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Anyone going on awesome dates?

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    Congratulations, Veritek! I hope you get to bring her home soon.

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    CONGRATS! Sending all good thoughts your way. I’m sure the teeny-tiny will get all chonkalicious soon.

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    avatarDear Wendy

    Congrats, Veritek! I hope your baby girl is getting stronger by the day and soon will be allowed to go home.

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    Congratulations, @Veritek! Sending many good vibes to you and your family. I hope you’ll all be settled at home soon. <3

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    Congratulations, @veritek! It’s been fun to hear about/see your relationship/life progressing through this thread and social media, so big milestones like this always seem relevant to the thread. 🙂 Sending you guys positive vibes so that your little girl can go home soon. I’ve seen how stressful and emotionally difficult it can be for new parents to have their babies in the NICU, sometimes not being able to hold their infants or having to leave them at the hospital — so hope you and your husband are hanging in there!

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    Congrats!!!! I echo everyone else and sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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    Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed being able to read your story as it’s progressed in this thread and wish you and your lil family all the best.

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    She’s gorgeous, Ver! So happy for you guys

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    Congratulations! Hopefully all is ready to go soon and you can settle at home with your little family

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    CONGRATS!! Glad to hear you are doing well, and considering the circumstances your little girl is doing well too. Super exciting 😀

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    Congrats ver!! Hope she can come home soon.

    In also dating adjacent stories, we have booked our wedding for June 2022! Hopefully it’ll be basically a normal wedding then and my overseas family can come. But of course, who knows. We’ve also basically booked all our vendors too because I was a bit nervous with all the postponements that they might get booked up. So now we/I need a break. I am definitely happy I chose my guy. We’ve been planning this wedding jointly. He’s made some good Excel sheets. He’s on all the calls (except hair and makeup and flowers). I wouldn’t want to plan this by myself.

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    @hfantods, exciting!! That’s a lot of work done so far 🙂

    My cousin also got engaged within the last year and she has hers planned for next fall, fingers crossed it actually is possible with all this madness. She ended up booking at the Ancaster Mill in Hamilton, super gorgeous venue.

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