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    May 18, 2023 at 3:13 pm #1120430

    I spent a week by myself in London after university. Victoria and Albert Museum was my favourite museum! Also really liked the Tate Modern. I think I watched a play at the the Globe if you’re into that. I thought St Paul’s Cathedral with its dome was just gorgeous. I just liked walking everywhere.

    I think I saw a photo of Marsh Library on a Microsoft background and it looked so gorgeous haha. Have fun on your trip, @copa!! Maybe you can also look at Waterford crystal, heh? I don’t know much about Ireland either.

    We are actually just finishing up our honeymoon/first international trip! We spent five days in Prague and now are in Dubrovnik. It’s been amazing! It’s been my first time away for a longer period of time since COVID and it has been hard disconnecting with work though I’ve been really trying not to check emails too much. Actually logged on here to see what other people’s experiences are with emails on vacation.

    I saw that Airstrait tool too. Looks very effective but not really useful for me I think since I already have straight hair.

    May 18, 2023 at 3:24 pm #1120433

    Ok I’m emailing you a pic of what I look like on zoom today. Not sure if you have a way to post it. It’s just no-nonsense straight hair, what’s considered “professional,” no frills. People see me with salon hair that I think looks better, but there’s something about this look that must say power-hair??

    But seriously so easy, idiot-proof, and no frizz whatsoever!

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    May 18, 2023 at 3:36 pm #1120434

    @Copa I’m SO excited for you! The UK is my absolute favorite. I spent 2 full years there as a student (undergrad and then as a graduate student) and I miss it every day.

    London is awesome and I bopped around it solo for an entire year, lol.

    My recommendations:
    1. Definitely take a Big Bus, hop on hop off tour. It’s super convenient, you get a ton of great information and you can, as it says, hop on and hop off wherever you want to sightsee. Also the top of the bus is fantastic for selfies…and I took them when you actually had to turn your digital camera around, click and pray. Haha!
    2. Oxford Circus is where all the great shopping is, there’s a giant Topshop right at that stop and it’s like 3 floors and legit glorious.
    3. My favorite part of London was getting off the tube at Oxford Circus, shopping, and then walking down to Piccadilly Circus, then Leicester Square, then Trafalgar Square where you can see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. There used to be a Mexican restaurant right off of Trafalgar Square by the British library tucked under some architecture, it’s been 15 years so it’s probably no longer there but that’s where I would always go if I wanted (almost, lol) good Mexican food.
    4. Wetherspoon’s pubs are all over London (always have unique names but they’re a pub chain) and have pretty reliable food.
    5. The Globe is amazing and well worth the visit.
    6. Victoria & Albert museum is a must.
    7. Try chocolate sponge pudding with custard if you see it on a menu. Just do it.
    8. LAYER your clothes! British weather is super unpredictable.
    9. The tube is super easy to navigate, grab a day pass/Oyster card and you’ll be good to go.
    10. Try to get some real curry/Indian food there because dang it’s delicious.
    11. If you’re a history/literature person, I highly recommend a day trip to Bath. I’ve been several times and would go again in a heartbeat.
    12. Be prepared for very few places outside of major retailers to have air conditioning, including the tube. Might have changed in 15 years but it was HOT in the summer with no A/C.
    13. Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols are worth the visit for the shopping experience! I got my first ever MAC makeup in Harrods in 2006. Yes, I was a sheltered country girl lol.
    14. OK this is just for me but if you can stop in Lancaster/Morecambe/the Lake District on your way from Ireland…it is truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and represents more of the “real” England than London does. Try cottage pie (the proper name for shepherd’s pie!) and a hard cider in a pub, or fish and chips if you like that.

    Gosh I miss it so.

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    May 18, 2023 at 4:18 pm #1120436

    We should all have finstas to show each other our hairstyles and under eye filler. My finsta got deleted, though, probably because it was very obviously a finsta.

    Thank you for all the UK suggestions. It’s still about a month out. I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk everywhere. I wear my white Frye leather sneakers a lot, but think I’ll need something more supportive than that for this since I have some foot problems. I don’t think I would’ve thought anything of visiting The Globe Theatre. I’m hoping to take myself to see Wicked. I cannot wait to eat fish and chips!

