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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    There is no TP anywhere it seems. Bizarre. May parents have a thirty roll pack and I will head home with 6 rolls from that stash.

    An alarmist friend of mine says there may be a nation wide lockdown. Our recent text exchange.

    “There’s a rumor that there will be a national lockdown on Monday for one week. Meaning, no one can go anywhere – not even the store – that’s not an emergency.“

    Me — “WHAT?! Wherever have You heard that?”

    “Thru my preppers group which, they are natural alarmists, so ya have to keep that in mind. But that latest article in The NY Times mentions it as well.”

    Anybody else hear about this? At any rate I am going to stop in 29 Palms at the Desert House to plant some Arizona purchased cacti. If shit hits the fan, I can hunker down there for a week. Provided I can buy supplies. I have no food in LA either as I was planning to be gone for two weeks camping in the California desert…

    But i can move rocks and landscape all week out there to keep busy. Also spray paint patio furniture. It wouldn’t be the worst thing, I guess.

    I have had ALL my Late March / all of April work put on hold — which is Worrying to say the least.

    PS — Anybody who can just happily and so simply work from home has truly no idea how much this mass hysteria will devastate the millions more that don’t have that option. We more to worry about than clever crafting ideas for cranky kiddies. For fuck’s sake, I sure wish my Corona problems could be solved with a few boxes of fucking Legos.


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    I 100% acknowledge my privilege in that staying home isn’t much of a hardship for myself & family. This is going to mean devastation for a lot of people. That’s why I’m vowing to not leave my house for 2 weeks, after which I’ll reassess.
    My dad, on the other hand, totally believes this is a democratic scam to get trump because impeachment didn’t work. He attends AA meetings daily with other like minded people. He’s there right now holding hands with 40 other people to own the libs. My has COPD and has been on oxygen for a decade. She’s as high risk as they come & my dad is going to fucking kill her. To say I’m infuriated is an understatement

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    Avatar photogigi

    My brother is the director of the emergency department in MD. He has been warning me about this for 8 weeks so I did stock up well in advance. He says within 2 weeks we will be Italy. He dreads having to choose who will live & die. The older physicians are retiring early to avoid this & the exposure. I keep hoping he is wrong, but his timeline & predictions so far have been dead on. Needless to say, my anxiety levels have been through the roof this week.i started pushing my employer to set us all up to work from home if needed & finally this week they are working on it, but they don’t have enough laptops for everyone, nor cell phones. I’m willing to use my own but so far haven’t been successful in getting my personal laptop to connect. My daughter is coming home from college today & has been in TX on spring break so I’m worried about what she’s been exposed to & bringing home. It’s overwhelming. I’m cleaning like crazy (my form of self care ha ha) & don’t mind being at home where it feels “safe”. It’s just hard to sleep & eat, worrying about $ & the economy, good grief! If there is something to worry about, rest assured my brain will think of it all night long. It’s hard to put the anxiety down when I’m worried about all the people I love. I’m going to try some meditation apps this afternoon & do some writing to get it all out of my head & onto paper.

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    “ PS — Anybody who can just happily and so simply work from home has truly no idea how much this mass hysteria will devastate the millions more that don’t have that option”

    Uh yeah we do, because we’ve been paying attention and are well aware of who’s getting laid off, getting their food stamps cut, have no sick leave, are hourly/gig, etc. We had been hearing about what the impact would be on these people and were concerned while you were calling us silly and hysterical. Stuff it.

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    We have beer, wine, white claw, edibles, Xanax, Valium, Purell, vitamins, cold& flu meds, tissues, Tylenol, gauze, Lysol, and alcohol prep wipes.

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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    Really? The working poor will literally LOSE everything, their jobs, their savings, god knows what else etc… Meanwhile… people in here are worrying about entertaining bored children and expressing profound relief that their doggie daycares are open.

    Somehow, gee… I dunno, it all strikes me as rather tone deaf. Oh, but how wonderful some of you have plenty of Merlot and pharmaceuticals.

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    Yeah, it is nice to be prepared. Thank you.

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    Meanwhile, I’m hourly and my husband sells fucking boats.

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    “He attends AA meetings daily with other like minded people. He’s there right now holding hands with 40 other people to own the libs.”

    AA has absolutely nothing to do with “owning the libs.” Nothing. Political conversations are not allowed there.

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    Yeah. That was a rather curious slur on AA. Talk about unfounded.

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    Feel free to get on me about my tone-deaf shit, I don’t care, and it may indeed be tone deaf, BUT, I got a wax today and the lady said everyone had been canceling. I got a manicure. I got my weekly wash and blow dry. Doggie day care stays open, people get paid. My dog was the only one in the self-service dog wash getting a bath today. I am also happy to share my wet wipes and TP and chicken breasts with the neighbors if we get locked in this building. We’re already bringing shit to Frank on the 3rd floor, and it’ll be a big commune in here if it comes down to it.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Hey Mark, it might be good for your mental health to step away from the internet or at least this site for a bit? I get that you’re infuriated that people who are following the news are scared and that all the hysteria is disrupting your life in really big ways and you’re worried.

    I don’t want to argue about why the aggressive life changes being implemented are justified and really necessary And that no one takes any of this lightly or is clueless about the impact all of this is going to have on the most vulnerable among us – financially vulnerable and physically vulnerable. So if you want to argue, please go elsewhere for that. Or else let’s agree to disagree and hope to God in two weeks you can tell us all you told us so – the hysteria was ridiculous after all and totally unwarranted because this was no big deal because so few people died.

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