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    The main fear is the unknown. Like fyodor said, we don’t know what’s ahead of us. And he feels under armed since everyone around here owns one. Fun fact: a nearby city has a law on the books requiring all households to have at least one gun. Unenforceable, but the gun culture is insane down here. If I didn’t have young kids I would probably entertain the idea. I know a 2yo who killed himself with his dad’s gun while dad was in the bathroom, and I have a 2yo.

    I’m going to Costco today to bulk buy a few staples (NOT food hoarding!) Maybe a ten lb bag of rice will relieve some anxiety. Thank god retailers are requiring masks! Our government is so useless I’m looking to Walmart to lead us out of this ffs

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    The economy is going to fly into a mountain in August/Sept when unemployment benefits and loan deferments expire and more people get laid off.

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    @Kate you are so right. Also at the end of this month, the extra 600 unemployment is going to run out. People are legitimately unable to find jobs at the moment or they were using the funds to supplement their income because their pay was cut (like my family). We have some savings but it can only last for so long and this is going to take years to straighten out. We have had discussions of sending our 3 year old to go and live with my parents 12 hours away or my mother-in-law who is 6 hours away because at some point my husband and I will need to be back at work (in person) full time. We have her on a list at her old school, but they are only allowing 22 students in the class at this time and probably for the rest of the year. We started calling around but it is the same situation other places. If my husband and I are struggling and we have resources available to us – how are others who don’t? The expectations businesses and the executive level government have for US citizens are insane!

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    avatarMiss MJ

    Yeah, I mean, I totally understand not wanting a gun in the house with a history of mental illness and small children – definitely a bad idea – but I don’t necessarily think @Helen’s husband is being irrational in thinking that things are going to get very, very bad this fall and winter.

    Schools will not be able to stay open. They’ll open, kids and teachers and staff will get sick, some will certainly die, and they’ll close again. Wash, rinse, repeat. This will fuel community spread in at least some areas because people will not wear a fucking mask. Hospitals will be overrun with covid and flu in some areas. It’s quite likely some will fail. We all know how this virus spreads at this point and wishful thinking won’t change that.

    Absent a massive infusion of cash to the public that I don’t see the GOP doing immediately, in 10 days, millions of people will be without sufficient money to eat or pay their bills. Mass evictions are going to happen. Also, mass bankruptcies and mortgage defaults. Then (or concurrently), layoffs because most companies cannot survive when the economy isn’t functioning, which leads to more evictions, bankruptcies and defaults. Food banks are already stretched very thin, SNAP benefits are below bare bones (if you can even get them) and it’s not a stretch to think that people may have to resort to looting to eat. Desperate people will do desperate things.

    There will be continuing protests, which are going to be met with violence from unidentified federal (WTF is going on in Portland!!) and state and local police, which will spark more protests and more violence. Then throw in Trump stoking a race war to get re-elected and it’s obvious that this whole country is a powder keg and just waiting to be set off.

    And god help the region of the country that gets hit with a major hurricane this season. Or [Insert Natural Disaster Here].

    Do I think me owning a gun will help any of this? No. But I get the anxiety and fear.

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    And at least in my state, you can only collect UE in general for 6 months. I wonder if any states are letting people extend beyond that. I doubt it. So people will have no income and no health insurance.

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    Canadian. I think there is a lot of sense of “Americans are idiots”, which of course isn’t the whole story. Some people are, like my family member living in the US who went to an indoor wedding of 120 people (no masks, no distancing) 3 weekends ago and posted all about it. But so many people depend on their leadership to tell them what is safe and that is just not happening or is not consistent across so much of the US. Plus of course it’s so much harder for US workers to stay home. So I think anyone who takes the time to think feels how shitty it must be for the majority of Americans who are either well informed and staying home and doing their best, or depending on their leadership to tell them what’s safe and maybe making less safe choices because they’re misinformed. And while we’re doing ok on the whole in Canada, it’s not like we’re perfect and couldn’t/don’t have some of the same issues.

    Normally we’d be happy to have you @Helen but the border is closed until at least August 21….

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    Honestly? I don’t think Helen’s husbands fears are all that unfounded or far off. People are fucking nuts. More — this is going to get REAL bad.

    I’d buy a gun myself if I wasn’t so certain I’d quickly wind up using it to solve all my problems.

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    Also, random, but I’m staying in a condo my parents recently sold, and they had to come over with a handyman today to fix some things noted in the inspection. He wasn’t wearing a mask and he was COUGHING. He’s older, my parents are older, and they’re all sitting around without masks and the guy has a cough. WTF!!! I was like, dad, why is he not wearing a mask?? My dad was like, oh, he asked if he could take it off to work. Uh. It’s not hot today, and it’s not heavy labor at all.

    A lot of people are going around without masks in this town, even though it’s Massachusetts. They’re required to put them on in stores and such, but other than that, they don’t really.

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    Roxy_84: Americans ARE idiots. We brought this on ourselves. So we now fucking deserve this.

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    I’m with @fyodor and others. I don’t think major civil unrest / violence is out of the realm of possibility. I actually think something could happen with Trump’s constituency after the election.

    I grew up around guns. My dad is a hunter and he taught all of us gun safety and stressed at all times how dangerous they were. I personally don’t like them, however living in the thick of a major city, I’ve often considered owning one. We’re not going to buy one, but I’ve considered it. And if I did, I would 100% take gun courses.

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    I have no children at home to worry about being around a gun and i do have one and will probably always have one for protection purposes (obviously, when i have kids it will be locked and stored away, hidden, with ammunition separate).

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    Wow – I must live in an optimistic bubble. I definitely understand the concern, but I just don’t foresee a “contagion” like world where people start breaking into one another’s homes as a norm. Of course – there is always the chance that someone breaks in – but that happens today.

    I agree that leadership is absolutely absent for most of the country. And Congress is fucking with people’s lives while sitting on relief solutions that would still not come close in cost to the tax benefits handed to large corporations and uber wealthy.

    I think when we start down the Us/Them like that couple in St. Louis who stood outside their home brandishing guns on a peaceful march, we are heading down a seriously dangerous path.

    But I recognize that I’m in a position of extreme privilege and my perspective reflects that. I work in pharma, most clients are doing fine and buying more work. My job is likely not in jeopardy. I also make a good salary, have savings and investments and can ride this out with no issues, even if I did lose my job.

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