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    Also, I’ve never seen the type of rats y’all are talking about. I’ve been to Chicago and LA but never saw any. I’m kind of glad about that though. My neighbor back in Arkansas had pet rats but I think those are different than the “wild” rats that live in the cities. The pet ones were slightly bigger than a hamster but smaller than a guinea pig. Smart too.

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    I recently got a job at a non-profit that’s pretty much returned to office. Vaccines aren’t mandated, though the powers that be seemed relieved when I mentioned being vaccinated during my interview. Masks, happily, are required in all public workspaces (you can take them off in your own office). Plus, since we own the building and lease some office space out to an organization that provides Covid testing, all employees get weekly, mandatory Covid-testing. I did learn that I don’t seem to produce as much spit as normal people do (the test is spit-based, no q-tips up noses), and that’s annoying, but it’s a small price to pay for safety. I’m SO happy to be out of the house and in the world again. My mental health is shaky at best, and during these times, I wasn’t doing very well.

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    That’s great, @allornone. My mental/emotional health has gone through ups and downs during COVID. If being back in an office setting (and feeling safe in doing so) is better for yours, I’m glad to hear you’re back.

    My company was talking about returning to the office. In July, September was the target for a hybrid return. That plan flew out the window and upper management said they’d resume the discussion in September. As far as I know, this has not happened and I’m frustrated. I’d ideally like to be back on a flexible schedule. I finally got a desk and office chair a few months ago, which has helped a bit, but my “office” is in our bedroom and it’s still not a great experience. The desk is small, but this was really the only good space we had available, and I feel cramped. I can tell my mental/emotional health is slipping a bit again and doing what I can to keep it at bay. Our winter permacloud situation seems to have settled in early and it’s offensively warm/humid still for October, none of which has been helping.

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    Congrats @allornone! That’s great you get free testing too. It costs about $40 CAD to do non symptomatic testing and I wish it were more available for the piece of mind.

    Ugh it’s been so humid here too @copa. I don’t want to turn on the AC out of principle but it’s just so warm.

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    So they had the Head of the Charles regatta again and my husband won his event. He and his buddy have won gold 4/5x they rowed this double.

    Also, Revlon Rum Raisin lipstick! It’s been around a LONG time, I definitely wore it in the 90s, and I like it better than Black Honey on me.

    And finally. My friend texted me that she was watching this old-timey movie (the house on haunted hill) last night while waiting for her husband to finish work, and this lady looks just like me. Or vice versa. This actress really is my 50s twinsy for real, except I don’t have a mullet.


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    If you’re going to forgo the mullet at least adopt the croissant fringe, it’s timeless.

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    Oh I have that.

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    Croissant fringe, yum.

    I’m getting my booster AND my flu vaccine next week. I’m excited.

    These are not the things I thought I’d be excited about in my life right now, but I’ll take it.

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    So, last Thursday, the CDC recommended that those of us, over age 18, who received the single-dose Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine, should go get a booster, and they said that we can get any of the three types of boosters– Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. I was one of the people with the J&J single-dose vaccine, so I have a booster tomorrow, which happens to be Pfizer, which was available. BGM (and anyone else who got J&J) are you getting the booster– and which will will choose?

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    We (the husband and I) got JJ. I (we)haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet or when. Need to do a little more research first.

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    I’m planning on a booster and I’m hoping to mix it up and get Moderna. I also need to get my flu shot, I usually get my flu shot from my GP.

    I also have been thinking about the shingles shot – now that I qualify. I had chicken pox when I was 13, so later than most folks. But I would really like to avoid shingles.

    I just love me some vaccines!

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    When my husband had the flu shot and shingles shot at the same time last year or earlier this year, it really beat him up. Not sure if you want to just get it all over with or stagger it. I’d probably do both at once, but plan to be down for a day.

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