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    If I didn’t’ live in Missouri I’d avoid it. Our governor is an asshat that sounds just like trump right now.

    Oh and my dad was put in assisted living on a temp basis last week and we can’t visit him for fourteen days. Does it suck – yes. But will I do it because it’s the right thing to do to not expose anyone to rona – also yes.

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    Just wondering what the consensus is here re masks? Where I live, we are supposed to wear them, to protect others, but people really aren’t, and I was just wondering where the rest of the world is with this. I keep saying “It’s to protect others” and they keep saying ” but it does not protect me and may harm me” . Personally as someone who frequently has to wear a mask 8hr 5-6 day I know that although it sucks it is okay once you get used to it, and surely if you have to be in the shop 30-45 minutes max, and if everyone does this, it reduces risk for the shop staff even a little, it should be mandatory? What does everyone think?

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    Where I live, they’re mandatory at all times even outdoors. And Massachusetts is now the state that’s in the best shape out of all 50, so go figure. But in other parts of the US hardly anyone wears them. And 30 states are now increasing in cases.

    I was skeptical at first whether they work, but now the research is saying they do. The key is they protect YOU from me, because I might be sick and not know it.

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    They emphasize protecting others because (a) the evidence on protecting others is stronger (b) they are reluctant to give people advice about their own self protection that is not 100 percent proven so helping others is emphasized and (c) there is a sense that if you tell people that it’s only for their own protection they’ll say that it’s their own businesses

    All that being said there is good reason to believe that a good cloth mask will provide some protection to the wearer. The surgical style nonwoven masks will provide more and the Kn95s that are commercially available will provide even more.

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    Japan beat this thing by closing bars and nightclubs, stopping mass gatherings, and having everyone wear masks all the time. They stayed open and got their hair done and went to restaurants, albeit less. We could have eighty percent of our lives back if people held the line on the last twenty percent. We can’t do that so we’ll stumble on sick and broken.

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    In better news I’ve convinced my Dad who is by himself in Cleveland to participate in my (Philadelphia) synagogue’s daily morning zoom services. So I at least get to see him every morning.

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    I got banned on Facebook today for replying to a friend’s post asking why Americans fail to see the logic of wearing masks.

    I literally posted this single bland sentence:

    “Most Americans are simply too dumb.”

    Oh, well. It’s true. This COVID-19 disaster has proven me right. So glad we all rushed to reopen. That sure worked out real swell.

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    People are absolute morons. Here in Florida – I don’t go out much but when I do go to the supermarket, about 95% of people are wearing masks. But I’m in a retirement heavy area with a lot of ties to the north, so they are taking it a bit more seriously.

    Still – every time I see some shit head on TV saying “It’s my right” all I can think of is “You got your shoes and a shirt. When you drove here, you wore your seat belt. You didn’t drive drunk. Why can’t you do this?”

    * I have learned through NPR that even nudists wear masks

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    For major metropolitan areas, Chicago is doing excellent at Covid. Looking at per capita numbers it’s quite something.

    I complain about the assholes. However, I appreciate Lightfoot’s leadsership.

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    I got a pedicure. They had me sanitize my hands, took my temperature, sign a form, and they had clear plastic dividers hanging from the ceiling separating each chair from the one next to it and from the front. No one was seated next to each other either. They charge $2 more now, for cleanup.

    We’ve also been eating at a Mexican restaurant with outdoor tables and excellent cheap margaritas.

    I’m definitely not ready to eat indoors or be less than 6 feet from anyone, and I’m glad masks are mandatory.

    Also so happy to have pretty feet again. I was doing my own but it wasn’t great.

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    So I had a very 2020ish social interaction. My Dad has been joining me for my synagogue’s Zoom morning religious observances so I went into his gmail calendar and set it up to send him emails every morning with the link.

    So last night I was testing out the calendar links to make sure they worked correctly and I click on one and some guy is just there in his living room looking uncomfortable. I introduced myself and explained what I was doing and he asked where everyone was. I checked the schedule and told him that there were no Sunday night services and he logged off.

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    Just got back from our family weekend in southern Illinois (we rented a lake house/did not go into any town etc). All the inlaws were coming from suburbs of St. Louis. We (the chicagoans) got tested for both anitbodies and COVID a few days prior (negative on both fronts). and yes, southern illinois is a different ballgame. Definitely saw two Confederate flags while down there (4 hours from Chicago) and there was an outdoor public auction that we drove past which was full. So weird.

    But, it was very very nice to be with family in a secluded way. Also, if you need a place to get tested in Chicago: Very easy to get an appointment. I think we’ll continue to do this when we’re taking “bigger” risks like the trip.

    As for masks: I do not wear one while running outside or in general if I’m out of doors, but am very strict about maintaining plenty of space with people. I just bought some Adidas ones for at the gym once it opens for classes. We wear one in our building for elevators etc and of course anytime we’re indoors at a store. At work I do not wear one, but wear a face shield whenever I’m out on the shop. I wipe down my office when I go in the mornings.

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