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    @MG I sometimes have to drive out that way for work — our HQ is in Springfield and sometimes we’ll have stuff going on in STL even — and that drive is always interesting to me because you can just tell by the signs on the road (or flags in your case) that things are getting more and more conservative as you get closer to the bible belt.

    I made it a couple states over to see my parents and so far so good. Tested negative before coming out this way. My parents no longer live together so I’m staying with my mom. Both parents are taking COVID seriously, but my dad seems a little more concerned about it. So I’ve seen him outdoors only at this point. Anyway, it’s so far been a refreshing break from the city and just nice to be home.

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    It is clear to me now tHat the only way this virus will ever be taken seriously is for a Whole lot more people to needlessly die.

    Pity I can’t do my part to help that cause. But I fear I’d only rack up medical bills. Sigh…

    I’m just so damn tired of witnessing the ruthless destruction of our planet. Maybe Covid19 is simply the planet’s way of trying to save itself. From us.

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    This is my current daydream (sorry for formatting – I’m no screenwriter yo):

    Scene: Outside of a Target in a Red State. People are being turned away from the door for not wearing a mask. A small group of people has gathered and people are recording the scene on their camera.

    Worker Person: Sorry man, no mask, no entry.

    Idiot: No! I demand to be let in. I have a right to come into your store. I am not wearing a mask!

    WP: Then I can’t let you come in. Those are the rules.

    Idiot: Garble blargle libtard boogety foogety

    WP: You can come in when you have a mask on.

    Idiot: Police blue lives bargle margle

    A man in a t shirt and jeans, flip flops and a mask walks up and sees the commotion.

    Man: Yeah! When did society become all “You gotta do this. You gotta do that!”

    Idiot: Yeah! Rights bargle glargle!

    The idiot turns around to see who is supporting him and is surprised by the mask.

    The man continues: Yeah! I don’t see why people gotta wear things they don’t want to wear.

    Idiot: Yeah. Who says!

    Man moves in between the worker and idiot. Worker looks scared and the man is a little too close for comfort. The man drops his trousers and they puddle at his feet: I mean, I have my rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don’t I?

    Idiot: bargle glargle?

    Man steps out of his pants and turns to to the idiot: Who makes up these so called rules! Who is making these demands of me… I didn’t agree to this!

    Idiot: That’s not what I meant!

    Man: I know what you mean! We ALLL know what you mean. I hear you brother, society is a construct and no one can make any of us wear things we don’t wanna wear!

    Man – puts his arm around the idiot and turns to the crowd: I don’t care that other people might get sick – this man deserves to do whatever the fuck he wants because he’s better than you! And You! And You! If he doesn’t want to wear a mask, who cares about the 128 thousand people who have died! That mask is hot! Who cares about people who have cancer and might die if they contract COVID!? This guy’s needs are more important! If he doesn’t want to wear a mask – he shouldn’t have to. And if I don’t want to wear pants – why should I have to? It’s not like I can’t easily shop while my bare ass shines in the fluorescent glow. My money’s good whether I have on shoes or a shirt? Don’t I deserve service too?

    A few people start to take off their shirts, a woman undoes her bra, pulls it through her sleeve and places it on top of her head.

    The idiot is scared of the half naked crowd and can only sputter: Rights! My rights! Deserve freedom. Fargle! Nude crazy zargle! ‘merica! Constitu-targle! while he runs back to his car.

    -Fin –

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    LSL since you’re down in Florida have you noticed any changes of attitude in the last few weeks? It sounds like a lot of local officials have come around on the need for mask laws and the governor closed the bars.

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    LfL, I guess.

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    bahaha. i like the scene, LisforLeslie

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    Nice scene. I’d maybe do a rewrite where the idiot gets his head blown off.

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    @Fyodor – it really depends to whom you talk. That shithead white power trumper that the cheeto-in-chief retweeted – lives in this area of the world. A month ago the local bar scene was packed tables and no masks. But a lot of people, right and left, are old, have pre-existing conditions or are simply secure enough in science to not let politics drive them to an earlier grave. The governor has again, completely abdicated all responsibility, putting it back to the mayors. Which means if one town makes you wear masks on the beach, you just go down the block to the next town.

    @BGM – I thought about it but down here, idiot is the one most likely to be carrying. Here’s an alternative ending:

    Pan to idiot running back to car: Bargle glargle ‘merica maga-gargle.

    Suddenly… a white lexus’ rear lights flash, a motor revs and BAM! Idiot goes up and lands belly first on the side of a shopping cart nestled between two cars. His head just touches the bottom of the cart, his lower half dangles as it tips, tips tips over right on top of him. He feels his belly. It’s wet. It’s kind of slimy. There’s a bad smell. He makes a face at the smell “blargle no mask kargle”

    His frustrated moans are drowned out. The white car has crumpled the front of another white car, triggering an alarm.

    A petite woman with a glorious silver bouffant, huge Prada sunglasses and a Gucci mask steps out of the car. Leaving her car in the middle of the traffic aisle, her car now the little spoon of two cuddling autos, she takes her purse (Vuitton) and slowly and cautiously makes her way to the grocery store.

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    Our governor just issued broadened the rule so that now anytime you leave the house you need to wear a mask. I’m hoping that the broad and unambiguous nature of it means we get more compliance.

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    Does everyone with school aged kids know what they’re doing this year? My county starts school Aug 3rd, but won’t release the plans till later this month. I’m choosing the online option for my special needs 1st grader. There’s no way school’s not closing down so online feels less disruptive. It makes me sad because he loves school. Hopefully he can go face to face second semester. I know I’m lucky that I can even consider digital learning. Not sure how he’ll get the speech therapy he needs though. My 2yo also needs speech therapy that she’s not getting. Her therapist comes to the house, but I just can’t. Cases are exploding here & there’s still a huge level of denial! Nobody wears masks and they’re all traveling to FL beaches this week. My husband gets to attend a tradeshow in Myrtle Beach the same weekend as bike week. We are so screwed

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    I dunno. There’s a growing part of me that thinks people like me should start buying guns. And bullets.

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    I predict schools WILL open eveywhere in a truly spectacular fiasco that will startle generations to come.

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