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    So today I had a serious conversation with a co-worker about using make-shift weapons with office supplies in case things get like Portland here. We had a serious conversation about how effectively we could use a staple gun as a means of self defense. A staple gun. We work with primarily low income immigrant families and provide free to low cost high quality supplemental education services for both kids and parents , translation services, special-needs services and English classes for parents. We’re right next to an ICE holding center. Surrounded by federal monuments. The escorts who help people enter the clinic have offered to help us evacuate our clients if it comes to it. I mean, it’s not like the protesters holding up the giant photos of fetuses are going to help.

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    Everyday since the 2016 election, I ask my husband how is it that people don’t see through Trump. Recently I was getting depressed about the upcoming election. I spoke to my son about his conservative in-laws. He tried to explain their point of view though he is not aligned with them at all. Fortunately, he can hold his own in any political arguments with them. He tried to make me feel better and not worry about the election. One of his BILs and BILs wife are going to vote for Biden this time instead of Trump. One of my BILs let me know that he’s voting the straight Democratic ticket this time. One of my aunts passed away, not from the Coronavirus, but before that confessed she been listening to Trump’s words and did not plan to vote for him this time. She was a wonderful person and I miss her. In 2016, she listened to her husband who was a staunch conservative. I was so proud of her for making up her own mind this time. My sister doesn’t like to talk politics and never said who she voted for in 2016. Her daughter is anti-vax/conservative and that has been rubbing off on her. She is appalled by what is going on in Portland. She brought it up to me. Hopefully that will bring the light to her. My parents voted in 2016 but are too frail now to without help and Mom frequently tells me they’re not going to vote this next time. I don’t think she wants to vote for Trump but she’s always voted Republican. This is a good out for her.

    Anyway, I am going to hold on to those couple of positive data points when thinking about the upcoming election. I have always been a glass-half-full person and it has been depressing lately to worry about the election.

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    OUN you should get gallons of distilled water to flush tear gas for the office. Maybe even get a lab eye wash. Stash some food, books, & games there too, in case you don’t feel safe leaving for a minute. Hopefully it never comes to that, but better safe than sorry

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    One of my boyfriend’s friends was planning to throw a luau party and my boyfriend wanted to go. And I was kinda like, not so fast — do we know if this is a party-party? Or is this just, like, six people in a backyard able to keep their distance while sipping mai tais for an hour? And I had him check and it was a party that would’ve exceeded the gathering limit and I was so annoyed. Why do people think this is a good idea? Just WHY? So I noped on out of that one. Anyway, it ended up being canceled to many people said they weren’t comfortable going — and I’m glad.

    Also recently learned that an old friend of mine totally buys the conspiracy theory about vaccine that Bill Gates will be altering our DNA and microchipping us, then tracking us with our phones, via vaccine. Or something like that. I couldn’t make it through the absolutely bonkers video she posted online. I can’t.

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    I started running a fever yesterday. I was emotional & anxious and off in general (apparent in my posts yesterday lol) when my husband realized I was hot to the touch. 99.7° which is the temp I ran for the 7 weeks I was sick with CV. I took 2 naps yesterday and went to bed at 9. One eye randomly hurts. I’ve been recovered from CV for 12 weeks now. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t normally run a fever when I have a cold. I haven’t left my fucking house in 4 months, but my husband attended a tradeshow in SC weekend before last. Am I reinfected? Did the virus lie dormant for weeks and I’m experiencing a flare up? Maybe I have a summer cold? I don’t have a clue, and not sure where to get answers. Getting a test around here requires luck & about 6-8hrs waiting in your car. Besides the elevated temp, fatigue, & eye pain I feel alright

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    @Helen – I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. There have been reports of people who have been battling COVID for months with the same set of symptoms you’re listing, fever, fatigue, continued aches. As I’ve ranted before, there are so many things we don’t know about this virus. Do a google search and see if the symptoms match yours and see if they can point you to help.

    Since we don’t have enough information about people who have these ongoing symptoms, I don’t know if you’ll find a treatment, but you should be able to connect with people for commiseration which might be a small comfort.

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    Can you call your doctor? I’m sorry that you’re feeling crappy again! I just got tested for antibodies this week….negative! My doctor says he still believes I had COVID-19. I don’t know what to think. We’ve been pretty careful but I did have a sense that we’d had it and we have antibodies and we’ll be fine.

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    avatarDear Wendy

    Anonymousse, I was tested for antibodies in my doctor’s office this week, too – since I was getting some other blood work done anyway – and it was also negative. Two negative antibody tests for me, one for Drew, and we were both sick in April with covid-like symptoms that were consistent with friends’ and acquaintances’ symptoms who eventually tested positive for antibodies and were also sick around the same time we were while the virus was raging through our community. We remain confused as well. Regardless of whether we did have covid that maybe didn’t have a high enough viral load to have remaining antibodies or we had something else completely, we don’t have any layer of extra protection now that I had hoped we would have. womp-womp.

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    I’ve been reading where the antibodies only last a few months tops. People with a mild case might only have antibodies for a few weeks.

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    avatarMiss MJ

    Yeah, my antibody rest came back negative, too, even though I had all the symptoms back in March (when I couldn’t get a test). So did my dad’s, even though – same thing. But neither one of us got the antibody test until May, so we think that we may just not have made enough antibodies for them to last? I dunno. They’re saying now that even though the antibodies don’t appear to stick around, other aspects of the immune response may. Who knows, at this point.

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    Some of the earlier antibody tests had reasonably high false negative rates (90 percent sensitivity), though the newer ones are much better. I don’t have any idea which ones are actually being deployed these days if you go to the doctor. The validation testing is also done on the blood of people who had it recently so I don’t know if they get more false negatives for people a few months out.

    I’ve been advised by some doctor friends that even if your blood antibody levels have dropped below positive-test levels that you probably retain an immune response that could be called up as necessary.

    In Wendy’s case at least, it seems pretty freakin unlikely that the characteristically COVID like illness she got during a time that twenty percent of her city had COVID turned out to not be COVID.

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    Wendy — I also was sick in April, with symptoms which matched many Covid symptoms. Not tested for Covid — you had to be hospitalized here or show all of symptoms to get a test, but I was tested for flu. That was positive for Influenza Type A. That also lingered — for weeks, with sense of sluggishness even a month later. Without the testing, flu and less than severe Covid can be very difficult to distinguish.

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