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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    Oh, I’m glad you went to the hospital, Helen. Take care of yourself and feel better. *Internet hugs.*

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    Glad to hear, Helen. Take care. I hope you get better soon.

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    Oh Helen, I’m so glad.

    Sending you so many good thoughts.

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    I wasn’t able to comment earlier but came back to check on you, Helen- so glad you are getting some extra help. Please continue to rest and update us if you can. Sending internet hugs!! <3

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    Feel better soon Helen!

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    Helen, so glad you got to the hospital. Please rest up and update us when you can. We’re all thinking of you and hope you feel much better very soon.

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    glad you’re in the ER, Helen.

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    So glad you went to the ER @Helen. I hope the treatments help and you recover faster so you can get home.

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    I’m home! Thank you so much for your concern! My vitals, chest xray, ekg, and oxygen levels were good so they gave me some tylenol and cough medicine and sent me home with orders to rest. The dr came into the room one time, wearing full head to toe gear, and never touched me. She didn’t even listen to my lungs. 3 nurses came in and out wearing substandard PPE. Only one time was the nurse wearing a protective gown. They had a mask (surgical not N95) and gloves and that’s it. One of them has a 2yo and a 4month old baby. In most developed countries she’d still be at home taking care of what’s most important. My husband is trying to get me tested because the next stimulus packages might just be for people who had (and can prove) coronavirus. So that’s how I’ll spend tomorrow when I should be on bedrest. Hunting down a test. My family has been to the er a total of 3 times and we were never tested. I’m so grateful for you guys. Your well wishes, glimpses into your life, support, serene desert life posts, and the mutual hate we have for trump. This is the first online community I’ve ever felt apart of. I’m glad to have it in this time of social distancing

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    That makes NO fucking sense, if they only give relief to people who can prove they had it. For so many reasons. I hope that’s not true.

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    Glad you ended up being relatively ok Helen. Even when I wasn’t too bad it felt like a heavy rock in the middle of my chest when I tried to lie down, not fun and certainly not something to take lightly.

    Now I have tonsillitis so, you know, excellent.

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    Happy to hear that update, Helen.

    Not-so-great day here in the desert. As I am wading through filing for unemployment… and it’s crazy, daunting, basically —- it’s hell as a gig employee for a million reasons I won’t bore you with… but hours in I have zero faith I will get anything as the online questions are impossible for somebody who has lots 1099’s which leaves one with precious few records of exact dates worked. Blah blah blah.

    So —- yeah. It’s been a trainwreck of an afternoon. Sigh…

Viewing 12 posts - 361 through 372 (of 1,043 total)
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