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    @lucidity, i’m really really sorry that your hospital has that rule. When I gave birth last year (november) in the middle of wave 2, the birthing mother was allowed to remove hers once her test came back negative. Everyone else in the room wear’s one, but it’s not exciting to think about especially in the throws of childbirth.
    I’m hoping they will reconsider once it’s your time. Are there any other birthing centers you can go to?

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    We are going to my husband’s sister’s for dinner on Friday, maybe. I basically had a panic attack about that and a hundred other things this morning. I don’t want to see his cruel and rude very boozy sister, I’m terrified she’ll say something to me and I’ll lose it.

    After I flipped out about that this morning, my husband just texted and told me she’s not even coming to dinner. ? Ugh.

    And for some reason, I let my husband go ahead a plan a party for my six year old whose birthday is usually either day/day before of thanksgiving. She’s never really had a birthday party with friends. We went to the movies with 2-3 kids once. But now I feel like a total asshole for agreeing to this and hosting it, (small group that are around each other, same class at school, masked, etc) I still feel like a huge jerk. And if I cancel, I am the ultimate asshole parent to my poor daughter who keeps having every happy thing she wants to do canceled.

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    Miss MJ

    Oh, my goodness. Masking while giving birth sounds absolutely dreadful. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to make several hospital visits since the vaccines came out and none of the vaccinated patients had to wear masks. Staff and visitors did, though. Hopefully that policy will change.

    We’re going to my parent in-laws for the holiday and the sib in-laws will also be there. We’re not doing tests, but everyone is vaccinated, fortunately (I wouldn’t go if they weren’t!). That said, I’m going to visit my immunocompromised and vaccinated mother before the holiday, not after, just in case.

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    How accessible are rapid tests? I’d say they aren’t as prevalent here at least in my bubble. They are $40 CAD.

    That is so frustrating Wendy. It must be a control thing too.

    I’m sorry lucidity. You are being reasonable! What province are you in? I can’t believe (well, I can) people are using fake passports. I was excited to go back to the gym. I wish they would mandate QR codes and help people without smart phones.

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    They’re always in stock near me, and we keep a box or two on hand. I test if I feel like I have any symptoms, and my husband tests when he gets back from a trip. They’re definitely not $40 per test, not sure how much since I don’t do the shopping. No one has asked me to test before getting together, but if they did, and I wanted to go enough, I would do it.

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    The at-home tests were a hot ticket item around my area in August, which I only know because I had to go to several stores to find some in stock when we suspected my boyfriend had breakthrough COVID. That’s what I used to self-monitor and now we keep a box on hand. Our neighbor is a pharmacist and said they couldn’t keep then on shelves around that time. I believe I paid about $25/box and each box has two tests, not sure if pricing has changed at all since then or if they’re easier to find in stock. We are lucky in that we can easily afford this as needed and can continue to buy a new box after we finishing one, but I’m sure it adds up for plenty of people.

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    It’s all about choices and risk/reward. For your relatives, they aren’t willing to risk a positive test that removes the reward (spending time with family, turkey, stuffing, pie).

    Your family is not willing to accept higher risk and so you’re willing to revise the reward.

    For me, the risk/reward equation is that staying home is my reward and I don’t feel like risking that so I’m telling everyone that I don’t want to get anyone sick. Which is true, but I also just don’t feel like travelling and I prefer being alone.

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    Dear Wendy

    They actually aren’t even my relatives; they’re my brother-in-law’s wife’s relatives. So yeah, the reward (sitting in traffic for hours and spending all day with them) wasn’t worth the risk to us, and the risk to them – whatever risk taking a test presents – wasn’t worth the reward of our glowing company. That’s fine. We’ll wait til the kids are fully vaccinated in a couple weeks and go see just my brother-in-law’s immediate family (including my kids’ cousins) without the holiday traffic or the extra people, and the four of us will have a quiet thanksgiving at home that I’ll enjoy cooking for. I’m totally fine with this!

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    @hfantods, thanks! I got a negative test result! Took two days so had a couple days to fully recover whatever symptoms I had. I seemed to get the worst the first day, then congestion the last two days. But better safe than sorry.

    I am super tempted to send an email to the owner of my gym. I signed on and the guy didn’t take my vaccine info, I brought it up a couple days later when I went back in, but honestly if he forgot mine then I can only imagine how many others he “forgot.” There is a chain gym I was using before that asked you to show and declare your passport and you couldn’t sign in unless it was noted in your file. They seem to be more on it. While the chain has a location in my new town, but it isn’t walkable or as convenient as this one closer to me.

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    I’m in southern IL visiting my fam. It’s the first holiday with them. Fucking nobody is wearing a mask anywhere. It’s like I stepped into another country. I can’t wait to get home.

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    I’m sorry, Ktfran. That really sucks. My sister and close friends are in rural, fairly liberal but still redneck-y VT and nobody wears masks there. Transmission was low but I don’t think it is anymore. It’s crazy we’re coming up on two years of this maskless foolishness.

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    So my boss just went home early saying he doesn’t feel well. The only other member of my team seems to have a sore throat and a cough. We all have our own offices and wear masks in common areas, and I plan to avoid my teammate like the plague, but dang, I don’t like this. I’m hoping my boss isn’t really sick and just went home to avoid physical interaction with my teammate (he’s immunocompromised and VERY careful about exposure).

    Meanwhile, I get my booster shot on Monday. My young niece Athena will be getting her second shot this Thursday. She’s the last to be fully vaccinated in my family, so we are all breathing a sigh of relief.

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