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    People from all political views are being irresponsible and dumb. I wasn’t commenting on any Trumpers or AA attendees except for my dad & the people who attend this one meeting. I know these people and I’ve personally heard them say “own the libs” I was not making a statement about anyone else. Although I probably could. I live in rural GA for christ’s sake. Pretty much everyone around here has the same attitude & political views. We’re also one of the hardest hit areas. Go fucking figure

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    Here is a good example of how people have used solitary time productively.


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    Avatar photoMiss MJ

    So the building manager (who lives on-site) of my condo is hosting a 20-plus person party at the communal grill area in a building full of retirees and snow birds. JFC.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    Yeah, our governor just ordered all restaurants and bars to close through the end of the month because people were acting like this is a snow day.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Breaking news: nyc public schools closed until
    At least april 20th.

    People here acting like it’s a snow day too, stuffing themselves into bars and restaurants like it ain’t no thing. We are so fucked.

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    Avatar photoMiss MJ

    So fucking pissed right now.

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    My 2.5yo daughter has had a runny nose & been fussy all day. She’s running a slight fever now. Her & my 5yo son have been coughing a little. Here we go folks. May the odds be ever in your favor

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    Avatar photoBittergaymark

    Bars will now be closed in California.

    I blame people partying like there is the endless mixed messages they get. I’ve watched ALL of Trump’s ghastly briefings and they are hilariously bipolar.

    “Everybody NEEDS to stay home!”
    “But go grocery shopping whenever you want! Go often! Don’t hoard!”
    “This time is crucial!“
    “You must be vigilant!”
    “We are in great shape. Everything is under control…”
    “Tests are avail for everyone.”
    “The distribution of tests is a huge failure.”

    At least California has just now closed all bars. Restaurants are to operate at 1/2 capacity. I suspect NYC will follow. That it took so long to shutter NYC schools is baffling.

    Things are about to get real interesting.

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    They just said no sit down service at bars and restaurants in Boston.

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    Schools closing up here in MN soon too. I balance living in a relative small apartment by keeping busy and out and about. It’s going to be a challenge keeping every one sane. I foresee a disturbing amount of streaming services in my future.

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    Well here in retirement central they’ve been creeping towards lock down. A week ago, all open buffets were removed. Food is dished out from the kitchen. You want a cookie? Ask the attendant for a cookie. You want potato salad? Ask for potato salad.

    All events are now cancelled. Golf league, Lectures, luncheons, meetings of any kind – cancelled. Passover dinner will be take out only. They will not be serving a sit down dinner. Shoah (holocaust remembrance) cancelled (to clarify how big a deal that is – last year there were 900 people at Shoah).

    Meanwhile my mom has finally started teaching me canasta. It is fucking difficult. I have to repeatedly ask “Is this a real rule or is this a strategy thing?”. My mom has been ridiculously patient.

    But when this comes – and it will come, I’m living among the super vulnerable. People who are on immuno-suppressants for RA, MS, etc. They are all over 70. They are mostly healthy but not all are. We’ll see how this plays out… the hospitals here are preparing but with such a vulnerable population – they know they are fucked. And with such a demanding and entitled population – they are likely preparing the legal coverage as much as the medical coverage.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    Feeling for you, Leslie. To be among the most vulnerable like you are means preparing for surely some hard days ahead. Take care of yourself.

    Restaurants and bars have been closed here effective tomorrow. Everything will be take-out and delivery only. The mayor has already said that school closure may go through the end of the school year.

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