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    To be clear I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict myself. I owe my life to AA even though its flawed. I said my dad was at an AA meeting holding hands with 40 other people because I’ve been to that meeting and that’s how it’s closed. With everyone holding hands and saying the Lord’s Prayer. The people who go to these meetings, deep in the bible belt, are angry white Male fox news junkies like my dad. My dad is still married to my mom who has been on oxygen for a decade. I’m upset he won’t self quarantine for her benefit because of politics

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    Helen — That’s really sad, but it seems to be the common thumb in the eye approach of an awful lot of Trumpers to liberals in particular and society in general — if scientists say doing something is bad for our health/planet/nation or a liberal politician says doing it will harm our nation, they’ll go out of their way to do if, even if it costs them, gives them nothing but that strange psyche benefit, and they never would have even considered doing it, if the scientist/liberal hadn’t said it was a bad thing to do. There is an awful lot of anger still floating within the Trump cult. It’s like Trump at yesterday’s press appearance: he persisted in shaking hands with everyone — just because. Kudos to whomever was the sensible elbow bump guy who surprised Trump by doing the right thing, while pare of his CEO-fest.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    My friend’s sister is a doctor in Seattle. She said that as of today, there have been 24 covid19 deaths in 13 days at her hospital. One hospital. They just ran out of ventilators and are discussing who to prioritize for life-saving care, aka readying themselves to decide who is going to live and who is going to die.

    If the Trumpers need a reality check, it’s on its way.

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    “… my dad was at an AA meeting holding hands with 40 other people because I’ve been to that meeting and that’s how it’s closed.”

    Then, LATER some of them presumably got together to talk Trump. You made it sound like it’s an AA thing to “own the libs,” and it 100% is not. You probably know that someone needing help may read that and get turned off, so it’s important to be clear.

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    There has been a major failure of our political institutions to drive home to people the seriousness of this. The twenty something idiots crowding bars on St. Patrick’s day in Philly are not Trumpers trying to own the libs.

    These people are behaving dangerously but it’s hard to expect people to radically restructure their lives unless they are given a consistent message not to do so. Fox News and the president have been telling them until a week ago that this was bullsh*t. Even Democrats have dropped the ball. Democratic leaders could be on TV with independent experts using their institutional authority to drive the message home. But they’re just rolling over like they’ve done over and over again.

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    People either don’t care- the foolish feeling of invincibility or the nihilism of “the whole world is up in flames so nothing I do matters” selfish ideology. People can have Covid for five days +/- before having any symptoms. We’re fucked. I tried to find numbers last night, but the most recent one I could find said the US has tested less than 14,000. Meanwhile South Korea is testing 20,000 per day.

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    Part-time Lurker

    BGM, I also heard the lockdown rumor. One of my girls told me that she heard it from her mother’s friend. The mother’s friend works for an agency that shall remain nameless – since it’s just a rumor at this point I’d rather not say anything that would lend it weight here in the forums.

    Half the people in my life are panicking, the other half are like, “Yay cheap flights to Italy!”

    I run a university housing facility with 52 residents. I live on-site and we’re strongly encouraging all of the students to stay home after spring break. Classes are being offered online so we’re only allowing them to come back if they have a justifiable need such as a job that won’t give them time off. The stores here are completely empty and my suppliers told me that all paper and cleaning products are backordered until May. So far 10 girls are coming back next week and I have no idea how I will feed and care for them! I nearly went hoarse explaining the REAL dangers and precautions to panicked students this week. In another news, my 60 year old husband has a slight fever and a cough.

    Kate, can I have some of your valium? LoL

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    I haven’t heard that rumor, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened. I do think people would be allowed out to go food shopping and to the pharmacy. Those are open in Italy.

    They probably should really shut everything else down though. Either Dr. Fauci (who does know what he’s talking about but is somewhat controlled by the administration) or a Harvard doctor said on TV this morning that restaurants and bars should shut down. No one should be going to offices.

    The thing is, as much as this sucks, it’s the only thing we can do at this point. The spread is going to happen, but a lockdown could get it to a more controlled spread where hospitals won’t be so overwhelmed. It takes a few weeks of that though.

    PTL, I hope your husband is okay! Has he called his doctor to try to figure out what he should do?

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    Part-time Lurker

    Asymptomatic shedding is definitely turning out to be far more prevalent than they thought and that’s very scary for a lot of people.

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    Part-time Lurker

    He e-mailed the doc to be on the safe side and he’s staying inside to be safe, but at this point we feel pretty confident he’s coming down with a slight cold. Fingers crossed!

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    Avatar photoLucidity

    I talked to my dad last night, who is 74, a heavy smoker, and regularly has colds that turn into bronchitis and/or pneumonia. I practically begged him to be careful but he’s not worried at all. He’s going to be caring for his wife’s granddaughter while she’s off school and is upset there’s nothing to do with her. He said he plans to take her to McDonald’s play place.

    I’m in Ontario, near Toronto. After school closures were announced, people went nuts here. Our grocery store are decimated. We went late last night, and they were completely out of canned goods, frozen foods, eggs, toilet paper, most dairy, and most bread. The sight was so shocking that I had to push down my first panic attack in over six months and remind myself they usually restock overnight. We’ve been following our government’s instructions not to panic buy, but to keep a 2 week supply of everything we need.

    My husband and I have been taking our baby for long walks, stopping at local businesses. We’re usually all about comparing prices and saving money but since we’re privileged enough to be still getting paid (I’m on mat leave and he’s a teacher), we decided to consciously spend in our community. We bought bread at a family-owned bakery, meat, produce, and preserves from the local farmers market, etc. We’re careful to keep our distance from vendors and trying to pay by tapping our cards so we don’t touch debit machines and they don’t have to handle our cash.

    We heard from someone who knows someone who works at the LCBO (our province’s liquor store), that all LCBOs and Beer Stores will be closing in the next few days, so we stocked up. Recently, our government has allowed some grocery stores to sell wine and beer, but if our liquor stores close, we know people will clean out those shelves too. I’ve refilled my anti-anxiety meds but a glass of wine is deeply relaxing!

    Booze will also come in handy when we host other families for dinners and play dates – young, healthy people like ourselves who are being cautious. We had dinner with another couple last night and the social contact was wonderful. We’ll self-isolate if we get sick, but for now we feel meeting in these small groups is worth it.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    One of my best friends from college is an ER doctor in Seattle. We caught up on Friday. She said things aren’t as crazy as you might think at her hospital, but they’re prepping for what’s coming and bracing themselves for the worst. She feels like it’s just a matter of time before she’s infected because they know they’re going to run out of protective gear for doctors.

    The twenty something idiots crowding bars on St. Patrick’s day in Philly are not Trumpers trying to own the libs.

    St. Patty’s is HUGE in Chicago. It’s total amateur hour across the city. We canceled the big events like our parade and river dyeing, but people were still going bar hopping. My boyfriend decided to go to out in the suburbs with some friends even though I asked him to reconsider, and I’m very disappointed. (And to your point, he supports Bernie.)

    Finally had the time to go to the store this weekend and good grief. I have enough for at least two weeks, but I hope to avoid the grocery store as long as possible just because I don’t want to deal with that mess again.

    I’m debating asking to work remote effective immediately, but sounds like they’re deciding tomorrow morning what WFH is going to look like for my company. So we’ll see. I’m grateful I have a job I can do entirely remote.

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