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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    I have to fly to Utah again this weekend as they are filming this off the wall Christmas special I penned for a company there. More details as I am free to announce them.

    It’s been a WILD few weeks.
    And I am fairly happy with the scripts.
    It’s been quite the whirl wind.
    Hopefully, it goes well.

    I plan on getting my booster early next week.

    I have been working two gigs the past few weeks. Production designing one shoot — while writing and rewriting this other thing. I simply can’t get ill at all with even mild side effects.

    This latest variant has me freaked out.

    A friend’s unvaxxed cousin just died of COVID19. THey were 38. Yikes.

    I fear like this will simply never end. And like everybody, I am rather weary of this. It’s maddening.

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    Avatar photohfantods

    Yes, would love to hear about the Christmas special when you’re able @BGM

    Oh a fellow Ontarian, @lucidity! I do wish we could actually mandate the QR code. It’s so easy to fake the other.

    So exciting to hear about boosters on here. They’ve expanded eligibility here to 50 plus, but still need to have six months from the second shot.

    I’m struggling to see when this can be “over”. Until the world is vaccinated variant will still develop.

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    But there’s so little risk, Mark. The probabilities.

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    Can’t wait to hear about the Christmas special @BGM!

    Partner and I are thinking about driving home to see fam the last week of the year but can’t decide…it’s a 12 hour drive (usually we drive straight there the first day and divide the way back into 2 days). The older we get, the harder those long drives seem to get. And driving we don’t see as many people as flying. Even though they are all vaccinated (mostly) the entire state has low vaccination rates so I’m not sure I feel comfortable doing certain things (restaurants, etc). And no one wears masks anywhere there anymore.

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    Oh I loved the ads for this years Food Network Holiday bakeoff – where they riffed on lifetime holiday tropes.

    BGM – I want a Christmas movie that has an accurate representation of holiday trees. I want the ornaments made in 1st grade that are randomly red or green with glitter that continues to flake off 20-30 years later and have no discernable noun descriptor. I want the ones from Grammy and Grampy in the 60’s and 70’s that are a little racist (but just a little). I want the ones that Grammy brought that misspells one of the kid’s names (but just one of several kids).

    I want a tree topper that looks like Dolly Parton with angel wings.

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    I got my booster yesterday and, holy crap, I feel awful. I don’t remember feeling this bad before. I think maybe I feel bad now because I got my flu shot yesterday as well (just now having health insurance kick in), but I’m ridiculously sore and achy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally worth it, and I’ll be so happy in a couple of days when this feeling goes away. But right now, I want to whine.

    And congrats, BGM!

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    Avatar photoMaterialsGirl

    allornone: got my booster friday midday and then spent the evening waffling between shivering and sweating through the sheets. Woke up stiff and sore.

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    MaterialsGirl: That’s pretty much exactly what I’m going through. I guess at least my symptoms are normal, but it still sucks that you had to go through it as well.

    Still, here’s to staying healthy and doing what we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and others safe!

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    Oof that sucks! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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    Im in the office for the first time, wearing slacks. It’s fun! I keep seeing people I only met on Zoom and being like “hi!” I’m trying to use my $10 daily food cash now for a snack. I was too impatient at lunch and paid for my salad myself. It was so wonderful to get a salad bar salad! They do it for you, though. I also got a free box of rapid tests, I guess you can have one per week. There are free T-shirts too and I’m trying to figure out what other free shit. We have to carry a big heavy tracking device at all times. So weird.

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    Omg and there’s lemon basil infused water. Earlier it was cranberry. So nice.

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    My preschooler is in his second two-week -long quarantine in less than a month. Both times another child tested positive for Covid so all the children must quarantine. (Vaccinated teachers can come into the school to lead thirty minute Zoom sessions once daily.) I feel like I’m losing my mind: I’m irritable, snappy, agitated (come on everybody, give me some more synonyms). I take it out on everyone. Thankfully my job is very flexible but it means I’m putting in my hours on nights and weekends, which translates into zero time for myself. My husband is trying to help but I think he’s fed up with how much support I need. He’s tired too, I get it, but I feel like these repeated quarantines are turning me into a monster. The school had a zoom meeting for parents & school leadership to discuss Covid policies and it seems the school system (private preschool) is going beyond the letter of the law. I want to keep my child in the school but I’m dreading possible future quarantines. How are other parents dealing with this? Btw, I’m cery careful about Covid, fully vaccinated myself and hoping to get the booster soon, and as soon as my child is old enough I will get him vaxxed as well.

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