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    We are having a summer pilot for fully vaccinated people, no masks or social distancing required. But not in Boston HQ, at other locations. And no word on anything after that.

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    Our company is going to be a mess. Each of our offices is following state guidelines; however, our larger urban offices have 5+ different operating groups in them. Each group and different managers will have different requirements. So, there might be one group that is asked to come in full time. Another might be only a couple days a week or never. Some people will likely be upset. Hopefully individuals can work it out w/ their manager. It unfortunately won’t be a one size fits all.

    My group will be an as-needed basis and then maybe eventually 1-2 days a week.

    EDT: Smaller offices within our company have more of a family like atmosphere and have a sense of togetherness. Like, I traveled to Cleveland for work a while ago and they’ll do Friday cookouts. Chicago is more like an every man for himself. It will really affect our Chicago, New York and LA offices and then maybe a small handful of others.

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    My company is also giving employees who provide proof of vaccination a small amount of money. Not sure how common this is.

    I’m fine staying home a bit longer even though I’m not a fan of full-time WFH, but I’m bored/frustrated of our town hall meetings in which they really don’t say much of anything. They keep saying they’re working on a formal WFH policy, but I don’t understand why this is taking so long to decide and tell us what that’ll look like. We’re not a big company.

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    LA is really opening up. And that’s great. Buy I remain pretty despondent over my now dead career. Only this morning I turned down a production design gig — where at that last minute they slashed my already shitty rate to 175 a day (down a hundred bucks!) which is barely minimum wage for it would be for a minimum 12 hour day. (With much additional time off the clock. And they said others were “donating” prep days.)

    Um, no. Sorry. Fuck that.

    NEWSFLASH: the skill set and the stress level of that job — managing a department while designing and executing the look of a film… is simply NOT a minimum wage gig. Hell, it’s even a fucking above the title position. I am not running some non-profit where I kill myself on a shitty movie for basically nothing. End of rant.

    The realization that I am so fucking worthless on the open market fills me with a rage that few will never experience, I hope. The future looks mighty bleak. Trying to remain optimistic. But kinda not feeling it at all.

    My goal of ever buying a house in the desert slips more and more away with each passing day. I dunno. Everything seems so impossible. OUt of reach.

    In other hilarious COVID19 news my health insurance has now refused to pay for my vaccination. Twice! Meaning I just lost my appeal to have them pay for it. This amuses me to no end as when I called them to argue over this (Both times!) the outgoing please wait message was all about how one should be sure to get their shot as Molina covers it and blah blah blah.

    I won’t ever get a bill. At least I hope not, all research thus far says I won’t. But seriously? How fucking shady. Molina sucks. They claim the vaccination center used the wrong form to bill them. Whatever. Just shady.

    At this point, the only thing I have left is my dark sense of humor. Which is also — frankly, utterly worthless on the open market.

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    I work for a large defense contractor in Florida, and starting June 1, if you are fully vaccinated (we have to log it into our internal system that we are), no mask is required indoors or outdoors and no social distancing is required. However, nothing else is changing, which means conference rooms will still be a limited capacity.

    This no mask update is being flowed to our customers and contractors as well, but they have to go into our visitor system and update their vaccination status.

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    Do you have to upload your vaccine card, or just say you were vaccinated? I worry about people who won’t get vaccinated OR wear a mask so they’ll just lie and say they were vaccinated and come into the office like tra-la—la.

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    From a focus group on people refusing to take the vaccine.


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    (second image, regarding the vaccine cards)

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    Not surprising. I had a friend who became an antivaxxer and anti-masker and Covid truther. At the beginning of the pandemic we would still text now and then, and she was telling me that the media was to blame, deaths were over-reported, blah blah blah, and she and her hubby refused to wear masks in the supermarket. She said you can just say you have a disability and they’re not allowed to ask you what it is because Hippa. ? They had printed out these dumb fake cards that said they were exempt from wearing masks. She said she would never ever go back to the office if she had to wear a mask. Oh, she also used a fake religious exemption for her kids’ daycare before the pandemic. So yeah, she 10/10 would get a fake vaccine card. That said, I believe some of her co-workers must know she’s an anti-vaxxer and a total psycho, so it might be hard for her to get away with saying she got vaxxed.

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    We’re going to see a lot more of this. And I hope people are named and shamed.

    Companies, institutions and other places can require proof of vaccination.
    They can not demand you be vaccinated, but they can refuse you access if you have not been vaccinated.

    Who Has a Right to Ask if You’re Vaccinated? (uofmhealth.org)


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    Yeah, there is not a HIPAA privacy thing going on here. I seriously hope they get fired if they lie / forge vaccination records. These folks do not appreciate that we’re in a *public health* emergency and it’s not just about them and their family.

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    We are starting no-masks on June first as well (for those that show proof to HR/Safety). There will be a list to supervisors of individuals not required to wear a mask as part of their PPE. everyone else must still wear a mask. So, we’re not denying you a job, just a different set of PPE is required.

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