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    @Helen – I’m so glad to hear you are doing better. What I’m mostly worrying about is the lingering pain. the breathing seems to get a little better every day, but my joints have suddenly aged. they hurt and creak constantly. Even typing is painful, which is difficult since I type all day long for work. I started taking collagen in my coffee and I’m hoping that’ll help recovery.

    – All of the non mask wearing people are so damn selfish. I have diagnosed PTSD. Found out the hard way before I got sick that one of my triggers was having my mouth and nose covered and smelling garage smells because of how the attack took place. I still wear a damn mask, but carry some vicks and dab it under my nose if I’ll be in a situation like that. I think taking care of my issue is my problem and doing what’s right is more important than my personal discomfort.

    There’s a guy on camera near us too who took off his mask to cough. like…wth?

    – I am so very excited to hear about it. My world has definitely narrowed since the pandemic happened. I’d love head about a restaurant doing it right. We can all live vicariously through you!

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    @Helen and @alafair, I am so sorry to hear you got the virus. I’m glad you’re on the mend and I hope you don’t have further complications.

    , have you ever watched Pushing Daisies? The main character can’t touch his love interest for risk of killing her and I don’t mean to make light of your situation but it reminds me of that. There was a romantic scene in which they embraced each other wearing bee suits. Also they kissed through plastic wrap. I don’t think that would prevent transmission but I’m 95% kidding on bee suits?

    That sounds so rad @ktfran! Have fun!

    I’ve been learning about more local restaurants. There’s one we want to try that is nicer as well. It seems like a waste to go when it’s not the normal ambience but I don’t know when that’ll ever happen so better embrace the nicer weather. Still, it is too bad about patio reservations being so dependent on weather.

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    @alafair, that is so gross. About the dude. Yuck.

    I’m glad you’re on the mend and I hope it gets better every day.

    @hfan, I say try it if you’re comfortable doing so. I am sad restaurants are struggling.

    We’ll mostly stick to carry out at local establishments, but will likely check out a secluded patio hear and there.

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    Omg. Y’all. I just found out that my best friends (the aforementioned couple) had 2 guys into their home yesterday to give them some estimate on something (blinds? I dunno) and not only did they have 2 strange men in their home for an HOUR AND A HALF, they also DID NOT WEAR MASKS AT ALL.

    I can’t believe it. My best friends are very smart people. They told me because they know I’m high risk, but for the love of God, I’m not the only one who could possibly be very severely affected by this virus! The wife has asthma. The husband has health complications from being in prison. It’s bad no matter WHO you are. If you’re less “high risk” you’re just LESS LIKELY to die. Wtf.

    So now I have to decide if I’m even going to be going over there at all on Saturday, even staying outside. Ugh.

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    ARE they smart though? You’re talking about a guy who went to federal prison for 7 years for making a “mistake.” Let me ask you, when you’re doing your taxes or filling out forms or doing things at work, do you ever find yourself on the verge of doing something illegal? Like, don’t you kind of have a pretty good gut sense of what might get you in trouble? And then his wife has strangers in the house and doesn’t wear masks. And would rather eat inside than deal with some flies. Which, the only time recently I’ve encountered a single bug was at a rest stop where we ate McDonalds at a picnic table and some bees showed up. Restaurant patios don’t have a bug problem. Maybe these are book smart people who lack common sense.

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    So maybe in April? May? I can’t remember a this point, but my state was bad at that time, and my boyfriend and I had to grab a ladder and break a back window of his place to get inside because we’d locked ourselves out. And had to have a window guy come. I assumed the guy was going to assess what needed to be done from the outside and was HORRIFIED when the dude came in without a mask. We had to say something, and asked him to wash his hands. Some people will legitimately need services that require people to come inside their homes even as we do our best to distance ourselves from others, but you can ask people coming in to do what they can to protect everyone in the situation. Your friends made a choice not to do so. And honestly, it’s pretty surprising that someone whose work entails going into strangers’ homes wouldn’t think to take basic precautions for themselves and their own loved ones.

