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    I’m with you on thank you notes. I sent one to everyone of our guests – even those that didn’t give us a gift. At minimum people took time on a Friday afternoon/evening they could have done anything else and spent it with us.

    I send thank you notes anytime someone gives a gift – montetary or otherwise. I was talking with a couple coworkers who are a little younger than me, and they didn’t get why it seemed necessary – if you say thanks in person why do you need to write it down? It blew my mind.

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    I sent thank yous to everyone who came to my wedding too. I think technically though, your coworkers are right that if you thanked them in person you don’t have to thank them again. Unless you didn’t open the gift in front of them – in that case you need to send a thank you acknowledging the specific gift. But if you opened it in front of them and thanked them right there, that’s the same as a card. I still send cards if it was something more formal, like a shower or wedding, but not for a birthday present given in person, for example.

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    I’ll definitely send a thank you to everyone who attends our parties!

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    I’ve NOT recieved Thank Yous on several occasions and while I have always let it roll off my back, I can definitely see why this IRKS so many…

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    Anon from LA

    I get why thank you notes are important, but I wish thank you emails were more acceptable. Yes, handwritten notes take more time, but that doesn’t necessarily make them ore personal. I have TERRIBLE handwriting and I tend to make a lot of mistakes while writing. If I’m handwriting something, I often have to rewrite something several times before I get a clean version of it. Plus emails save paper and are faster!

    As for receiving thank you notes: I don’t care if I get them from other people when I give gifts. The only thing is that if I don’t get a thank you for a wedding gift, I worry that the couple did not receive my gift, that it might’ve gotten lost or something.

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    I sent registry gifts for two weddings this year and didn’t get a thank you note for either.

    One, I got a thank you text message and I like her a lot so I was ok with that. The other, not a word.

    I definitely believe in sending thank you notes.

    Gift registries, honeymoon funds, asking for cash, whatever – don’t care, do what you want, I’ll happily contribute if I like you.

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    I’ve sent thank you emails for stuff like kid’s bday parties. It’s to my friends, so they don’t care. And I’ll often do thank you phone calls instead of cards. My parents certainly prefer them, and my grandfather would much rather have a chat than receive a card. Obviously that doesn’t work for weddings, but I do it for birthdays, baby gifts, etc.

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    For our wedding, we sent out thank you notes to everyone who attended and/or gave a gift. I was rolling in thank you cards and we had a relatively modest-sized crowd, I can’t imagine how it must be for weddings with hundreds of guests.

    But I’m a big fan of thank you notes and I send out thank you cards with all gifts, even with some cards, depending on the circumstances. Sad story, but I did not like one relative at all and basically refused to see him from a young age, so my only interaction with him was him sending a check for birthdays/holidays and me sending him a thank you card.

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