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    Why is Trump spared —- You ask? Because God never fucking existed. And the concept of karma is trite bullshit malarky.

    It’s really, truly THAT simple.

    Or the third remaining option is that I’m — yikes! — right and we’re ALL literally in fucking Hell.

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    @Bittergaymark, agreed… sigh….

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy

    Fyodor, sorry to hear your trip to PA stirred up the grief a bit. You’ve been through a traumatic experience; I can’t even imagine. Be easy on yourself. We’re all thinking of you and sending warm wishes.

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    We agree on that 100% BGM. No god, No karma. Just fairy tales we tell ourselves to feel better.

    Today on fb I saw an acquaintance who’s a teacher & her teacher husband threw a 4th of July party, in Destin where they’re vacationing. Over 50 people shoulder to shoulder. That more than solidified my decision to do distance learning this year. Just to clarify, I fully believe teachers have a right to a private life outside of school & I’m not saying they should lose their jobs. I’m just going to keep my bubble tiny because I don’t trust many people to take common sense precautions. Well, I’ll chose distance learning when my county releases their plans. Still no word & school’s supposed to start Aug 3rd.

    I’ve noticed a few DW regulars haven’t posted in a while. I hope they’re ok & riding out the pandemic as comfortably as possible

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    @Fyodor, popping in to wish you well. I’m sorry the visit home was rough and I’m so sorry about your mom. I’m glad you got to visit your dad.

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    @Fyodor, I am so sorry about your mom and I wish you well! I wish I could give you a socially distant hug.
    I am going this afternoon to get a COVID test. I am an architect and am working on a couple of projects under construction right now, which have been continuing as scheduled (with required precautions for all workers) since they are school projects. Well, one of the workers just tested positive. So, they shut the site down, and I’m sure everyone is now getting tested (I’m not certain of what is going to happen next yet). I did not interact with this person, but I have interacted with the 2 superintendents (who came in contact with the worker)- including 2 site visits last week. I feel fine, no temperature or other symptoms but I’m getting tested anyway. It definitely threw me a little when I got the call this morning- my first thought was, “well shit.” Luckily I found a site that had one opening for today!

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    @moneypenny: good luck!
    We had two workers test positive in since March, but haven’t had any spread and they weren’t “picked up” at work. I’m sure the construction site is under similar precautions as our manufacturing facility so hopefully those with “close prolonged” contact are kept out and tested and everyone else is also taking precautions like you are.

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    – I am truly sorry about your loss. I hope you find what comfort is available in your memories of a wonderful parent.

    So it’s been a while since I posted…corona kicked my butt in. Was diagnosed and had a moderate case. Well, the doc called it moderate because I only ended up in the emergency room a couple of times trying to breathe and they were able to stabilize then release me. Been about 2 months and I’m finally recovering. Still exhausted, still short of breath, still dealing with body pain. But at least I survived. I’ve worked my way up to 5000 steps a day, which is a huge leap forward. @Helen – how are you doing? I recall you caught it too and it was pretty bad.

    My son’s district here released their plans. We have the option of online only – in which case they will be removed from their current school and transferred to a newly created one – or a combined approach. two tracks, each in the school 2x a week and distance learning the rest. although I’m worried about the effects on my child I am leaning towards online only. I want him to socialize yes, but I want him to live as well. Here in the LA area cases are surging and I just dont feel like we’ll be in a safe place in the fall.

    We’re in the office full time all the time now. I work in a very conservative but essential business and so not subject to the restrictions on office work. About half the employees are wearing masks. I keep hearing “but you’re immune now, you should be out there living it up” Really makes me question some folk’s reality. Instead I keep my office door closed and try to stay away from everyone. I suspect I’m losing goodwill by not being as social with everyone else.

    Everything’s really tiring but I’m struggling through it.

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    We were going so well in Australia but now Victoria has flared up big time and that whole state has been closed off. My work is largely dependent on the funds from a big event run there every year so I’m hoping like hell they get their shit together soon. It’s amazing how quickly it can get away from you even without a populace equating masks to communism.

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    @alafair Oh my goodness. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better but so sorry to hear you had to go to the emergency room! Please rest and take care of yourself. Gosh.

    I’m in an annoying dilemma: I’m high risk, I’ve been almost entirely isolated (started going to the grocery store again last month), I got a haircut a month ago but that’s it. My dogs go to daycare and get groomed. I get necessities. Other than that and walking my dogs, I’m sheltered in.

    My best friends from college are a married couple who live pretty much across the street from me. To make a long story short, the husband started a business when he was very young (we were right out of college), didn’t know what he was doing, and through a series of very unfortunate events got sanctioned by the SEC and sent to federal prison for about 7 years. He finished his sentence in September. His birthday, the first one he’s had out of prison since 2012, is Saturday. Apparently they and their family are going to one of my/our favorite restaurants to celebrate. I really, really want to go – and this place has a lovely patio – but the wife of the couple has a phobia of any and all bugs and she doesn’t want to sit outside.

    I’m high risk.

    So I’m probably not going to go. And it sucks. I’m really bummed. Ugh.

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    I’m sorry, LadyE, but don’t go to that. Eating indoors isn’t safe, especially with a party of people who don’t live in the same household and will be conversing while eating. Even outside under those circumstances wouldn’t be safe for you. When these people talk, they’re going to project droplets.

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    Alafair, I’m glad you’re on the mend! I had a Covid experience similar to you. Sick for 7 weeks, bedridden for 5 of those weeks. My main symptoms were extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain/tightness, slight cough, low grade fever & some GI distress. The chest pain & tightness was the last symptom to go away. I was starting to think it was permanent lung damage when it finally went away. It took a few weeks to get my stamina & appetite back. Never lost my sense of smell or taste, but didn’t have an appetite for a month. Lost 20lbs. My husband & kids had completely different symptoms & length of illness than me. The only symptom we had in common was the fatigue. We’ve never experienced anything like it. It was so bad I thought that was what was going to kill me.

    I’m choosing online learning for my rising 1st grade son too. I do low risk activities with the kids (socially distant trips to park & pool) but nothing indoors or crowded. Just not worth it no matter how badly I want him back in school. Did anyone else in your family catch it? I hope the rest of your recovery is smooth & swift!!

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