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    Desert BGM is, in fact, the bomb.

    Me? at this point, I wish the Coronavirus would just take me already.

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    I’ve been completely isolated in my bedroom since last Wednesday. Coughing my lungs out. Trying to catch my breath. I can’t see my kids. I can’t touch my children. None of us are supposed to leave the house for two weeks even for essentials because I am considered positive. I don’t really even know what recovery looks like. There is not much information about what to do when you’re feeling better. I can’t order groceries to be delivered because everyone is ordering grocery delivery right now. We have enough groceries for now. It’d just be nice to get some more cough drops.

    There are positive things- no one else is sick yet. I’m am safe, in my bedroom, in my home. I’d hate to be in a hospital, alone and surrounded by the sick right now.

    I also love the desert BGM posts. Keep ‘em coming. When I lived in WA, I made a bunch of feeders. I’d keep the nectar freshly made in the refrigerator. Hummingbirds live there year round. We’d keep the feeders from freezing in winter temps with Christmas lights.

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    Love Love Love Desert BGM!

    @aonymousse.. i hope you’re on the mend soon. 🙁

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    @anonymousse – I’ve heard that you’ll know as soon as you’re better – it’s like day 12: still feel like crap day 13: Feeling Fine! But what I don’t know is if you’re still a carrier when you’re feeling better.

    I hope you feel better soon. And remember – if you can’t breathe – GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

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    It’s weird because I do wake up feeling good. But then it gradually starts. And the thing is, when is it safe to be around me? That’s what I’m curious about. The doctor told me that it was likely that everyone had been exposed in my house, but my husband and I made the choice to act like they hadn’t and be super careful and see what happened. Because before this, we were very careful. So far, they are all okay.

    Stay safe, everybody.

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    Anonymousse: Hope you feel better soon! Be sure to really pay attention to your breathing, etc. Holding good thoughts for you and your family.

    PS: fascinating anecdote of yours about such a clever use use of Christmas lights! And how pretty those feeders must have looked, too! All lit up on cold nights! Having survived many a Lifetime Christmas movie, I can so see that working so long as one avoids LED lights —- as you surely did! How interesting that hummingbirds stay in Washington thru winters! I simply did not imagine they’d ever do that! They always fled Fargo right quick when I was growing up. (Surprise, surprise. 😉 )

    I couldn’t fall asleep last night. (No biggie. It happens.) And so — I in the dead of night — I walked along the main road to scavenge medium sized rocks from the soft shoulder to line the low, crumbling retaining wall in the back yard.

    This… is a fairly tedious process. I use a heavy, canvas grocery bag — which I fill and then lug back to the house. Which gets further further away each trip. Whew. All in all, I hauled 6 heavy sacks. About thirty rocks. Or ten feet of lined wall. Still another 20 feet to go.

    This sounds grueling. And in some ways — it truly is. Why not use the car? Eh… so loud, noisy, and obnoxious in the dark. Besides there is something magical about being all alone in the desert in the night. The moon was low and setting, the stars and Venus bright. The sky — pretty clear.

    Coyotes were out somewhere, loud. And numerous. On the hunt. I have no fear of Coyotes. This is their domain, not mine. I am just happy to share it for a while.

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    I hope you’re better soon anonamousse!! I was the same way, fine in the morning then hit a wall at noon. I’m actually in the er right now. Shortness of breath got to the point where my husband was worried. I’ve apologized to everyone here for bringing it in. They’re rationing supplies. Not doing bloodwork because I said I didn’t think I was dehydrated. I’ve never been to the er without getting bloodwork. Only the dr had on a full set of gear. That she didn’t trash when she left the room. Xray guy said they were running out of stuff. I’m wearing the mask my husband wore a week ago when he had to come in. Waiting on the chest xray to come back

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    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. And Helen, I truly hope you get better soon.

    The testing thing is nuts. My cousin works at hospital in Philly. He was directly exposed to an asymptomatic carrier who tested positive. (I’m pretty sure that’s where I got it, too.) They will not test him. He’s coughing and sounds exactly like I do, but even he is not essential enough/sick enough to be tested. It’s confusing and weird.

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    Mark, your desert adventures sound magical.

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    The whole testing fiasco is pathetic. None of this would be happening if we had an even vaguely competent President.

    Hang in there, Helen.

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    BGM, you sound so zen.

    My well wishes are with everyone here. I hope that you and your families stay healthy and safe.

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    Methinks BGM should relocate to the desert and open his own landscaping/xeriscaping/decorating business. 😉
    Helen and Anonymousse, I hope you both feel better really soon.

    I feel so annoyed with my work. I’m working at home, which I feel fortunate to be able to do. But everyone is expecting things to just happen like they would at the office. Um, no? I’m also scheduled for 48 billing hours a week until end of May. So I’m basically over here stressing because of all of the things I have to get done. But like, there’s a pandemic happening? My brain feels like oatmeal. I just want to go outside and pull weeds and listen to the birds in the yard.

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