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    I actually think it’s because I’m working in an older version of InDesign, which I pointed out in an email I sent yesterday about my ongoing issues. (Can’t even tell if that email has been acknowledged yet by anyone in a position to help because our email is still down.) Our art director, who also uses InDesign, though for different functions, actually reached out to me yesterday just to give me her cell phone number in case I need to vent. She doesn’t have the same forced quit issues, but said she’s had days where she feels like she’s losing her mind because things are running so slow that very basic tasks are taking like 10-15 minutes — which IT told her is an issue caused by heavy internet traffic rather than a software flaw. Most days are okay, but some days are just… yikes.

    Thanks for the fixes @Fyodor. When our server ever comes back up I’ll definitely check those out. At work I have two large screens and one often has an InDesign window open as big as I can get it and it’s awesome. The temporary solutions, workarounds, and inconveniences were fine at first but the longer we are remote the more infuriated I am on days that I’m having issues. I was such a miserable person to be around yesterday.

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    Last night we hopped in the golf cart, drove up to the club, picked up dinner and went to my aunt and uncle’s sat out side 6 feet apart an had dinner.

    My mom got to her hairdresser and her nail person. I’d get upset at her but what good does that do? She’s an adult and if I get sick – she has to take care of me. She’s still being very cautious, she’s got masks, gloves, she sets up zoom calls with her friends and plays online games with my aunt.

    The salons are taking extreme precautions as their clients are all at risk (65+) so fewer clients in the shop, closing on time for daily deep cleansing, plexiglass panels between chairs, – it’s a whole weird new world.

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    Honestly, @copa, it sounds like you need a laptop with more power. It takes a high powered laptop to run it properly. Low bandwith and/or RAM can make InDesign run slower or crash.

    If I have InDesign, PDFs and several other tabs open on my laptop, it starts freaking out (I’m up to date on my CC versions). And that’s with the recommended laptop for designers! I have the same as most of our graphic designers because we all use the full suite or Creative Cloud.

    Another thing all of us are doing now that we’re working from home is only connect to VPN when needed. Working off of VPN slows everything down.

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    I was using my personal Mac laptop which is old and also about 13″ – so small! I don’t do anything like InDesign but it was still frustrating to work on such a small screen. So this past weekend I went to work and brought home my Mac desktop. It’s so freaking huge on my home desk! So much better…less eye (and neck) strain.

    We were planning a trip to a cabin somewhere in state but I think I’m not ready to do that. Maybe later in the summer depending on what keeps happening with the virus.

    I was just trying to look up the news and I really just don’t have it in me today to do that. I closed those webpages. I think I’ll get my pup out for a nice long walk here in a bit.

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    I have no clue. I know nothing about computers. I don’t even have a personal laptop at this point. I assumed I was on a Mac because of the software I need to use, but… eh, IDK. (I will also add, I like our IT guys and trust they know fa-haaar more than I do about IT. But we seem to have a lot of IT issues. A LOT. Like maybe last fall or summer, I can no longer remember, everything was down for maybe 2-3 days. Server, email, phones. IT said it was a Comcast outage issue. Another coworker called Comcast and apparently there was no outage. So.) And yes, it took me like six weeks of working from home to realize how much slower things are when working off of VPN. So now I disconnect when I can.

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    I just took a walk. Starting to feel ill from looking at a computer too much.

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    PS — Yes, the Wisconsin thing is insane! Hang tight, everybody. Happy to see Helen back.

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    And yeah, WTF Wisconsin. And I wonder how many Illinoisans are going to be heading out that way to Do Things.

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    So I’m getting married tomorrow.

    I have the strangest mix of emotions right now. On one hand, I’m excited, stressed, happy and in love. On the other hand I’m just in disbelief that this is the story I will tell my grandchildren. It just doesn’t feel real.

    In the last two months until about two weeks ago, my fiancé and I just gradually lost all hopes we were going to get married on May 15th as planned. We were just hoping for a small ceremony with our parents followed by a meal at a nearby seafood restaurant, but soon travel stopped and the border closed (my parents live in Canada and we’re in the US), and we thought “well, this is really sad, but the two of us can still get married and go to celebrate at a restaurant ourselves.” But of course, all the restaurants closed on the next day.

    And then of course, our local courthouse closed and the county stopped emitting marriage license. We went through the full mourning process thinking “well, one day, we don’t know when, but one day we will be married”.

    And then about two weeks ago, the courthouse calls us saying if we can still make it, they’ll open for us and marry us on May 15th! We couldn’t believe it, we were so happy.

    (I never thought in my life I would be so happy that a judge would agree to the simple act of filling a mariage certificate for us!)

    Since then things have been a mix of stress (at the idea that everything will somehow get cancelled again), sadness (our parents won’t be there), and excitement (omg, I’m marrying the love of my life!).

    I might get to wear my wedding dress. Our seamstress has been working really quickly and I might get to bring my dress home tonight. We might also get wedding rings. Our jeweler is hoping to have the rings ready by tomorrow morning, and our ceremony is at noon.

    Part of me is ready to accept anything in order to be married. No guests, no dress, no rings, no reception, no problem! The other part of me is in absolute disbelief that I will get married while wearing a cloth masks. I spent some time this week deciding which cloth mask we should be wearing for the ceremony and making sure they’ll be clean tomorrow (mine is white with some blue and green polka dots, his is black with some white musical notes).

    I’m not going to be able to see his face when saying “I do” and somehow that’s ok and I’m still happy about it? What a strange time to be alive!

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    Look at is this way — your wedding will truly be unique.

    But I get it. Such a bummer. Have a big party later. It’ll be even more memorable as by then people will be incredibly excited about any party.

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    In the future — every party will seem epic for a while.

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    Miel, that is so beautiful. I’m so happy for you, I have tears in my eyes – your joy really shines through! Congratulations and I hope that you, and Veritek, and everyone else getting married during these crazy times, gets to have a huge party to celebrate someday soon!

    Wendy, thank you for everything you do to keep this site going – I have found over many years of reading here that I have made a special place in my heart for you and all of the commentariat. It’s been especially nice right now to have this virtual gathering place and community.

    Fyodor, I saw your sad news about your mom on the post the other day. I am so terribly sorry for your loss.

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