cover up with concealer.

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    I’m an oily betch so I’ve never been able to make the various BB/CC creams work for me which has always annoyed me as I think they look better as you age. For day to day I think a powder is a great option. If you want to make it look SUPER natural a setting spray over the top tamps it down and gives it a really smooth, skin like quality.

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    I always thought I was in a minority of women who did use foundation often. My mom and probably most of my friends aren’t full-face-of-makeup people. But again, who cares? It’s my face. I’ve seen women camping or on hiking trails with full faces of make-up. I’ve seen women mostly bare faced at weddings. This is very much a “you do you” area of life.

    I need to do a big make-up purge to get rid of everything that’s either expired or that I never reach for.

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    I don’t leave the house without some sort of makeup but with mask life – the most I’ll put on is concealer. The last time I put on full face makeup was for a 20th reunion zoom in December. Lipstick too!

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