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    They ran out of barracks space so they are putting a new solder in my room with me in a room that’s made for only one person. I’m pretty upset about this. Any advice?? This place already sucks and I don’t get my own space anymore

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    Ruby Thursday

    Somehow, I think the Army is preoccupied with more pressing issues than your comfort and personal space.

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    I’m shocked you even had your own room. When my first husband was in boot camp, they were all in the same big room and he could literally hear the roaches walking the floor at night.

    You’re fine.

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    Juliecatharine’re aware that joining the Army can lead to far worse than sub-par sleeping arrangements, right?

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    I say complain loudly and to as many higher ups as you can.

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    I’m going to guess he’s in a Western European army, not the U.S. Army. Some NATO armies are unionized.

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    It’s the US.

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    I don’t know that anyone here has advice that is going to help you convince the Army to give you a single room again. I wasn’t aware that being in the military (aside from maybe being high up) afforded a person that much solitude.

    Talk to your new roommate about expectations and try to be good about communicating with each other about stuff rather than just stewing if they do something that annoys you. If having a single is the norm, then I’d assume they are as displeased as you. If it’s not the norm, then I guess your good luck ended.

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    I mean, that sucks that you had a room to yourself and then now you don’t, but the vast majority of your peers are having to share rooms with strangers. Having a roommate is a right of passage for most 18 year olds. You may be in the military, not college, but you’re hardly experiencing some unique hardship.

    At my school, the dorms were so full that what in some what should’ve been doubles were turned into triples.

    Be nice to this person, be communicative, and at some point in the not to distant future you will have your own space again. You like most college freshmen will survive this.

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    Northern Star

    You are in the military. You don’t have any expectation of getting your own space. What do you expect we can do about it?

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    Ruby Thursday

    Call the Pentagon. I’m sure they have a hotline.

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    Any advice??

    Move your stuff over so that they can put another person in your room. Then thank what ever religious deity that you believe in that you have an actual room, and not a tent or some renovated piece of shit that they are now calling your room.

    Lol. At my first duty station in Korea, my barracks was built right next to a ‘creek’ that was literally raw sewage. When we walked out of the back door, there was 2 feet of space between us and raw sewage.

    Mind you, raw sewage that would stink like you wouldn’t believe in the humid semi-tropical climate of Korea. And there was no air conditioning in the building so we either had to sweat to death with the windows closed or open the window and breathe in the stench of raw sewage. ALL. FREAKING. SUMMER!!!

    And I was on the best Army post in Korea. Others had it much worse.

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