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    I’m one of the long haulers @LisforLeslie mentions above. (I haven’t posted in a VERY long time because I’ve been so sick.) mid 40s female in Ca. Got the first moderna shot. It was brutal, which made me happy. Like having another bout of covid again. There’s some evidence that long haulers recover after the shots at a rate of 30-50%. The ones who do recover have a hard reaction. It’s been 12 days and I actually hold a coffee cup today. That’s a huge improvement.

    I had moderna. I’ll always have some stuff, like the asthma and neuropathy, but maybe I can think again. And then I’ll be able to work. I’m hopeful for the first time in a very long time.

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    @alafair – that’s good news – is the asthma and neuropathy a result of COVID or did you have it before? Neuropathy is likely part of the inflammatory response (a lot of people who go through chemo experience neuropathy).

    Are you seeing anyone long term who is part of the ongoing LH studies? I highly recommend getting connected to the LH community so that you become more aware of available trials for additional treatments (both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical). http://www.clinicaltrials.gov for more info.

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    I got my first Pfizer vaccine last week. No symptoms beyond a sore arm although I got hit with heavy fatigue the following night. Couldn’t even feel the needle go in! Looking forward to getting my second dose in a few weeks. My parents, grandmother, and in-laws have all been able to get their vaccines too. Some of my friends are trying to sign up for the extra vaccine doses in hopes that the local pharmacy has extra at the end of the day.

    Several of my girlfriends are expecting and while some are holding off on getting the vaccine, some have already received a dose. One unfortunately caught covid…didn’t need the hospital but she was quite ill. I just hope she doesn’t develop any pregnancy complications as a result.

    My understanding is that if you had covid, you will have to hold off on getting a vaccine for at least 90 days tho I know of people holding off indefinitely because of their naturally developed antibodies from recent infection. If you get sick, however, inbetween vaccine doses, people are being advised to stick with their designated vaccine schedule unless it conflicts with quarantine time.

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    Dear Wendy

    Leslie, thanks for the head’s up. A blood clot didn’t even occur to me. I’ll get it checked out soon!

    Alafair, I hope you see continued improvement in your lingering symptoms. I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering.

    bondgirl, good luck to your friends! I’ve read that the most common pregnancy complication from covid is increased risk of preterm birth, and that that is most common in severe cases (those with mild cases do not seem to be at an increased risk for any complications).

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    Much milder side effects from my second Pfizer shot, consistent with what I have read about people with previous infection getting their boost from their first shot. Now I just need my all of my friends and community to get vaccinated so we can go back to normal.

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    Just got my first Pfizer shot. Too early to know if I’ll have any side effects from the first dose, but I, too, didn’t even feel the needle go in. I went to one of the mass sites run by the National Guard and while they could’ve explained things a bit more, it was very efficient. The second appointment was set up automatically while I was there. I was in and out in about 30 minutes.

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    Wendy: your odd taser symptom is probably nothing —- but I’d get it checked out.

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    My friend sent me this It is a professor that Dr Fauci has referenced a few times now They have two other videos of him answering questions regarding COVID and the vaccines.

    He is a prof of Immunology. If you guys are on the up and up and this is old news, my bad 😛 With grad school I feel like I am a tad behind on high profile people with experts circulating through N America right now.

    I ended up unfollowing someone on my IG last night. I don’t know them personally but was following as we were both into endurance training and was following her workouts/races when we lived in the same city area a couple years ago. Unfortunately since COVID she has repeatedly shared stories that are directly from various Trump social media, or just general wack job posts. Last nights was her criticizing us not spending more money on poverty/hunger issues over COVID, because apparently COVID is a rich person disease. I just had it after that, among the others she posted that day in similar themes. I had called her out a number of times for these but she always had some reason here or there, but the ignorance was just appalling. My feed is now a little cleaner.

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    @LisforLeslie – The nueropathy, asthma and other stuff was a covid “gift”. I also have autonomic neuropathy I think it’s called? Ptetty much everything is out of whack. I sweat when I eat now, which is fun. And exercise knocks me out.

    The exhaustion is the worst though. My son says I sleep like a cat now. Doc says in addition to everything else I meet the definitions for ME/CFS. I guess an infection can kick that off? I had no idea.

    Today I have a lot less
    I’ve connected to the long-haul communities. It’s really helpful. The fibro communities are depressing though – they are full of antivaxxers.

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    @alafair, these doctors that I’ve been following claim to have identified an immune signature for long haulers and an effective drug treatment regimen. It might be worth exploring.


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    @alafair – seriously consider checking out the trials that are in your area. I found 145 in New York State. Most are prevention/active infection treatment but there are ones to monitor post COVID issues and potential treatments.

    You can filter by not yet recruiting/active recruiting, gender and age and then click on the map tab to select your country/state or region.

    Each trial has details about what the tests will be (nasal swabs, blood, poop), the time frame and other information.

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    I’m in WA and 34 yrs old and got an alert from my doctor office app a couple weeks ago to schedule the vaccine and it was sooo easy. Compare that to me still trying to find a covid vaccine location near my grandmother in north California. She doesn’t drive much and only wants to go to one specific CVS so i refresh the page every morning but so far no luck.

    I truly believe there are tons of elderly people falling through the cracks because they don’t use/understand modern technology. I mean i got the alert on my smart phone via my doctor’s app, my grandmother barely has the internet and doesn’t know how to use it. I just keep trying and have my fingers crossed.

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