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    My co-worker is dealing with exactly that right now with her 3-y/o, and she also has a baby at home. She has taken the past 2 days off. What a mess. She’s working on a special project though, and I feel like she CAN take days off and doesn’t have to make up the work at night.

    That sucks, I’m sorry.

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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    Utah was kind of a gas.

    They booked me a suite at the local Marriot which was both unexpected and a nice surprise.

    It was quite heady to sit back and watch a whole crew bring to life something I banged out in only a scant few weeks. Heck, four weeks ago today was my very first meeting on the project. And now it’s in the can. WHOOSH!

    Yeah. It’s all rather surreal.

    I’m hoping to get my Booster tomorrow.

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    @BGM – sounds like a success – yay!

    My office is going backed to masked. I’m not upset about it. I don’t go into the office anyway, but my company seems to be keeping up with safest options possible.

    A lawmaker in Illinois has proposed that if someone unvaccinated is hospitalized they should be fully responsible for their bills. It won’t pass, but I’m in full support. I’m also in support that anyone that knowingly tests positive and still goes out in public (looking at you parents that send their positive kids to school) should be fined up the wazoo and potentially charged with manslaughter if someone dies.

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    LisforLeslie. Be careful what you wish for.

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    It won’t pass. But I’m all for unvaccinated Covid patients not being allowed a hospital bed if the hospital is full. I’m also for unvaccinated Covid patients not being covered by insurance. They have a choice. Their choice is to be reckless with their own health and the health of others. There are consequences for your choices.

    It’s a shame this has become so politicized. It didn’t have to be this way.

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    @Oracle – I know I know. I just wish people could think beyond their noses to the people around them. A child comes home and infects everyone and if the family home is multi-generational, or there is a immune compromised person, or whatever… boom. But all they can think is “kids’ll be fine, and I can’t take two weeks of quarantine.”

    This whole thing has been a demonstration of selfishness and selflessness. And stupidity. Monumental stupidity.

    I like the idea of putting unvaccinated on the bottom of the list, but I’d go a step further and either a) designate one hospital in the region to unvaccinated patients for all services, COVID & non-COVID or B) each hospital designates a small percentage of their beds to unvaccinated, again, COVID and non-COVID. If they reach their limit on beds, they can consider allowing an unvaccinated person access to a bed but they don’t have to.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    Well, the boyfriend’s mom has breakthrough COVID. She’s not a COVID denier, but has said some pretty dumb things aloud about it (e.g., the rant she went on about how the vaccine doesn’t work so they should call it a flu shot and not a vaccine)… though she has been at least somewhat cautious and you can tell she’s scared of it. The boyfriend’s stepdad is a cancer survivor and has some lingering health issues, so he is unvaccinated. So. Hopefully he does not get sick.

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    @LisforLeslie – ‘But all they can think is “kids’ll be fine, and I can’t take two weeks of quarantine.”’

    I’ve been taking Covid very seriously since the pandemic started, but speaking as a parent whose preschooler is now in his second two-week quarantine in less than a month, it’s true: I can’t take anymore quarantine – and it’s incredibly disruptive to my child. I’m so grateful that today I have a babysitter and I just pray that she’ll be able to watch my kid for the remaining week and a half.

    I agree that positive Covid cases in schools need to be handled with care, but there has got to be some better option than sending every student in the class home for such a long period. My understanding is that once kids are vaccinated they don’t have to quarantine, as long as they remain asymptomatic (maybe with a negative Covid test? Idk). That said, if a parent chooses not to get their school-aged kids vaccinated and then complains about quarantining, I agree – they’re causing their own problem.

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    @Kipiani – I totally empathize with you. I’m not dismissing your concern – I’m saying the selfishness of these parents who did not for one minute think about the other families or disruption to kids. They knowingly sent a positive kid to school allowing that kid to potentially infect everyone; several kids from that class did test positive. They brought it home. I haven’t seen any reports on the full ramifications (which parents, grandparents, other people got sick).

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    Avatar photoCleopatra_30

    @Lucidity Done! I actually totally forgot about that issue and was glad to do a creep through this thread to catch up, and remind me to message them!

    Hope you are feeling better!

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    Avatar photoTheLadyE

    Well, my 64 year old aunt ended up getting a breakthrough case (she’s fully vaccinated, but I don’t think she got the booster). We just found out tonight. Her symptoms were a terrible sore throat, congestion, headache, fatigue, loss of taste and smell. She took a rapid test and was positive. Thank goodness my parents haven’t been around her (I say, selfishly). She went on a bus trip last week to a city 90 miles away and she thinks she got it on the trip; of course she did.

    She is diabetic and my uncle is even more vulnerable based on his age/weight/health. Thank goodness they’re both fully vaxxed. I imagine she’d feel much worse if she wasn’t. 🙁

    Also hard agree that anyone who refuses vaccination should be fully responsible for medical bills/should not get a hospital bed unless everyone vaxxed already has one. This is getting damn ridiculous now.

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    @The Lady E – hope your uncle stays negative and hope your aunt feels better soon. She’s a testament to vaccination.

    Mike Lindell and some crazy ass QAnon Queen were ranting about how it’s very “suspicious” that all of these important but unvaxxed people are getting sick. They think Fauci has a gun that allows him to shoot the virus remotely into people.

    And I think they actually believe this. That the most logical scenario is that a doctor on the east coast is magically targeting antivaxxers across the South and Midwest with his magic gun. Not that masks and social distancing and vaccinations minimize the spread of an easily transmissible infectious disease. Nope, not consequences for their own actions (or lack thereof) – it’s a magic gun!

    What the fuck people – seriously how do these people manage to put their shoes on the correct feet?

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