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    @CurlyQue – but aren’t people are shedding disease well after they stop showing symptoms?

    – that is fantastic. Rock on!

    I’m resigned to be in Florida through the summer. I have a big hat. I have sun screen. I have bug spray. If a hurricane comes, I’ll likely end up in Georgia or New York. But then what? Seriously, what happens when summer ends and nothing has changed because a bunch of schmucks can’t take this seriously? Because somehow wearing a mask has been deemed effeminate or liberal? Germs don’t give a fuck about political affiliation. I’d say let ’em all get sick but they walk into the Walmart and get everyone there sick who then take it home to someone else, who has to go in to work because you can’t possibly let people stay home because it will demotivate them to find meaningful work if the government is giving them a handout and by the way, we put in more tax breaks for the wealthy people because they have to order pre-made food from the gourmet shop which is pricey and they can’t be expected to cook for themselves during these trying times.

    I’m a little frazzled today – my life is fine. I’m healthy, my family is mostly OK (my great uncle had a stroke, he’s in the hospital, alone, while his wife is slowly freaking out at home). But I have nothing wrong in my life. This is an inconvenience for me, not a crisis. Still, the country is fucked and every night my mom watches the news and says “we’re all going to die” and I respond “Yup.”

    God I want some macaroni and cheese.

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    June 11th – cut and balayage time!!!!!!

    my last haircut was January 23rd. I am very excited

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    Tomorrow I’m getting a cut, highlights, and a smoothing treatment. So excited. My husband went to the barber yesterday. A guy showed up late on a Zoom call today with a nice haircut after looking really floppy and scruffy.

    They are taking major precautions. You have to wait outside until called, not bring anything in, they take your temp, they wear plastic ponchos and goggles and face coverings, and I saw they are charging me extra for cleanup between appointments. You have to wash your hands as soon as you come in. They also have all stations at least 6ft apart. I see this when I walk by all the places in my neighborhood. The only way to be safer really would be to cut your own hair until there’s a vaccine, which some people can definitely do, but not me.

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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    So, I just went to order take out from a place we’ve been getting take out from regularly during covid with masks and gloves and social distancing and got told that the restaurant stopped doing take out at 5:00 pm now. After that, you have to come in and order at the bar. And we drove by earlier and the parking lot is packed. No masks. No gloves. No social
    distancing. I just…I can’t with this shit… Are you fucking kidding me?

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    Bravo, Helen.

    The riots have me stressed out as its just one more thing that can’t end well. The world truly seems to have gone mad, I fear.

    The insanity of the frenzied openings nationwide will prove to be a disaster, I fear.

    Oh well.

    Other news: It is hot as hell out in the desert this week. 107 yesterday. 106 today. But it should be back in the low 90s for all of next week.

    Mr. Sass pops by every day to see me. And drink water from the little cement trough I put out.

    The Desert Iguanas are frequently tooling around the yard in pairs now. They LOVE the heat. They thrive in it truly.

    Oh —- And the roadrunner hopped up onto the patio yesterday and tapped the glass with its beak. It started me as it was so unexpected. He seemed to truly be “bird watching” me through the glass. (I Posted a pic on the instagram.)

    Other news: the Park is open. And the snakes are out! We saw a rattler while hiking Mt Ryan on saturday. And a King Snake up the road on a vacant lot.

    Now I am not a huge fan of snakes, but seeing them in the wild is pretty exciting.

    The house is up on air bnb and i am packed up and can be out within hours if need be. But I am lingering as long as I can. It’s good to water the new palo verde trees regularly in this heat.

    At this moment… The sun is setting. So it’s cooling down. I will go for a nice long walk — then water by the light of the moon and stars.

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    I’m from SW MPLS originally (the rioting is going on in South) brother is a deputy over in the next county and is getting called in on Sunday to head into Minneapolis. I don’t know what to say. I hope this doesn’t end in further lives lost. One was too much already.

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    My friends boyfriend is from New Brunswick and his grandparents still live there. She texted me yesterday that a medical professional returned to NB from Quebec, did not socially isolate, and proceeded to cause a breakout of 150 cases. WTF.

