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    Avatar photohfantods

    Fortunately I’ve tested negative on a PCR test (and was lucky to find one) but I’ve had the closest COVID scare now. We’ve been working in the office since July 2020. Although I haven’t been entirely impressed with our COVID policy, they did mandate vaccines or negative tests and the entire office is vaccinated.

    Last Wednesday I had an itchy throat and decided to wfh. I also was lucky to have a rapid test available and tested negative. On Thursday I found out my coworkers who are on either side of me tested positive on a rapid test Wednesday night and had minor cold symptoms. They closed entire office on Thursday. I’m relieved I decided to wfh so at least I wouldn’t have that anxiety but still disconcerting.

    By Friday I had a legit stuffy nose. My fiancé and I spent Christmas isolating which sucked but was for the best. Managed to get a PCR test Monday and received results 12 hours later.

    Feel fortunate now. It does seem that infection is inevitable with omicron. Just trying to keep hopeful.

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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    Wow. Covid is suddenly EVERYWHERE. It seems everybody I know (self included) now knows somebody who currently has it.


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    My (double-vaxxed & boosted) husband has just tested positive for Covid. This is not his first rodeo- he also had Covid back in April 2020.
    His stomach started bothering him Monday, followed by body aches and chills Wednesday, but at least now his appetite seems to be coming back. Our two kids are home until next Wednesday at the earliest. So far I’ve tested negative on a rapid test but I haven’t gotten a booster yet (scheduled for Jan 11) – but who knows if that would have helped anyway.
    Honestly it just seems like a crap shoot at this point: getting vaccinated & boosted, masking, social distancing – the most frustrating part is seeing people not taking these precautions and just acting like nothing is different and somehow suffering limited to no consequences. I know this is not a mature attitude but…it’s just not fair.

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    Everybody I know — self included! — knows somebody pretty close to them (not physically) who has Covid. Hell, I had two low key, outdoor, small gathering, everybody vaxxed abs boosted! New Years Eve events cancelled as the hosts came down with Covid.

    Mask up, everybody! Things are getting pretty crazy out there. Again. Sigh…

    The only good news in all this is that all seven (SEVEN!) people I know with Covid have had very mild to moderate symptoms. (Some seem fully recovered.) And I keep hearing this latest wave is more transmissible, but less deadly.

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    Miss MJ

    @BGM, glad everyone’s doing better. It’s been similar for the folks I know who have recently had Covid and are vaxxed and boosted – no to very mild symptoms, full recovery in a few days. At this point, I’m thinking that’s the best we can ask for; it does feel inevitable that I’ll get it at this point. Wish they had more information on being vaxxed and long Covid, though. That’s my biggest concern now – what are the long term implications of even a mild case.

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    Got a note from the office that seven people tested positive in late December – of course, the days I was there. I don’t think I picked it up, but I’m not planning to return.

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    Isn’t it inevitable that we’ll all (or nearly all) get it at some point? This new variant has made itself basically look like the flu or a bad cold. Of course, I still blame the unvaccinated, anti-masks wearers for prolonging the pandemic and for taking up valuable medical resources.

    I guess I’m in the same camp as @missmj. I’m mostly concerned now about long-term effects, and potentially passing it on to my parents, who haven’t gotten boosted yet but have promised my sisters and I that they’ll get boosted this month.

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    Yeah I keep expecting to test positive but any time I have a slight symptom and do a test it’s negative. A lot of people I know have been having Covid the past couple weeks. Vaccinated, mild cases, quick recovery. I don’t want it, and don’t want to risk long-term damage, but I’m like, how have I not had it??

    Even with elderly people being boosted, I think they’re more susceptible to getting sick, so we really need to get the rest of the country and world vaccinated, I think, to prevent more dangerous mutations.

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    And in reality, do we actually know how good the at-home tests are at detecting omicron in vaccinated people?

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    That’s a good point @kate! How good are at home tests for the new variant, especially since it’s a lot weaker? I’m like, how have I not had it? But I haven’t had any symptoms and we did test before seeing the fam at Christmas.

    To be clear, I’m still masking up and playing it safe. I’ve branched out a little more, like I went home for the holiday’s, but not nearly as much as what I know others are doing.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    The at-home tests are not thought to be very reliable unless you’re using them every day (or like 4-5 days in a row while symptomatic). I’m heading out now to stand in a testing line and then will test the kids at home probably every other day for the next week (we traveled yesterday, so lots of potential exposure). If I test positive with a pcr test today, I’d assume my kids are positive too and keep them home from school (they’re supposed to go back tomorrow). I’m really trying to do the right thing and this feels like the best I can manage. I’m not going to make my kids stand in a really long line in the cold today… 🤷‍♀️

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    My husband and I were vaxxed and boosted and used the Binax at home tests that look like a double line positive pregnancy test. We tested positive. I don’t know if it’s the new variant of course, or not, but we had what would be considered mild symptoms and it still took ten days to run its course. My husband is athletic, healthy and strong. I have labwork done frequently and my immune system is absolutely working fine, and I had aches, chills, sinus symptoms and a hacking cough and sore throat. And I would say they were mild but I think my threshold for pain is different since I’ve had shingles and mono twice in the last 12 months.

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