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    Dear Wendy

    I’m really sorry to hear about the teacher/school staff deaths, Helen. We lost a teacher at my kids’ school in March – the first teacher in NYC to die of covid – and it was such a shock and a heartbreak for the community. I’ve been so concerned about teachers since the school year started and now especially so as cases across the country skyrocket and we have this new, much more contagious, variant spreading. I don’t know what to do but to express condolences and hope your community doesn’t experience more school-related covid deaths.

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    Lockdowns are challenging but we could have had a singular government response to this in which

    1. The threat was treated as reality instead of a hoax
    2. The early victims were Americans and not “blue states”
    3. There was a coordinated effort to get supplies purchased at the lowest cost and sent to those who needed them most urgently
    4. Reminders were sent from every corner that “We’re in this together and we’re going to deal with this together” as in
    a. GOOD patriotic Americans stay home and protect others (unless there is some necessary BLM protesting needed)
    b. Good patriotic Americans wear masks
    c. The American government is going to step in and make sure good patriotic Americans have enough so they can live during this challenging time instead of giving the money to people who already have a lot of money

    But you know… hindsight and stuff. Hey! I guess hindsight really is 2020 now. I’m on a roll.

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    I have a team member who’s 7 months pregnant and she and her husband and toddler have now apparently gotten Covid from their nanny, who is really sick.

    My other co-worker’s MIL who’s in a facility for Parkinson’s and dementia now has it too.

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    I just feel like there simply is no light at the end of this tunnel. 2021 will be even worse for everyone.

    Everyone except the Trumps and the 1%.

    Yeah… Just wait. All those fuckers will not only be fine… they’ll be better than ever.


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    We had pretty massive lockdowns here and most state borders are closed to prevent movement in between them. I think the biggest difference though is Australians generally support lockdowns and govt orders in order to mitigate the virus. America hasn’t just had the virus to contend with they’ve had massive disinformation campaigns often run by members of its own government.

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    Today alone I have learned that two of my favorite and iconic gay bars along with another of my favorite restaurants have all closed —permanently. (UCB’s giant fabulous theatre/school complex (where I study and perform comedy) also forever shuttered a few weeks ago.)

    The only thing booming in LA are shanty towns.

    Again —- I missed dying from AIDS for this? Everything good is withering away to dust. Only shit shall survive.

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    The next two weeks … I am not one who gets easily scared, but what happened in Pennsylvania today is truly frightening. Trump really ISN’T going to leave the White House, and Rep are — without a doubt — dozens of clandestine schemes ready to go.

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    I think it’s time everybody go buy a gun. And learn how to use it. Not just to simply shoot it. But to actually target things properly, so you easily can fucking hit things. Preferably — in the head.

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    My boyfriend’s COVID results came back negative, which is a relief. Whatever he has, he seems to be on the upswing. I asked how he felt this morning and he said this is the first day since Saturday that he’s woken up with any amount of energy and even wants to go for a walk today.

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    Yay. That’s good news.

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    In today’s distressing COVID news – researchers studying the brains of people who have died of COVID 19 have inflammation of the brain and some brain bleeding.


    In short, they suspect this inflammation is what is causing the loss of smell and the brain fog. And while they haven’t connected the dots yet, I’m thinking it may be the cause of the rare post-COVID psychosis that some have experienced.

    If you’ve gotten COVID it may be worth talking to your doctor about managing blood pressure if it’s on the high side.

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    Glad your bf tested negative, copa!

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