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Anyone making new year resolutions?

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    Hahaha @taramonster, my FIL gets my husband a belt every year for Christmas. And like, yes, they’re nice belts (he loves to shop at craft shows so they’re usually handmade, leather, etc) but dude needs a maximum of 2 belts. Luckily (?) my husband and I have similar waist sizes so I can also wear his belts. But still, we only have 2 waists, how many belts do we need?

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    I resolve to not eat any more of these sugar cookies. Threw up half the night from something I ate at Xmas dinner and now am ravenous so have been eating whatever is sitting in front of me. Sugar was not the answer. Uggh. Good thing I can live in sweats today.

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    My resolution this year is:
    1. Focus on being kind instead of right.
    2. Find a hobby that takes me out of the house and away from my husband and child at least once (preferably twice) per month. (Anyone in the Boston area a badass crocheter and want to help me up my game?)
    3. Be more selfish with who I give my very limited free time to and giving it to myself make a priority.
    4. Blah blah blah Lose weight blah blah blah

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 27 total)
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