    And yes, I can’t say I particularly like bugs, but it doesn’t stop me from patio dining because like @Kate said, bugs are pretty much a non-issue. Like the worst that’s ever happened when I’ve dined outdoors is I’ve had to swat a fly or bee away, or brush an ant off my leg. And that’s not really the norm or a legitimate problem.

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    Welp, Alinea canceled reservations tonight. The reasoning is that they couldn’t provide the service we would expect. I suspect a staff with Covid or problem with food vendor. But who knows.

    The universe has spoken. It does not want us to dine out.

    Our last time trying we canceled because Of rain.

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    So one of my friends lives in London with her husband, a doctor, and their month-old baby. In March, her husband got sick with something flu-like but they didn’t know whether or not it was COVID. They had to do their best to stay away from one another in a small condo, wore masks at home and tons of hand washing and deep cleaning. She was pregnant at the time and scared, totally went off the grid for awhile. They just (finally!) confirmed he indeed had COVID. She’s now super curious if she caught it and had no symptoms. I’m so glad they’re all healthy now — baby, too.

    That’s too bad. We did Alinea for the boyfriend’s birthday last year and it was great. The price tag is kinda out there but it was a super fun experience. I’d go again. I hope you guys can find a safe patio soon!

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    I’ve lost the will to patio.

    They said we could get in at Next, but I’ve done that. Granted the menu was different but it’s indoor. Pass. Maybe I’ll just wait for Curtis Duffy to open his next restaurant. I love him.

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    @Ktfran. ugh that totally sucks. Do you think it’s that or the bad press on the COVID course? You could always walk around this weekend to spot a nice patio and reserve a few minutes before?
    did you ever go to Goosefoot? That was on my top list. The BEST BEST BEST place I ever went was 42grams. and then two years later I watched the documentary on what a dick the chef was. sigh… he and his former wife still put on a great dinner.

    Never got to go to grace. I had been looking at doing one of the newer omakase places this year for my birthday (precovid). Instead, we’re doing Shaw’s and then hitting up Andy’s Jazz club. That, plus the massage and facial (which will really be low risk since it’s one on one) will max out my risk bank for the week.

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy

    I’ve been taking a much needed mental health break this week (and also celebrating Joanie’s birthday). I spent the week cleaning out closets and organizing and bagging up shit and taking it to donation bins, and pitching a bunch of stuff. This always makes me feel better. But the real gift to myself was hiring a cleaner for today – the first time someone other than me would clean our house in four months. With the whole family home day in and day out, it’s a lot of work to keep clean, and sine I’m a clean freak, I spend about 1-2 hours a day cleaning (and it still is never up to my standards). So I was SOOO excited for today – literally the most excited I’ve been about anything in four months.

    And a fucking tropical storm is heading our way – expected to make landfall in NYC in a few hours – and I had to reschedule the cleaning and it really kind of broke me. We also had to keep Jackson home from his last day of camp since it’s a mostly outdoor camp in the park and they’d have to be indoors all day because of the rain and we aren’t comfortable with that. So, I’m kind of feeling sorry for myself right now because today was going to be my day to try to relax a little, enjoy a quieter – and much cleaner – house after what’s been an emotionally and physically tiring couple of weeks.

    I hate covid.

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    I’m sorry Wendy. That sucks. The house cleaning would have been so nice!!

    MG – I love Goosefoot! I went with the husband ages ago and would love to go again with a big group so we could better match wine to courses. I’ve also done Band of Bohemia, Jeong (I still think about the salmon dish) and Elske (the tasting menu was average, ordering off menu is divine). I read about the controversy. Nick came out and supported their decision so I doubt that’s it. I’m so curious though!

    Have fun at Shaw’s and Andy’s!!! Enjoy.

    I’ve decided that for us, the universe is legit telling us to stay home. I’ll listen for now.

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