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    Fyodor: I, too, am puzzled by the recent CDC tactics. It’s confusing and makes it rather clear that few there knows what the fuck they are doing. They are making this whole booster thing needlessly confusing and contradictory.

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    Dr. Fauci did say during our NIH town hall that the data from Israel indicate the booster does indeed reduce the chance of infection/transmission, as well as the risk of hospitalization/death, and for that reason his opinion was that everyone should eventually get a booster. (I know some folks here are Fauci skeptics- just reporting what I heard!) Obviously the FDA/WHO came down on it differently, which does make some sense in a world where there is a finite number of doses. But the unused doses down at my CVS aren’t going to be shipped to another country if I don’t get one, you know?

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    @Kate, something like a 90 percent reduced chance relative to 2 dose recipients.


    “The results of the full Poisson regression analysis for confirmed infection and severe illness are provided in Tables S1 and S2, respectively, and are summarized in Table 2. The rate of confirmed infection was lower in the booster group than in the nonbooster group by a factor of 11.3 (95% confidence interval [CI], 10.4 to 12.3). ”

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    Ok, and this is among people 60+. That’s good news.

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    BGM they don’t want to admit that anything is working less well than hoped with the vaccines because they don’t want to discourage marginal people from getting vaccinated so they’ve just switched to saying “the vaccines were never *really* supposed to protect against infection just hospitalization and if you believed otherwise because of what we told you five minutes ago you’re a fucking moron”

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    The frustration with anti vax and mask people is increasing where I live,in an area of Canada with rates of infection high and serious cases clogging the hospitals. Death rate high.
    My husband and a friend both desperately need surgery and all but the most urgent/emergency procedures are on hold indefinitely.
    I own a business and am fully vaccinated and am following all the laws, mandates etc. However there are some eateries near me that are owned by conspiracy theory and “freedom” nuts. These clowns are bragging about breaking the rules. . “Come eat here, no mask or vax required.” They don’t believe in “discrimination”! I am sure they be get fined and /or shut down soon I hope.
    The scariest part is how many people are supporting them and patronizing their restaurant. They are even taking their children. Idiot people that think news on overwhelmed hospitals and un-vaxxed people dying is fake. Some health care workers/nurses report testing some sick people for covid and telling them have tested positive. Then the sick person says “No, that is not possible because Covid is not real,it is a myth etc.”
    So wrong and irresponsible, and mocking those whom are following rules for the health and safety of everyone and so we can get out of this nightmare.

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    I have considered lying and trying to get another shot. But I know I won’t do that. I will take a booster any day they want to give it to me. The way my health has been this year, I’ll take all the vaccines.

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    I don’t know if you guys have seen it yet but over here in Aus we’ve been inundated with ill informed Yanks telling us we’re living in a totalitarian state where kids are being rounded up into stadiums and vaccinated by force and police are out there shooting people who aren’t wearing masks outside. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks online I tell you that much. The callous side of me thinks the disinformation campaign has been a really nice distraction from how bad things still are over there but I’m not expert.

    Anyway, take it from this Aussie who lives in one of those supposedly totalitarian states that it’s not that bad at all and it’s not because we ‘gave up our guns’. Murica!

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    @anonymousse the CDC list of qualifying conditions is very long and includes things like high blood pressure.

    The rite aid questionnaire is very vague and just asks if you have “an underlying medical condition” so I don’t know that you would really need to lie. And it’s not like March when you would be taking doses from someone.

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    I’m sorry @peggy. I hope your loved ones get the surgery they need. It disgusts me that restaurants are openly not abiding by vaccine passports.

    Dr. Fauci’s comment about how it’s too soon to see for Christmas gatherings made me realize that my family is doing Canadian Thanksgiving pretty much normally. I don’t know the rules on private gatherings anymore. We are all vaccinated except for my niece. I have probably been more rule abiding than my family. I’m so tired. Yes we should be vigilant but still. Also I feel Ontario is actually doing ok.

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    I don’t think it’s possible to teach 330 million people how vaccines actually work. That said, all of the powers out there did a piss poor job of helping people understand anything about vaccines.

    The powers that be should have described vaccinations in terms these idiots could understand: buying guns to protect your home from invaders. Then people would have gotten on board. Can’t hear a burglar come through the front door and run out and buy a gun at that point, you need your gun already in your nightstand, fully loaded and ready to shoot people. Yeah, they might still punch you, or take your antique clock, but you’ll defeat them and come out a little bruised, but not dead.

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    Miss MJ

    @LisforLeslie, that is a sad, but true, depiction of most of the vaccine holdouts I am seeing.

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