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    Avatar photoCopa

    So I meant to mention on this thread, but don’t think I did, that mask usage on transit noticeably dropped for awhile between when I came back into the office in spring and now. However, with the new variant spreading as it has been, I did notice today that almost everyone in my train car was back to masking. In my area at least, they’re back to recommending masks indoors again, so that may be why. Yesterday vs. today on the morning commute was like day vs. night.

    And on the subject of clothes, I’m wearing a top that my mom gave me this past spring that she bought for herself but didn’t like the more narrow fit on her. My frame is slightly smaller than hers and I am a little shorter, but we can sometimes share or swap clothes. It’s from Talbots, which I always thought of as a total mom store. I’ve never thought to shop there, don’t own anything else from there, but I’d browse their selection for work wear based on this top alone. My mom also LOVES shopping sales at LOFT. She loves finding lightweight summer t-shirts for like $6. I find LOFT hit or miss for me in terms of fit, but I do have a few items from there that are heavy in my work wardrobe rotation.

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    My mom shopped at Talbots for her work suits in the 80s and 90s 😭

    I had my interview and the HR lady was like, you look so good! I don’t think she expected a suit.

    And my boss just FaceTimed me to tell me I got the job!

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    Awesome! A good suit always gets you over the line 😁

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    Avatar photohfantods

    Congratulations!!! Does this you won’t have crazy boss as your boss?

    Kids can now get vaccines in Canada.

    Also 18-60 now can get their fourth shot in Ontario. However public health is really unclear if they recommended it. I know medical advice should be tailored to an individual. Basically for fairly healthy 30s, we could wait for the bivalent vaccine? The risk of doing it now is side effect and not being eligible for the updated vaccine until December. They say they’re aiming for October for the updated vaccine but I’m sure it’ll be delayed. I got my third shot late December 2021 so I know it’s effectiveness is low. I also thankfully haven’t had COVID yet.

    Anyway I am chatting to my family doctor Tuesday to get a ENT referral so hopefully she can give some advice but she will probably say the same thing.

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    Miss MJ

    Congratulations, Kate!

    hfantods, I’m going to try to wait on the next vaccine until the new one comes out.

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    @Kate congrats on the new job!

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    Avatar photoCopa

    I always wear suits to interviews and tbh am always kind of surprised when people don’t wear ’em. But I think it may be more expected in my field than others. Either way, congrats, @Kate!

    I believe here anyone can get another booster should they want to, but seems like the general advice is to wait for the new vaccine in the fall. As of now, that’s what I’m planning to do.

    I continue to know so many people with COVID. I’m in a book club that meets about once/month and we were going to meet a park this evening, but now have to reschedule because enough women have COVID and had to cancel last minute. Even a couple who are still full-time remote and mostly homebodies got it. Turns out it’s going to rain all day today, too, so for the best.

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    Congrats @kate.

    We’re back from the Galapagos.

    We were given a PCR test when landing in Quito. We were also given a rapid the morning before boarding our ship. 18 out of the 100 passengers tested + and weren’t able to board. Crazy!

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    Thank you everyone!

    Yes, my messy boss is still my boss! We have the same title/salary band now. But she leads a team/chapter and I lead a pod within that team. This whole thing was done to make her job easier without so many direct reports, so theoretically she should be a better boss. I can deal with her, and this protects other people from her direct messiness.

    I can’t believe the original plan was for this new role not to have a salary or title (other than adding “lead”) increase. How does that make any sense?

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    TBH, even though there’s supposed to be a lot of competition for a job like this, I am almost certain that no other people applied to the internal postings of the two roles that were meant for me and my friend. That says… a lot. Like, yes, you do have to have a certain skill set that not a lot of ppl not on this team would have, but also you can see who the hiring manager is when you look at the job posting, so yeah. There are some people I can think of who could have applied, and likely others I can’t think of. But I really don’t think they did because the interview process was quick and I did some forensics on outlook calendars.

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    @Ktfran – 18% that’s startling.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Congrats on the promotion, Kate!

    I just returned home yesterday from a long weekend in Montreal celebrating a friend’s 50th bday. It was a nightmare getting home (got on a plane only to sit on the tarmac for two hours before the flight was cancelled bc of storms in nyc, and I had to spend the night in Montreal and fly out the next day. Three-hour customs line. SO many sick-sounding people on the plane and in the airport). Made it home and found out that three people in my group tested positive when they got home so I took a test and it was positive. Jackson tested positive on Monday and drew tested positive last night.

    I’m now more certain than ever that I had Covid in spring 2020 bc it felt like how I feel right now except much much worse. Currently, I am deeply fatigued, have slight congestion, some shortness of breath, a little cough, and when I lie flat on my back it feels like there’s a weight on my chest. Jackson is asymptomatic (he was only tested as a precaution Monday morning before going to camp). Drew feels lousy and has bad chest pains. He’s immunocompromised and qualifies for antivirals so I’m going to help him get those today. I think I’ll be fine without meds.

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