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    Will probably have more information in forty-eight hours.

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    I am pretty sure we will all be outraged and bitterly disappointed by this fucking election.

    I have a very bad feeling about it.

    My final COVID-19 test was negative. So that’s kinda good news, I guess.

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    I am very concerned. I am encouraged by the young voters and the turnout. I’m also just still somehow shocked by the polls. How could this deranged lunatic still have so many supporters?

    I’ve been keeping myself incredibly busy and taking on too much to distract myself.

    I did get my ballot a couple days ago, voted and turned it in. In the site it says they have it, so….here’s hoping for the best.

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    I’m thinking of you all over here. Stay safe, fingers crossed for the sane outcome.

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    It’s the final countdown

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    If anyone knows someone whose ballot hasn’t arrived yet, please encourage them to just go vote in person today if they can do so safely. If you mailed your ballot but it didn’t arrive yet, you can still vote in person and tell them to disregard your mailed ballot.

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    Hospitals are at capacity here. One of my uncles who lives in the country had to go nearly 3 1/2 hours to reach a hospital, only to find out that hospital was out of respiratory devices, so he had to travel to another one also over 3 hours away from the first hospital and he barely survived the drive. Now he’s in a spare lab at the new hospital while on a waiting list for a room. This is insane. Please don’t gather outside of your immediate households for the holidays, guys. There just aren’t any more beds and we can’t handle another holiday surge. Skip this holiday so that next year more people’s relatives are alive to celebrate with.

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    Meanwhile Rand Paul is giving everyone bad science on Fox News telling people that if they had Covid – they should go out and about and party because they’re immune. Except:

    1. People do get reinfected
    2. “Immunity” only lasts a few months -so anyone infected in April is likely not immune now.
    3. People can shed the disease for months (70 days for one person) so if you get tested, are positive and quarantine for 2 weeks – you may still be spreading for another 2 months.

    What a fucking buffoon.

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    Akeath that’s awful about your uncle. Hospitals around here are nearing capacity also.

    I wanted to scream when I read what rand Paul said. I was just talking to a friend who is a nurse and she said they’re seeing people come into the hospital with their 2nd infection. So much willful ignorance.

    Don’t count on GA’s runoff races to go blue. Lots of people who voted for Biden only trust him slightly more than Trump. They’ll vote for republican senators to keep Biden in check

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    ugh speaking of misinformation, anyone hear about a guy named Shawn Model? He is some social media guru/celeb/influencer whatever and a friend on FB got a hold of one of his videos and posts about COVID and how because studies are showing that COVID is not transmitted by the airborne route, we should question the need for masks etc.

    I got a hold of the papers he quoted and found that he not only cherry picked statements and information from the article, but that he was misrepresenting the findings of the articles as a result. Although they have shown COVID is most likely not contracted through airborne transmission (ie being more than 2m away from infected persons, and typically in a well ventilated room), you still catch COVID through close encounters with people. So instead of stating that, he just full stops and proceeds to support people who are stating that he is wonderful, thanks for explaining and cutting through it all, that they knew masks were useless yadda yadda. When all the studies still recommend that if you cannot maintain safe physical distancing masks should be used (because COVID is transmitted through aerosol droplets etc), they are effective enough/better than nothing, and proper hand hygiene should be used as well.

    Well. I went to his IG to call him out stating that there is misinformation and he is not presenting the full reports and their findings. I got blocked and my comments and thread with others discussing it deleted.

    This is the reality. These social media influencers are using their platform to spread misinformation and when called out they just delete and make their pages look like they are not getting any flack. I knew it happened, just didn’t think it would happen to me. Ugh, grinds my gears!

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    Cleopatra, the misinformation is insane. I belong to a local fb group of 6,000 area moms. The other day several were saying the election hasn’t been called yet. Sadly they probably got that misinformation from news sources, not social media.

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