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    I think there are people that are crazy whackadooodle anti-vaxxers that believe the vaccines are the government putting chips in us, and then people who are hesitant about the vaccine, and its not helpful to paint everyone that’s chosen not to get vaccinated yet with a broad brush.

    There are plenty of people that worry about the long term impact of these vaccines, that they are a new technology and think they were rushed and we don’t know what they’ll do to our bodies in 5,10 years. These people may also think that their personal risk of getting COVID is low, that they believe it was a dangerous disease for many but think they are healthy enough they won’t end up severely sick, dead, or as a long-hauler. The fear the unknown risks of the vaccine seem greater than the known risks of them getting the virus. That, plus the fact that they think people that are at risk for serious illness have had plenty of time to get vaccinated and protected, and all those beliefs culminate in the sense that they don’t need the vaccine’s protection it’s now an individual choice.

    I’m not saying they’re right, I’m just saying it’s how they view things.

    The anti-vaxxers are beyond help. The vaccine hesitant are also a hard nut to crack (they’ve seen 6 months worth of evidence of the vaccines not being terrible, but they are more focused on the long term what ifs), but they might still be reachable.

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    BGM you are possibly right,I was truly shocked at some of the stuff that was shared, supporting trump is definitely racist and I also saw many transphobic posts. It was horrible realising that these traits had been lurking underneath the surface of people I know and who I thought were basically decent. ele4phant I agree, some sections of society do have reasons to mistrust vaccinations due to historical events and that is very different.

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    I realize there’s a difference between hesitant and anti-vaxx, and I’m specifically talking about anti-vaxx. They actually use some of those same arguments, like there’s absolutely no risk to them because they’re healthy. THEY eat wonderful healthy food, and everyone else stuffs their faces with junk. So THEY have natural immunity, which is a million times better than vaxxed immunity, and also lasts forever. Anyone who died, didn’t die of covid, they died because they’re a fat unhealthy shit, or an old bag. Also, the vaccine is experimental gene therapy, which is going to kill everyone who got it, or at least make them really sick.

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    agree Kate it’s actually so ableist. They say only the immunocompromised and those with underlying health conditions and the elderly will die, (this includes not only probably me but also most of my very favourite humans) — so why should they care. I’m shocked to the core at the selfishness.I’ve become detached from several peripheral friends, and possibly about to become estranged from two closer and one very close relative (hopefully she can be saved ) Sometimes I am very glad to be a bit of a hermit.

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    Yeah I’m always thrilled when I read that they’re quite happy to throw me to the wolves. These days surely I’m worth more to society than they are lol.

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    Ontario goes into stage 3 next week! Indoor dining with no restrictions other than distancing. We still have a mask mandate but other provinces are dropping theirs.

    Have you guys stopped wearing your masks
    indoors now that it’s been some time since you didn’t have to?

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    Hfantods Where I live maybe 60% of the population wore masks at the height of the pandemic. School started on time f2f no masks required. Deep South state. I’m fully vaxxed & so is my entire family (except my young kids) So I’ve stopped wearing masks, for now. If the CDC says we need to put it back on because of the Delta variant I will. Nobody but employees wear masks around here anymore

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    I only wear my mask if the business specifically requires it (fully vaxxed), but it’s also summertime in Chicago so I am outside as much as possible. At my workplace, we are able to be maskless with proof of vaccination. so there are several people that are still wearing masks when not at their desks.

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    I think once I make a switch to no mask it’ll be like I never wore one lol. I am fully vaxxed and will have to trust that we are safe without masks. When meeting clients I might still want to wear one for the time being.

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    I’ve been on the no mask / fully vaxed train for several weeks. But suddenly, more and more people are one again wearing masks everywhere I go… So I have been redonning them. Suddenly, masks are back in a big way in much of LA. Not sure why. Exactly. I thought it might be just me. But several other friends have mentioned the same thing all around town.

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    Also fully vaxxed. I mostly don’t wear a mask at this point, but have one on me when I go out in case a business has a sign up or the situation warrants it.

    I resume in-person therapy next week and am not sure if that’s a clinical setting that would require a mask. I’m fine either way. Glad we’ll be face-to-face again since teletherapy was no ideal.

    It’s looking likely that my office will begin a hybrid in-person/WFH schedule in September, though it’s still definite. The plan is to see how things go at our HQ before bringing the employees in the regional city office back. I’ve been on transit a handful of times since COVID started, though not often, so I don’t know what rush hour is like.

    Last summer, a coworker pushed her wedding out by 4-5 months. Well, the original venue ended up telling her she’d have to postpone again. Instead of doing so, she basically re-planned her entire wedding on short notice at a new venue that would let her max out her guest list to the extent possible under the guidelines that were in place at the time. She’s now citing all kinds of return to work safety concerns that didn’t seem to concern her whatsoever when it came to her wedding, so I’ve had a hard time taking her seriously and think she just wants to stay remote indefinitely.

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    I really don’t get the big deal. Hell, I was on one call and one of my peers was like “Hey, I’m going to take this meeting on my exercise bike.” No one cares. It’s like taking a meeting while picking up your kids (happens all the time) or running to the doctor (also happens all the time).

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