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Dear Wendy

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    Happy 42nd birthday to me, in three days!!!

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    Dear Wendy

    Glad you’re feeling better, KT, and happy birthday!

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    Happy early birthday @ktfran! Glad to hear you are getting better. Sorry to hear r
    COVID ended up getting you too.

    I’m feeling more in a rut than usual. I am aware that I need to go on walks or hikes. I just feel so unmotivated and down. It’s a vicious cycle. What are people doing to cope now that we are all two years into this?

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    Happy early birthday, @Ktfran! Glad you’re feeling better.

    Right now, to cope, I’m staying in, staying warm and being very good to myself and my family. That’s all I can do.

    My husband bought a bike trainer (you put your own bike on it, indoors) it’s app driven and he’s been riding nearly every day for stress relief and exercise. When it warms up, I plan to start walking first and then hope to start jogging as it gets warmer and I feel like doing it, which I absolutely do not right now. I like some aspects of winter but I love to hibernate inside.

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    @ktfran Happy early birthday! Sorry you have COVID, though I hope it’s at least a relief to know what you actually have, and that you continue to feel better and better.

    This time of year is rough in Chicago even without COVID. It’s cold, it gets dark early. For the first time in my 7+ years in this city, I feel somewhat unsafe when I go outside after dark (lately, people getting robbed at gunpoint in my immediate area) so right now I’m cutting evening walks short. All this to say, I’m probably not a good person to give advice on coping, but: I signed up for my first marathon in October and should probably start building up my running base now. Today felt like a heat wave by comparison to the past week or so, but neighborhood sidewalks are still too icy. I’ve been trying to keep busy with reading. I’m currently planning a trip I may or may not take next month. Just boring, gentle self care kinda stuff around here. My moods usually start improving as the daylight hours get longer.

Viewing 5 posts - 3,385 through 3,389 (of 3,389 total)
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