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    I’m not advocating for owning a gun if you don’t want one. But I don’t think it’s totally out of left field to consider buying one and right now if it makes you feel safer. These aren’t normal times and we have a person in charge who encourages violence.

    Like I said, we’re not buying one, but I am 100% concerned for our safety where we live.

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    Yeah, I don’t plan on buying a gun. But I understand why people want them and I don’t think it’s a crazy concern.

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    I feel like the looter would rip it out of my hand and hit me with it.

    Also, just take my damn Hello Fresh and Special K if you need it. Take my wallet, it’s fine.

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    @Helen I do know in Australia the general consensus is America looks like a land full of nutcases. I’m in a lot of international groups online that think the same, we kind of can’t get over how selfish and short sighted so many people are being there. I’m thankful for groups like this that have smart, rational people in them to counteract that.

    As for the gun I can’t quite wrap my head around the mindset that fear must = gun but I know that’s a cultural thing. I will say that having a gun in the house increases the chances of that gun being used on someone in the house expotentially so I think it’s worth asking your husband who he values more, you or some vague idea of what ‘might’ happen.

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    Hi Helen. UK here, well, Scotland actually. We are watching you and our hearts go out to you. Our neighbours in England are being rash and we are unhappy about that, but your country is being betrayed by that hideous man and his cohorts and it is indefensible. Next chance you get, move here or NZ, I’d say. How do we treat immigrants? We are arses to everyone equally but nice enough when it matters.

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    Shit, my family came here from Scotland hundreds of years ago. We should go back to the highlands.

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    Canadian here as well. Being an hour away from the border most people in the province I am in are worried about those coming across, claiming to be over for just essentials. However several americans were caught in Alberta hiking and were charged for it because recreation, entertainment etc at that time was still not permitted. We as a country continue to extend the border closing and I don’t see it opening until next year. It would be crazy if we ever did right now considering things are not cooled down yet in the South.

    Generally though, my friends and I do see the States as being a bit nuts, that the states and people are so patriotic and using the mask wearing as a political statement. Obviously the wrong way to address a global pandemic stating masks are infringing on their rights, when ironically enough not wearing one and not being safe actually infringes on providing a healthy and safe environment for others. Therefore they are inadvertently infringing on others rights to a healthy and safe environment!

    The irony. We do have some crazies here as well, we have had a few protests and stuff in some major cities about COVID being a conspiracy, communist agenda, etc. But most are wearing masks, seeing more now actually, and I am making more of an effort to wear at the grocery where I wasn’t before. Just transit and certain malls if I ever stepped into one.

    We have had some upticks in cases though, usually due to businesses not following rules and allowing more people into establishments, or having gatherings larger and without proper distancing. Our health officer for the province is really trying to make sure people are aware we are not out of this yet, we still need to be vigilant.

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    Helen – Canadian here. I’ve always felt a great affinity with and affection for Americans. In many ways it feels to me that we’re the same people, just separated by a border and living under slightly different laws.

    I’ve been empathizing, not pitying or judging. We have entitled Karens, conspiracy theorists, and the alt-right here, too. The only reason ours are quieter right now is because our government took the pandemic seriously, so they’re not as emboldened. Media coverage and viral videos might make it feel like those people are everywhere in America, but I know the majority of you are sensible, smart, and caring. I’m sorry your government has failed you.

    As for how we treat immigrants – I’ve heard that joke more and more over the past few years and it makes me sad. I don’t like the thought that you’d (even jokingly) be unhappy enough to consider leaving. And if you are, reconsider. If the good people leave, who will fight for democracy and social justice?
    I don’t believe America is a lost cause yet.

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    I loved reading all the responses from other countries! Lots of Americans are as baffled as you guys at the anti maskers & trump supporters. They are breathtakingly stupid for believing anything that trump says. I keep hearing people say that we need to fully open up so we can build herd immunity like Europe did…..And I can’t convince them that that’s not what Europe did. Or get them to understand why herd immunity without a vaccine is impossible for this coronavirus. We’re not all idiots! But the idiots are running the show currently.

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    I’m over this herd immunity nonsense. In one breath the herd immunity group talks about COVID as no worse than the flu and then the next they say they most likely won’t get a vaccination if it is available. I can’t with them…they argue with my husband and tell us we are getting paid by Big Pharma to push vaccines. My response is always “I’m still waiting on that big Pharma check.”

    The SRO, aka the cop posted at our school, doesn’t want to wear a mask and spouts nonsense that Sweden is doing just fine with their approach to the Coronavirus. I looked at him and just lost my mind and walked away. He hasn’t come back to the school since the principal told him he has to wear it while inside the school. So there you go with opening our schools back up.

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    There have been issues all over the country with cops refusing to abide by mask laws in stores, to combine the two major issues in the news

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    You can already see the change in Chicago downtown from the lack of jobs, structure etc. It starts with small things (not planting flowers nor upkeep of the parks because of the budget..), now, with everything closed by 11 or 12, it becomes kind of a ghost town. So, my husband and I walked home (about 1.25 miles) from dinner/show on Friday evening. Normally, 11 pm would be no problem with plenty of people milling about. This time, nada. Just a few people scurrying, a few parties, and some homeless. Definitely did not feel the usual safe in numbers. And then the next night two people were shot and killed on the same path we took.. We are seeing a lot more gun violence in the downtown area (and not necessarily targeted gang members). Lots of trash everywhere, broken glass, boarded up buildings and places not reopening. I hope this is temporary and in a few years things look better, but people need hope and jobs and security for that

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