    Prague and Dubrovnik sound awesome! A friend who got married in fall 2019 was supposed to go on her honeymoon in spring of 2020, which obviously did not happen. They’re on it now, in Japan, and I’m so jealous. Regarding work on vacation, I’ll typically manage my inbox if I’m out longer than a few days, but only do more than that if it’s necessary. It has rarely been necessary at this job.

    Speaking of work stuff, I interviewed for a new job six weeks ago tomorrow. I was interviewed over the course of several hours by nine people on Zoom. I don’t think I’ve ever met nine people during an interview before in my life! Still waiting to hear back. I log into the applicant portal every few days to see if there are any updates, but nope! I reached out to HR to see if they have an updated timeline. Closure would be nice either way — I have been talking to this org since February!

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    May 18, 2023 at 4:28 pm #1120440

    Kate, I added your pic in your reply above and I’ll add here, too. It looks really good (so polished!).

    May 18, 2023 at 4:31 pm #1120442

    Thank you!

    May 18, 2023 at 4:52 pm #1120443

    That’s wild to interview with 9 people! Was it a big or small company?

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    May 18, 2023 at 6:18 pm #1120444

    Your hair looks great, @Kate!

    The job I’m up for is at a big company. It’s at a university. While I’ve never worked in higher ed before, I guess I’m not shocked that the process is slow. I just thought I’d know if I’m moving forward in whatever’s left of the process by now. I’m currently at a small company and from application through first day on the job, it was something like two months.

    I meant to ask – how have you been!?

    May 18, 2023 at 7:08 pm #1120447

    Thanks! Stick-straight isn’t my favorite but it’s good for work, and now very easy.

    Got it, I have no experience with academia, but makes sense that it would run slow for hiring. I hope you get an offer soon!

    May 18, 2023 at 7:12 pm #1120448

    Man I’m envious of that hair. I’m this close to getting mine chemically straightened. Now it’s pretty much all grey it’s refusing to cooperate with the curly girl method and I’m sick to death of all the maintenance just to look like I stuck a fork in a socket.

    Fingers crossed the job comes through, sounds like an intense interview!

    May 18, 2023 at 7:24 pm #1120449

    @Ange, there are options that may be less drastic than chemical straightening if you like your wave but need it to calm down. Once a year in June I get an amino acid treatment called Inca Glow that lasts 4 months and stops frizz but allows me to wear my hair wavy OR easily blow it out smooth. It’s (allegedly) just made of like flowers, not anything harsh.

    Or there are more temporary products to smooth things out, like Color Wow Dream Coat (there’s a version for curls).

    Or if frizz isn’t your problem, just a bit of a wonky curl pattern, maybe a different cut and a little touch-up with a curling iron could work. That sucks though to have your texture change.

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    May 18, 2023 at 9:40 pm #1120450

    Thank you so much for asking, @Copa! I am…ok. It’s been a rough road and I’m just trying to survive, really. Survive and hopefully (?) someday, thrive again?

    I have been doing ok but I’m definitely retaining fluid again and I’m actually going back to the treatment center tomorrow to try to get it removed. Alas. We’re still working on the balance of medicines to help me get better.

    I really hope the job comes through if you want it! I have been in an interview process like that and it was grueling – I did end up getting an offer after about a full month of interviews. I met 10ish people and went in for like 5 different rounds of interviews. It ended up being a horrible company to work for but there was really no way for me to have known that at the time. Looooong story but I’m so glad they “let me go” right before the pandemic because the CEO CALLED EVERYONE BACK TO THE OFFICE in JUNE of 2020 and told people to NOT TELL OTHER PEOPLE IF THEY GOT COVID. I would’ve died, I’m sure.

    Anyways – still getting there. Thanks for asking. I have literally zero energy or desire to date or even do to most of the things I love right now; just trying to keep my job, spend time with my little dogs, and get my body back to even. It will apparently take longer than 6 months. Alas.

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