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    @TheLadyE, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Can you get the new, higher unemployment for now? I hope the new job works out. My company put out a new video from the CEO yesterday that said we’re hiring 150 people a week. Hiring is still happening.

    Your boyfriend really shouldn’t visit you. I haven’t seen my parents in 5 or 6 weeks and have no intention of seeing them, even though I do stay home except for dog walks and occasional trips to the store. I just couldn’t feel ok about potentially exposing them, as much as I’d like to go down to the beach for a weekend.

    Try to keep it together for the puppies.

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    Allornone, is there a way for you to get medical advice about quitting drinking? From a substance abuse counselor or something? I know it’s dangerous to just quit cold turkey. A few years ago a young guy in my apartment complex died, and the story was that his PhD professor had told him he needed to get his shit together or [insert whatever consequence here], so he quit cold turkey and tried to ride it out alone and died. Are you getting some care over the phone or video? AA meetings? Please please do.

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    @TheLadyE, if you’re really worried about not getting it, your boyfriend shouldn’t see you unless he quarantines for a full two weeks first (and really doesn’t see anyone else in that time). All it takes is for him to come into contact with one infected person to pass it to you. He could also already have it and be asymptomatic and still pass it to you.

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    When I had the seizure, which the doctors believe was a direct result of withdrawal and me trying to go cold turkey, I was hospitalized. Because of the danger (while not everyone has it that bad, if you actually go into DT, there’s something like a 50% mortality rate if untreated), they put me on a whole bunch of crap right away to ease it. I still don’t know all the pills and IVs they had me on. So physically, I’m through the worst. Now just mentally…

    Thanks again, everyone.

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    Just MaxJustMax

    @allornone – see below link – an entire site dedicated to helping with recovery. Hope it helps.

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    I think I’m doing slightly better today. Coughing slightly less. Still hacking away, though. I had enough energy to clean my bedroom which was very satisfying. Then I ran out of energy.

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    Yesterday I ran out of sparkling water. (Gasp!) And was peeved at myself for NOT picking up more… Later — I rediscovered a small rubber lidded carafe I rescued from a Lifetime shoot. And remembered the power of Sun-Tea. Yay! I love Iced Tea and so it’s my new go-to desert drink after lemon water. (I have enough lemons to last months, I think, as I picked a huge bag at my parents place in Arizona right as the world descended into utter chaos.)

    Embolded by the sudden caffeine rush —- I finally started in on painting all the metal patio furniture. A semi daunting task. A while back, I scored loads of metal, vintage style patio furniture free from a friend who had to empty out her parents home after the death of her father. But yeah. I have 11 chairs, three dining tables, and two side tables to prep, clean, and spray paint. Whew.

    After much debate, we are doing the pieces in the same fun, bold, accent colors that carry through out the interior. Orange. Turquoise. Chartreuse. And mixing and matching a bit. (Think Fiesta Ware place settings.)

    I finished three pieces yesterday and am more than pleased with the results. Never under estimate the power of paint! PS — Painter’s Touch by Rust-Oleum is truly a great product! Excellent coverage. Nice colors too!

    It’s kinda gonna be sorta HOT here today. 82. Blinding sun. Spring in the desert. So I will start in on painting more later. No real rush…

    Right now, I am on the covered back porch watching the birds and a lizard. A cute, tiny, tail-less lizard who must have survived some nasty scrape a while back. He seems fine. This is the third day I’ve seen him. Happy. Content. His tail clearly growing back.

    If only we could all so easily regenerate so quickly. And so completely.

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    you just reminded me of the “lemonwater” song by Guttermouth

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    I was just walking my dog, and Elizabeth Warren came around the corner of my street with Bruce and Bailey. She said hi, and my face got all starstruck fan girl and I was like “Hiiiii,” and she said “what a cutie,” to my dog. I said “Hey, I…” but I couldn’t think what to say. I love you, I voted for you…? She said, “I know,” and I said “yeah, you know,” and that was the whole conversation, lol. She looked real cute in a purple coat and hat.

    I’ve seen her before but not talked to her. Have talked to Bruce a couple times and he’s very nice.

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    Kate, that’s awesome!! I’m going to share it with my mom because she LOVES Elizabeth Warren. I voted for her too. Wish she had gotten the nominination.

    Thanks, everyone, for all your kind words. I’m doing a bit better today. I texted my boyfriend this paragraph last night at like 2am asking for more words of affirmation than usual because I’m struggling and I miss him. (It’s my love language.) Just to read him text that he loves me, he misses me, we’re going to have a fun summer and everything will be ok. He’s usually really good about it and he’s dealing with his own unemployment right now so I told him only if/when he has the emotional ability, but when he saw the message he sent back that he really loves me and I’m doing great, and a lot of sweetness.

    I also got confirmation today that I am THE finalist for the job I’m interviewing for. Yay! It’s a training role and they want me to do a presentation on how to make a peanut butter sandwich. They really want to see my planning and presentation skills. I’m really encouraged that I’m THE finalist. I mean, I’m a standup comic, so hopefully I can do a presentation on how to make a PB&J. This is a company that everyone who works in tech in my area wants to get into. The idea that I could get into it during the pandemic is pretty wild, but I’m hopeful.

    I am feeling that afternoon nap creeping in again but I have to make a lasagna for a friend of mine, so I’m going to push through it today. Hopefully we can get to sleep a little earlier tonight and I can get out of bed and have some of these eggs that I bought a ton of during my last Instacart haul.

    @anonymousse, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I hope it only gets better from here.

    @BGM, I am updating my (small) front porch as well. Nothing that intense, but if I’m stuck at home for another month+, I want us to be able to sit outside.

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    I hope everyone who’s been sick continues to recover and we all stay safe from this virus.

    Also, @BGM – I saw your pics and they are lovely! My dad and his wife did some camp hosting in Arizona and I loved the pics he would send. And I’m jealous of the warmer temps you have. I’m in Colorado and though, like today, it’s nearly 60 it still feels so cold because it’s cloudy. The sunnier days are nice but then it’s windy and that brings the temp back down. Sigh….

    I thought I’d get a lot more done working at home (more house stuff like cleaning/baking) but, alas, it’s not working out that way. I am keeping up my workouts and eating better though!

    My mom is having surgery today (she has breast cancer stage 1 so it was caught early) to remove the tumor. I’m worried that surgery is going to put her at more high risk to catch the virus and the state she is in is not doing as much for prevention. Plus she’s a smoker…I feel like most smokers who get it don’t do so well.

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    oh and @TheLadyE -congrats on being a (the) finalist! Good luck making your PB&J presentation!

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