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    Miel that’s so great! Honestly it was one of the best days of my life, I was comforting my mom who was upset about the day not going as planned – but I personally was just so damn excited to get married!

    Fill that living room with candles and fun things you love, eat an amazing meal, marry your fiance and have the best day ever.

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    Thanks everyone for the fabulous kind words. park_place_oasis was a truly dream project —- I so love the desert out here! More… Charley 100 % trusted me. So I had the freedom to pretty much just go wild and crazy. Everything was my concept. Everything in the home was discovered by me as it was completely empty.

    A lot of it was thrift store finds. Pretty much all of the lamps.

    The house has those great midcentury beams —- we both love mid-century so that was where I started. He loves rocks —- as do I. So I used lots of rocks inside and out. The other element was bamboo and baskets. The vibe is kinda desert safari.

    I tried to go pretty minimal. So it’s all very clean and relaxing. Keeping it simple, there are only three main accent colors inside and out the main living areas. Orange, lime, and turquoise. With these three colors a shade brighter outside than inside. Doors and patio furniture.

    The bedrooms are slightly different. I actually need to shoot those soon and get them up on the Instagram. The endless variety of flowers From my planted desert have distracted me a bit from the interior.

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    Would love to see the bedrooms @BGM. Really enjoying “peaking” into the place

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    @Miel Congratulations! I’m sorry you can’t have the wedding day you wanted. It’s okay to be disappointed (I would be, too!), but I’m sure it will still be joyous and special. I also hope when all of this ends you can have the celebration you want.

    I’ve always thought that I’d be a-okay doing the courthouse ceremony thing… but I’d still want a great dress. From that perspective, I’ve happy you got your dress in time, too!

    One of my cousins is supposed to get married in July. They haven’t canceled it yet, but I think that announcement is coming soon. Their Plan B is a courthouse ceremony on their original date with a vow renewal and reception down in 2021.

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    One of my girlfriend’s canceled her 40th in March, miscarried in late April, she was past the 3 month mark, and postponed her Labor Day weekend wedding. Talk about a shitty year.

    Miel, have a blast tomorrow. It’s an exciting day. Let us know how it goes!!!

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    Congrats Miel! Honestly, it will be different than planned, but it is still happening, despite COVID!

    A really good story to tell, and even more reason to cherish the day 😀

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    @Miel – Congratulations! My husband and I eloped at the courthouse (one the hotest day recorded in VA) and were married by Sheriff James Brown! It was really special and weirdly the best wedding I every had (this is my second marriage). If you still want a party, hold one when it is safe – it’ll be one of the best celebrations you’ll experience.

    So Virginia is shifting into phase 1, except for the Northern VA area where I live. I am happy with that, my area is responsible for about 50% of the cases in the state currently. It makes sense to me that this area would go slower in opening due to the large population in the area. I just sure hope people don’t leave this area to go and “do things” in the areas without high case amounts.

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    Hey @Copa, are you running InDesign CS5 by any chance? I have to use InDesign CS5 for my work for comically stupid reasons, and I think I have similar issues to what you’re describing.

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    Congratulations Miel!

    BGM I’m still loving the photos, they’re so relaxing. I feel a bit creepy joining Insta just to look at them but they’re a nice reminder of former warmth

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    I know it’s been a little while since I checked in here, but Wendy I am happy that you are feeling better. Interesting that your test turned out negative, but I am glad you got rid of what you had.

    I’m getting tired of all the food shortages in the grocery stores. This week, no butter, and last week and the prior two it was no Greek yogurt.

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    The update on my side is that the wedding was amazing! It was supposed to be heavy rain all day but we got a tiny bit of sun in the morning while on our way to the courthouse. Our wedding rings even arrived just in time and we were able to pick them up from the jeweler just before the ceremony (15 minutes before… we were almost late to our own ceremony).

    The ceremony was also above and beyond what I had expected. I thought we would come in, go through security, show our IDs, pay the fee, sign some papers and be shown the way out. Our courthouse is technically still closed, so we thought they would treat us a bit like lepers. But no! They were SO NICE! Everybody starting from the security guards to the clerks were just “oh, are you the couple getting married? Congratulations! We’re so happy you’re here!” They didn’t even ask for IDs, they forgot to make us pay (we also forgot about it, we were a bit overwhelmed by the excitement). They brought us to the big courtroom so that the two of us could stand very far away from the judge, and the judge suggested we take this opportunity to remove our masks before we go on with the ceremony. He then proceeded to read all those nice texts about love and commitment and marriage, and it was just … so nice! So unexpected! We had no idea they were going to do any of this! The ceremony lasted almost 15 minutes (during which I stared into my husband’s eyes as we were both trying not to cry). It was a purely magical moment. We walked out and my husband just started humming a song out of… just pure happiness I think. It was great.

    We ran back to our car because at that point it did start raining. We couldn’t care less. We went back home and made some chocolate-dipped strawberries. We called our parents and talked with them for a bit. We then got changed into wedding dress/tuxedo and staged a whole wedding photoshoot in our living room (my husband got into photography last year, so we actually had a fancy camera, tripod, etc). After some editing the pictures actually turned out great. I was really impressed at what we got.

    We then made some fancy salmon tartare for dinner, with champagne, home-made fries and I made some chocolate lava cakes (more chocolate!).

    We were just exhausted at the end of the day. It definitely made me think “how exhausted would I be if we had had guests!” But it was a wonderful day, and I couldn’t be happier.

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    @Miel – congrats! You clearly brought a little joy to the courthouse and they returned the favor. Your day sounds like a perfect wedding to me.

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