    I was at work yesterday and we have controlled numbers in the greenhouse, and we also don’t allow people in and out willy nilly. We only let the elderly and those who work in medical centers (with proven ID) skip the lines. Had a guy who worked in the medical center come in and just totally ignore distancing, wasn’t wearing a mask let alone gloves and I had to forcefully tell him to stop where he is and stay put to avoid him from getting to close to people (he was trying to walk up to me by crossing unsafely in front of other guests and interrupt me in the middle of a transaction). I swear to god, what is wrong with some people? You are in the medical field, do you not see how you are a risk to others by not practicing social distancing and not wearing PPE??? You are not an exception.

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    I felt very safe at the salon.

    First, I’m happy to say they got the small business loan money, but they didn’t get it the first time they applied, which actually turned out to be a good thing (long story, but the money comes with so many strings attached). Meanwhile, the stylists were able to collect UE, with the extra $600. Then the owners finally got the PPP loan 2 weeks ago when everyone was ready to come back to work. This is a woman-owner biz, a first gen immigrant and a second gen immigrant. One of their husbands fortunately kept money in the business for some reason so they had 6 months of reserves to pay the bills. Thank God! They will totally be okay.

    Also, they have 2 locations, and were able to spread everyone out across both, so that the only person you come in any kind of contact with is your stylist. Gloves, masks, face shields, and they change all of that between every client and constantly sanitize everything. I would know, I was there for 6 hours. Bring your own water and something to read, obviously, as they can’t offer you anything to drink or a magazine. Try to not even bring a bag in with you.

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    I go Wednesday. They open Tuesday. I’m my stylist’s first appointment that day. I’ll be there two hoursish. They specifically said no purses or bags. We have to call when we get there and they’ll let us in. They may take temperatures. Etc.

    Yesterday I noticed hair starting to puff out and curl over my ear. I can’t wait for a cut and thinning.

    In other news, my friend had her baby two days ago!! Two and a half weeks early but everyone is fine.

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    My hair appointment isn’t until the 16th, which was the first available with my stylist. I was okay with a mid-June date since I knew at that point that Chicago wouldn’t hit phase three with the rest of the state. They sent an email with a very lengthy list of precautions they’re taking & said they’d call everyone before their appointments to review protocol. I don’t anticipate feeling unsafe. Now that Chicago has a phase 3 date I wish my appointment was sooner.

    I’m glad your friend and her baby are fine, @ktfran! One of my good friends had a baby last weekend and he’s perfect. She lives in London with her husband who is a doctor and he has been involved in COVID trials at Oxford and still saw his patients, and they live right by one of the field hospitals, and she was super on edge. I don’t blame her!

    One of my boyfriend’s cousin’s is about my age and just had her second baby and had SO many complications. She was admitted to the hospital in early April and has only spent ONE weekend at home since. She was readmitted like two days after being discharged. They had to do an emergency c-section with surgery this week, had to do a hysterectomy. The baby is tiny (under 4 lbs) but both baby and mom are fine now, thank goodness. How scary!

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    Yeah. My salon started calling to make appointments two weeks ago. They had anticipated opening the 2nd. I’m glad my work calendar was full on the 2nd so I scheduled the 3rd. I’m guessing they have to cancel the appointments made on the 2nd? I dunno with Lightfoot.

    Did you see what she said to Trump?? It made my day. I love her. I know people are mad about the lakefront being closed, etc. I personally love her.

    Also, even though restaurants can open the 3rd, the husband and I both agree we’re steering clear for a while. Not worth it. We’ll keep to carry out / large tips to support.

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    Yes!!! Lori made my day yesterday, too. I have really appreciated that she and Pritzker don’t hold back in openly criticizing Trump. Yesterday’s comments were more than warranted and what so many of us wish we could say to him. Kinda curious if Trump will respond.

    I have mixed feelings about the lakeshore trail being closed. I think it was the right call to make when it was made, but the people who want to go outside are going to do it and now runners and bikers are all competing for sidewalk space with the pedestrians. On the really nice days, I’ve felt frustrated. I wouldn’t be opposed to it reopening with restrictions, though I don’t know how those would be enforced.

    My bday is next week so my boyfriend and I took the day off work and we’re going to go to Starved Rock since it’s open again. (Before COVID, I wanted to go to trapeze school on the lake, haha.) I’ve never been but it looks nice. I’ve heard it’s crowded on weekends but I’m hoping it won’t be bad on a weekday. I’d hate to get out there and realize I don’t feel comfortable hiking there.

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