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    @lucidity, I’m so sorry about your husband’s school. That sucks. It’s crazy to me how people can flip a switch and pretend the last two years didn’t happen. I’m sending you good thoughts that tour pregnancy continues to be ok.

    , Omg. June is just around the corner. How exciting!! I think your friend should be fine by them. I remember when my mom had shingles. She had a horrible rash around her bra line. It looked like gross bubbles. I think she was better in about a month.

    , that’s horrible! People are the absolute worst. I wish they could be charged with reckless endangerment. I’m sending you good thoughts too. FWIW, the husband and I didn’t quarantine from one another when I had Covid in January. He never tested positive. Here’s hoping you don’t get it too.

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    She said her husband and son tested negative, and so did I just now, but so did she apparently on Sunday night, and then she tested positive. But yes, hopefully that doesn’t mean anyone else will who was in contact with her.

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    What the ever living… “I feel sick, in a global pandemic, so I WILL GO INTO THE OFFICE.”

    I mean, I understand that pre-COVID we had a problem with people going into the office sick, but at this point you’d think someone who is relatively senior-ish would understand leading by example.

    Seriously, your boss should be in trouble. If she’s out for a few days – it’s one person’s lost time. If she comes in and infects 10 people – that’s a significant loss in people time. She should be penalized just for being a bad steward of the company’s resources let alone potentially killing people.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    Yikes! Sorry that happened at your office, @Kate. We had a meeting today since we will start a hybrid schedule next week and our executive director kept repeating that we need to stay home if we feel unwell.

    Pre-COVID I remember once catching some segment of the Today Show about how many people would go into the office feeling under the weather and, unsurprisingly, their poll revealed that like 98% of people or something had done so before. Which, of course they had. The hosts acted stunned. But yeah, hopefully people will do better.

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    Wow, Kate, that’s absolutely horrible. I am so sorry.

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    Thank you. The other thing that absolutely sucks is that it’s school vacation week next week so people have all kinds of trips planned. If they test positive then they can’t go. This just happened to someone else… her kid tested positive from school and they couldn’t go on vacation.

    I think I had the most prolonged close contact, and I did get an email from employee relations today, along with several other people. It said if you are boosted, then you don’t have to quarantine, just test after 5 days. Like really, that’s it?

    I feel like I did after getting the vaccines but not as bad. Same fatigued feeling behind the eyes, and some aches. I guess I’ll keep testing each day this week.

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    My sister, BIL and nephew are visiting. A couple of kids tested positive at his school and they are informing all of the students. He tested negative yesterday and we’ll test him again today.

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    Frick I am livid @kate. Hope you will be ok. It’s one thing to come to work sick. It’s another to say you’re pretty sure you don’t have COVID.

    After my sister tested positive, so did my BIL and niece. All symptoms mild. My mom tested positive but not my dad somehow (so far). Those 70+ are now eligible to be assessed for antivirals but because she wasn’t showing symptoms and has had all 3 shots she wasn’t eligible. I guess that makes sense. Antiviral uptake has been low here because the government has done a poor job of publicizing it. My fiancé should be eligible if he gets COVID (hopefully not) because he takes immunosuppressants for Crohns.

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    My boss is on antivirals! I guess to be eligible you have to have symptoms for 5 days or less, and be considered high risk for hospitalization / death. She claims to be fully vaxxed and boosted, so I m not sure how she’s high risk, but she does have a few things going on like pre diabetes (?) and I think hypertension? Still alarming to get so sick when fully vaccinated.

    I hope your mom and dad will have an easy time!

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    Avatar photoMiel

    It’s infuriating reading about people coming in sick, as if the last two years hadn’t happened.

    I’ve already spent all morning being angry at my husband’s job for saying the following gem: “We should be tolerant of people who still want to wear masks”. Tolerant? Really, that’s all we’re going to get, tolerance?

    My husband’s whole department has been fully remote for the last two years, even with new people being hired in “permanent remote” position. But suddenly now, management want people to come back onsite, at least part time. My husband: “ok… but what sort of safety measures will be in place against COVID?”

    We got our answer from the head of the “back to the workplace” workforce of whatever, at a townhall event yesterday.

    She said:
    -No need to wear masks
    -Most of our employees are vaccinated, so the office is probably the safest place you could be right now.
    -Some people might still want to wear masks, and we need to be tolerant of them. So don’t ask people to remove their mask.
    -Some people might be nervous at the idea of catching COVID (she said “some people have what I call “COVID PTSD”), and so you should give those people some time to get used to the office and you SHOULDN’T HUG THEM ON THE FIRST DAY! She said she understood the impulse to hug since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, but you should wait a few days before doing so since the COVID PTSD folks might be nervous at first.

    (She wasn’t even joking!)

    And finally she said that if anyone still felt nervous at the idea of coming back onsite (where “most” people are vaccinated, all work is indoor in shared offices, no mask is worn), then they should seek counseling for their anxiety. She gave the phone number for the employee assistance counseling services.

    I’m just floored. After 80 million cases in the US, almost a million deaths, countless people who will live with symptoms for years to come… after all of that, let’s remember “to be tolerant of people who still want to wear masks.”

    This is a large tech and science company by the way.

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    Just another reminder that businesses look after their best interests, not ours. When I asked employee relations how someone can come in sick, they said we ask people not to come in sick but we don’t police it, basically people are adults.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    I feel like there should be consequences for coming in knowing you’re sick with something these days. Any time I’ve felt under the weather, I’ve treated it like I have COVID even though I’ve always tested negative. I plan to continue operating that way as I return to the office.

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