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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    Helen, hang in there. You’ve got this.

    ktfran, a margarita delivery kit sounds delightful!

    We just hit the Unable to Schedule Grocery Delivery stage here, which surprised me, for some reason. I guess we’ll have to suck it up until Saturday, when I’m at the 14-day mark and can responsibly go to the store. I’m still amazed at how people in my condo just don’t seem to get social distancing. I’m also shocked that none of them are sick. Glad, because most of my neighbors are older, but shocked.

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    Oh, yes, I wanted to add in a note to @helen. Hang in there. Don’t feel guilty about not helping at home. You need to rest now so that so you can get better. It’s ok. I’m thinking about you!

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    I love reading about the desert life. I used to live in TX but haven’t ever been farther west than Fort Worth. I’m glad you’re enjoying your pups LadyE!

    Lucidity, my oldest was 6 months old when 9/11 happened. Having a helpless baby during traumatic times makes it so much harder. The worry about what kind of world did I just bring an innocent baby into was overwhelming.

    I hope everyone struggling with their emotions feels better soon!! I’ve had OCD & tourette’s syndrome my whole life. Thank god germs or contamination have never been an obsession for me!! Once again feeling lucky!

    I can’t wait to feel better and be able to get creative in the kitchen with the kids. They love to help me cook and lasagna would be fun for them.

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    I’ve never made lasagna, but I’ve been making this stuffed shells recipe and it’s amazing. It takes some time though. And it can get expensive.

    I’ve made it three times and each time, I divide up into two pans. One for me and one for a new mom to freeze and heat at will, or that night!

    I made bread for the first time last weekend. I was so grateful that we found a five-pound bag of flour and yeast at the store.

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    Helen, I’m so sorry to hear about your and (everyone’s) struggles. We’re all going through massive grief, I believe.

    I’m doing a lot better, virus wise. I’m still coughing, but I have been released into the rest of my house and it feels good to be around my family again. I’m actually afraid to go outside and have a neighbor hear me cough.

    I’m super annoyed and angry with some of our family. I’m included on way too many group texts with people complaining that planned parenthood and abortions are still deemed essential and stupid opinions like that. And arguing about how wearing a mask is ridiculous, etc. One of my SILs goes to the store nearly everyday because she is bored and believes the rules don’t apply to her. She went on a weekend trip to a b & b like a week after we were ordered to shelter in place because she can’t handle being in her huge house with her two kids by herself. Which isn’t even true. She has her parents and siblings over at her place all the time. She dropped a daughter off at a friends for a night this weekend. It pisses me off that people are being so irresponsible! Why did I get sick, when I’ve been so careful? I know this complaint is dumb and petty, but I guess being bedridden for two weeks will do that to you.

    She was probably drunk, but one night last week the same SIL was harassing me via text to get me to try harder to get tested because she was worried she’d gotten the virus from me and given it to her 90+ year old grandfather. I hadn’t even seen her! She’d picked up something she left at our house weeks ago. Before the virus hit. And she was text yelling at me to get tested, but acting irresponsibly. Aye, the nerve. She also been making fun of me before I got the virus for being “so strict” with my family. And is still doing the same things, like not practicing social distancing, going out of errands everyday. A doctor at the White House asked our state not to even go out for essentials for the next two weeks because the shit is about to hit the fan.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent here.

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    ktfran, are you doing bread in the machine or straight up?

    we’ve been ordering out twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays usually to try and help spread the love/orders around). Acadia has great take out right now, did Kimski last night, and planning to do Schwa on Thursday. Yes. Schwaaaaa. We ordered from Pleasant House last week and got some meat pies to go as well for our freezer. Been cooking a lot otherwise. If anyone in Chicago needs a giant box of good veggies delivered, I recommend.

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    I am contemplating getting that brush. Which brings my hot brush totals up to three.

    Ugh, I love lasagna. And stuffed shells. Those are two of my favorite comfort foods that I rarely have because my kids won’t eat them.

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    MG, this is my bread recipe:

    I got from my aunt/cousin who do it all the time. It really can’t be easier!!

    I think we might try All Together Now this weekend for dinner. It’s not far from our condo. And oh my god, Schwa! We’re cooking all but two dinners a week. I like supporting the local restaurants since we’re both big restaurant people.

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    oh my god anon, your family is crazypants! I’m sorry.

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    OMG. Thanks for the bread recipe, @ktfran. I was looking up how to make bread at home — specifically, sourdough — and while I like cooking, I’m not a great or frequent baker and lost my patience just reading about all the work it entailed. This looks like my kind of bread recipe.

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    I’m an introvert so it honestly feels like a (really) prolonged weekend for me, lol…except that, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not, I really miss going to the gym. I always did classes and regularly went to Body Pump (strength training) and recently was getting more into kickboxing and yoga. At home, I can’t seem to force myself to do anything other than walk my dogs. I do walk them every day, usually for a couple miles, but that’s not the same as a bunch of squats or bicep curls or yoga poses. I really need the structure and instruction in class. My boyfriend can just do a workout by himself but I always feel like I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

    Another thing that’s been a challenge has been making sure I’m hydrated. I walked my girls the other day in 75 degree heat and was so wiped out and thirsty by the time we got home. Now I fill up my big water bottle that I got from my old company and throw a couple lemon slices in it and carry it around the house with me just like I used to do at work. I mean, duh…I did that at work every day, why would it be any different at home?

    Funny story: at the end of 2018 I went on a couple dates with a guy from OKCupid who seemed nice but wasn’t really looking for a relationship so it just fizzed out. We connected on FB and had each other’s phone numbers; he really was just looking for friends and I was looking for a boyfriend, so we lost touch except for FB. Well…he works at Costco, and last week offered to get anything for anyone who needed it AND DELIVER IT. So now I have a GIANT package of TP that he brought me over the weekend and feel pretty good about not running out for months!!

    I have some projects I’m working on this week: revamping my front porch so my girls and I can sit outside: I got cushions for the porch chairs, citronella candles, lights, and a stake with 2 leashes so the girls can go up and down the steps. Waiting on the cleaner I bought that you can hook onto your hose and spray down your porch to come from Amazon, which should be Wednesday. Also going to do one more order from Instacart and do some meal prep before my new job starts in a week.

    What I SHOULD be doing is cleaning out my stuffed closets and getting ready to take those clothes to the consignment shop. That would be the smart thing to do. Now just have to make myself do it.

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    Copa, Do you already have your sourdough starter? If so, I have good news for you. I bake bread about once a week. I use a no-kneed recipe like the one provided by ktfran. Here’s what I do, and it works every time. I feed my starter, which requires using 1/2 cup of the starter and adding 1 cup flour and 1/2 unchlorinated water. The remainder of the starter (about 1 cup) is put into a large mixing bowl. Add all the ingredients from the recipe. If my starter is unusually wet, I may add several Tablespoons of flour to the bread dough. Let it raise and bake as the recipe directs. Good luck.

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