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    I don’t look at it as an Us vs. Them. I wouldn’t be walking outside brandishing my gun. But I live in a four-story condo in Chicago on a major thoroughfare. The business on the ground floor has a large glass front. I was/am concerned that someone would break it and then they’d have access to all three resident floors.

    We’re not buying a gun. The thought absolutely did cross my mind. It was about a five minute convo with the husband.

    I’ve considered it from time to time over the last 20 years of my adult life.

    EDT: We eat (or someone eats) everything my dad hunts / fishes. For the longest time, I didn’t like duck at restaurants. Couldn’t compare to my mom’s.

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    Trump’s win or loss will lead to mass violence and destruction. No matter the result. One side or another will simply go ballistic.

    I’ve stopped caring.

    I’m flying to the cabin in Minnesota next week. I can’t wait to go next summer as I may very well not be around.

    I turn 50 this fall and was going to initially try to be positive about it. My 40s were going out with a bang. The Caribbean in April. Spain in May. In October was going to go on a big South American trip to climb Machu Picchu before a week in Easter Island and blah blah blah.

    None of that will now ever happen.

    Instead I’m going to run through my meager savings paying off fucking bills. Then —- when the money runs out — so does my hour glass.

    Honestly? I’m fine with it. Aging sucks — it really, really sucks — and there is nothing left to accomplish that is actually possible.

    I’m angry.
    I’m disgusted.
    I’m bored.

    And —- quite frankly, I’ve had enough.

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    “Wow – I must live in an optimistic bubble. I definitely understand the concern, but I just don’t foresee a “contagion” like world where people start breaking into one another’s homes as a norm. Of course – there is always the chance that someone breaks in – but that happens today.”

    I’m guessing that like everyone else, you probably didn’t foresee how 2020 would go this far. The expectation that normalcy could not be disrupted caused us to ignore a lot of concrete risks. People have (understandably) been badly frayed by four months of this. What’s going to happen when all the people who lost their jobs lose unemployment and/or get evicted? What is the stress of living like this going to do to people until next summer? Honestly, I can’t even imagine what I’ll be like by then. I don’t think that we’ll be living in “contagion” but major riots and social unrest are a pretty distinct possibility.

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    Yeah, I mean, it gets cold, the flu is going around, the virus is still here, people have been evicted or foreclosed on, have no work, and no more benefits or aid… it could get really bad. The government has got to extend more aid.

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    I’m hoping I live long enough to see the the 1% drowned in their swimming pools as their houses burn to the fucking ground with their entitled brats screaming inside.

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    Soon a huge number of people will have NOTHING to lose and things will get REAL fucking interesting. Wait. Just wait…

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    I’m not saying fear isn’t normal or okay, but if someone doesn’t want a gun in their home, I respect that. Suicide/domestic risks increase dramatically when a gun is in the home available for use.

    I grew up with guns. My stepdad was a gun dealer for a long time, and actually patented and designed different parts for guns years ago.

    I grew up knowing how to use them as tools- and I still don’t want one in my home. That’s just my opinion. I don’t fear my neighbors. Even if the shit hit the fan, I don’t actively fear my neighbors are going to loot and hurt me or my family.

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    Eh… They’ve been stealing the batteries out of shitty parked cars in LA for months. (Happened to five people I know.) Yeah. When the shit hits the fan — all bets are off in urban areas. It’ll be unprecedented chaos.

    Just wait. Wait. You’ll see.

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy

    I 100% agree with Miss MJ’s assessment. Things are going to get much worse before they get better (and better is a long way off still). The only possible saving graces: extending the unemployment benefits (or doing a basic income of $2000 a month per person); protecting renters from eviction; canceling mortgage and property tax payments; universal healthcare (ha, yeah right); and trump losing the election and going peacefully into the long night with all his idiot followers (haha).

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    I feel like if it comes to needing a gun, I’m fucked anyways, might as well die.

    I’ve shot a bunch of guns for fun, but I don’t want one in my house.

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    I live around LA and I have to agree with BGM. The tension in the air is palpable and rising in some places. The last time I felt anything like this was right before the 92 riots. This feels more pervasive somehow, and worse.
    I feel like we’re in a pressure cooker. The BLM protests let out some of the pressure…but not all, not nearly enough because of the lack of accountability, lack of action and the increased stressors. I keep waiting for stuff to explode again.

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    Even in New England, I feel this weird sense of eerie like, “okay for right now but about to go bananas.”

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