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    I think you’re right. It really reads as either a guy who’s well-endowed and just kind of assumed that would be enough to get girls off and is starting to realize that might not be true, or a guy who isn’t, and blames that for his lack of success in bed. But if it is a guy, hopefully, he’s earnestly trying to learn. So here we go.

    So yeah, man or woman, OP- I won’t say size doesn’t matter completely. But in terms of actual orgasm, it’s most often just not related. Some girls do have G-spots, but in my experience, even that is way easier to reach with your fingers than a penis. My partner has found it maybe only a handful of times throughout our eight-year relationship, and he knows what he’s doing. But with skilled clitoral stimulation, orgasms almost always flow. If oral is ever completely off the table, stimulation by hands is always an option.

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    Wow, what a dick, no pun intended. If, as mentioned, LW is a man, trust all of us women saying that penis size is waaaay less interesting for us than for men sizing each other up, pun intended.
    Most women prefer an attentive lover who shows true interest in our pleasure. Someone who doesn’t want to go down on a partner is a complete waste of time in my eyes. A huge dick makes no difference there.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments. I wish I could convince you I am who I am, but I don’t know how to do that on here. All I can say is that I am a little embarrassed that my unsophisticated understanding of my own sexuality sounds like a man’s misunderstanding. Not a great thing.

    But, yes, this relationship is over, and I will learn to prioritize what I need in future relationships.

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    Well either way at least OP is asking actual women and not porn lol.

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    Hi Kate.
    I’m not sure of your age or your boyfriends age but I’m guessing you’re both on the younger side, I say this because a lot (not all) of younger men do not seem to understand that a large majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

    I think gentle guidance during sexual interactions may help him to understand. Just get his hand and guide it to where you want him to touch and use his hand /fingers to caress the area in the motion that you want for example guide to clitoris and move his hand/fingers in a circular motion or whatever you like. To show him that you find pleasure from that you need to make some sort of gentle moan or something. Men seem to engage more when they can hear you are being pleasured.

    Sorry for being so graphic but it’s really the only way to describe this.

    You may also want to try using vibration toys so when he’s doing his thing you can use that to stimulate yourself at the same time. He’ll soon pick up on the fact that you seem to enjoy more with clitoral stimulation.

    With the oral sex I’m not sure what to advise as some men just don’t like to do it. He may just be one of those guys but you can maybe just ask him “how come you don’t go down on me?” I did with my partner and now he does it all the time so maybe just be straight up and ask.

    Hope this can work for you as you both need sexual pleasure.

Viewing 5 posts - 25 through 29 (of 29 total)
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